Why We Kiss With Tongue & What Kissing Without Tongue Means

Have you ever wondered why we kiss with tongue? Or what kissing without tongue means? Kissing your partner should be an exciting and exhilarating experience. 

Here you will learn the top 10 meanings why someone kisses without tongue. In addition, we cover in detail, the benefits of a French kiss.

Why Do We Kiss With Tongue             

We kiss with tongue because it feels good and increases sexual arousal. Your mouth is a highly erogenous zone, extremely sensitive to the touch of another’s lips and tongue. During a French kiss, your tongue stimulates your partner’s tongue. This leads to heightened desires and more intimacy.

How to Tongue Kiss

Gently touch your lips against your partner’s lips. Slide your tongue out and slip it into their mouth. Find your partner’s tongue and slowly rub yours against it. To end the kiss, retract your tongue back into your mouth and kiss their lips before moving away.

Tongue Kiss Meaning

A tongue kiss, also known as a French kiss, involves locking lips for tongue on tongue action. It is a very intimate way to kiss someone and increase sexual arousal. Your mouth is an erogenous zone, it is extremely sensitive. Kissing with your tongue is very stimulating and can lead to more.

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Kissing Without Tongue Meaning

When someone kisses you without tongue it means that they are holding back and taking it slowly. They may be inexperienced and nervous, they might be feeling shy at the moment, they could be teasing you, or perhaps they are just not that into you. 

1. They’re Waiting for Sex

When someone doesn’t tongue kiss, or at least not often, they might be trying to get you to sleep with them. Their plan is to make you feel comfortable before getting hot and heavy with you.

2. They’re Not Feeling You

If somebody isn’t feeling you on that level (romantically/sexually), it’s not unusual for them to stay away from tongue kissing. It’s nothing against you, but in their mind, tongue kissing is something to be shared with someone you’re super-intimate with.

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3. It’s a Big Deal to Them

Some people hold back on tongue kissing because for them it’s something they are more likely to do during sex. Tongue triggers them!

So, don’t be surprised when they try to pull you away from the crowd and back to their or your place to get physical after a bit of tongue kissing.

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4. They’re Inexperienced

When somebody thinks that they don’t know how to tongue kiss, because they obviously lack the experience, they may hold back from tongue kissing with you. This is especially true if they really like you.

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5. They’re Nervous

Some people are reserved with tongue kissing because they are nervous. They don’t want to mess things up with you by being awkward or doing something incorrectly.

Some people are simply afraid of how you will react.

6. They Find It Gross

Certain people don’t want to kiss with their tongue because they think it is disgusting. It may bother them that they don’t know where your tongue has been.

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7. They’re Shy

Some people are just downright shy. They might see tongue kissing as something really advanced and forward.

8. They’re Taking It Slowly

When someone is afraid of things moving too fast, or are simply trying to set a slow pace to the beginning of a relationship, they may wait on tongue kissing.

9. They’re Teasing You

Maybe they are teasing you, trying to get you more and more turned on. Your lips are an erogenous zone. Perhaps they know how to kiss without tongue, and are doing it to drive you crazy.

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10. It Just Isn’t Their Thing

There are people who just aren’t into tongue kissing. For whatever reason, maybe a bad experience, they just don’t do it.

When a Guy Kisses You With Tongue

When a guy kisses you with tongue it means he is attracted to you and is aroused by you. He wants to get intimate, be inside of your mouth, and pleasure you. Since our tongues are erogenous zones with tons of nerve endings, it feels good to him and turns him on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Boyfriend Always Kiss With Tongue?

Your boyfriend always kisses with tongue because it is very sexually arousing and a great way to get you in the mood for more. Your mouth and tongue are erogenous zones that bring pleasure. Kissing with tongue is highly stimulating and very intimate, and feels amazing.

Is It Normal to Kiss without Using Tongue?

It is perfectly normal for people to kiss without using their tongues. In fact, most people who are new to kissing don’t jump straight into using their tongue.

It is equally normal for couples to kiss with their tongues regularly after their relationship progresses.

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What Does Tongue Kissing Mean to Men?

Generally speaking, men view the act of tongue kissing, or French kissing, as a form of “making out”, or even a basic level of sexual exploration. It is usually seen as a big turn-on, extremely pleasurable, and intimate.

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Is It Normal for Guys to Dislike Kissing?

No, it is not normal for guys to dislike kissing. It is normal for guys with very little experience to be shy and hesitant at first until they get a little more comfortable.

Until guys have enough kissing experience, they tend to be nervous about the encounter because they are scared they aren’t good and you will not like them.

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The real kissing without tongue meaning varies. Most of the time it is due to insecurity. My best recommendation is to make your partner feel comfortable and slip him the tongue.

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