10 Ways To Ask Someone to Kiss You With Examples

I remember being very scared not knowing how to ask for a kiss or how to ask someone to kiss you. The thought of not asking and just going for it seemed terrifying.

Below you will learn 10 of the absolute best ways how to ask to kiss someone.

How to Ask for a Kiss

1. “Your Lips Look So Soft”

Compliment the person about their lips and then wait to see how they react. If their reaction is positive, they probably want you to kiss them. If their reaction is negative, awkward, or uncomfortable, they probably DO NOT want to kiss you.

This is such a subtle and innocent tactic to use to play it safe. You never actually ask to kiss them. Technically, there is no way to get rejected. All you have done is give a nice compliment and flirted a little bit.

2. “I’m Ready for My Goodbye Kiss”

This is a cute, light way to let the other person know you want to kiss them. You must say this in a very flirty, half-joking manner. Don’t be serious, be silly, sweet, and fun.

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3. “Are You Trying to Kiss Me?”

By asking this question you are subtly introducing the idea in a clever way. Instead of you trying to kiss them, you turn it into them trying to kiss you. They might not even have had the idea in their mind, yet now they do. Make sure to say it in a flirty way, almost as a joke.

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4. “Do You Think We Are Ready for Our First Kiss?”

This question is a little more direct than some of the others, but it can be an effective way to transition into a kiss. You might want to start the conversation by asking the other person how they think the date is going.

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Again, look at their reaction and take it from there.

5. Look Into Their Eyes

You don’t always have to say something. Look into the person’s eyes, then look at their lips, then back at their eyes. They will get the hint.

6. “What would happen if we kissed right now?”

This is a great question to ask to introduce the idea in an innocent way. You are forcing the other person to imagine what it would be like kissing you.

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7. “Are you a good kisser?”

Nobody would ever say “no.” In fact, most people would say how amazing of a kisser they are, and then want to prove it.

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Even if you don’t kiss at this moment, and just have a conversation about it, you introduce the idea.

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8. “Why Do You Want to Kiss Me So Badly?”

This is another extremely flirty line that has to be said in a sexy and joking way. This is another example of a way to introduce the kiss without the possibility of directly being rejected.

9. “I’m thinking about kissing you.”

This statement is perfect. You are merely telling the other person something. You did not even say you wanted to kiss them. This is a great way to play it safe.

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10. “I’m a Kiss Instructor – First Lesson Is Free”

Joking around and being silly is a great way to lead to intimacy. Romance most often occurs when two people are having fun and laughing.

How to Ask Someone to Kiss You

The best way to ask someone to kiss you is to introduce the idea by using flirtatious humor. Make sure you are both laughing and having fun.

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It is important to mention that you should feel a romantic connection with the other person. If there is no interest, the other person will probably not kiss you, no matter what you say.

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How to Ask a Guy for a Kiss Indirectly

The best way to ask a guy for a kiss indirectly is to ask him if he is a good kisser. Then look into his eyes. This subtle hint should give him the confidence to kiss you.

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Here are a bunch of excellent ways regarding how to ask for a kiss. After saying one of the above lines to someone, lean in a little bit to see if they lean in too.

Many times the other person will feel happy and relieved that you said something to break the tension. Learning how to ask someone to kiss you will definitely lead to more successful kisses. Good luck!

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