Why Is He Waiting to Kiss Me? Top 11 Reasons 

Everything is going great with this guy, so why is he waiting to kiss me? The chemistry is good, you have fun together, and you seem to like each other. What’s going on?

Here are the top 11 reasons why he hasn’t kissed you yet.

Why Is He Waiting to Kiss Me?  

He is waiting to kiss you because he’s scared to make a move, he’s taking things slow, he’s not that into you, he’s shy, he lacks experience, he’s waiting for the right moment, he doesn’t think you want to, there’s someone else, he doesn’t want to ruin the relationship, he doesn’t kiss, he’s gay, or maybe your breath stinks.

1. He’s Scared

Kissing a girl for the first time can be very intimidating for a guy. He might want to, and it might be on his mind, yet he just hasn’t been able to overcome this fear.

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2. He’s Taking It Slow

Your guy may be very old school and traditional, and was taught to take things slowly.

3. He’s Not Into You

He might not be feeling you in a romantic way.

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4. He’s Shy

Some guys get shy around girls, especially ones they like.

5. He Lacks Experience

This might be his first kiss, or one of his first kisses, and he may be scared that he doesn’t know what he is doing.

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6. He’s Waiting for the Right Moment

He wants everything to be perfect, like in the movies.

7. He Doesn’t Think You Want To

The greatest fear of all men is rejection. Unless he feels you definitely want to kiss him, he won’t make a move.

8. There’s Someone Else

He may be dating other girls, or currently in another relationship. Possibly he is considering his options and deciding what he wants before taking things to the next level with you.

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9. He Doesn’t Want to Ruin the Friendship

He likes you very much, and although he might want to kiss you, he is unsure of how you feel and he does not want to ruin the relationship.

10. He’s Gay

Believe it or not, many guys are still in the closet, and continue to date girls.

11. Your Breath Stinks

Carry mints!

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Why Won’t He Kiss Me 

He won’t kiss you because he’s mad at you, he’s teasing you, he’s not attracted to you, he’s afraid of being rejected, he’s sick and doesn’t want to get you sick, he has things on his mind and isn’t feeling affectionate, or maybe he’s just testing you.  

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Why Is He Avoiding Kissing Me

He is avoiding kissing you because he is not that interested and does not want to lead you on. He may be scared of you rejecting him, there might be someone else, maybe he is shy and lacks experience, or perhaps he is waiting for the right moment.


When asking yourself why hasn’t he kissed me yet, you must consider the guy and your relationship with him to determine the best reason.

Many times, when a guy hasn’t kissed you yet, it is because he lacks the confidence to make a move. Try giving a little hint or indication that you want to, or just kiss him yourself.

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