How to Ask a Guy for a Kiss Indirectly (10 Things to Say)

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Are you ready to kiss the guy of your dreams, but don’t want to ask him directly? This is a common situation and it can be awkward to ask for a kiss when you want them to make the first move. Here are 10 ways you can ask for a kiss without being too direct:

1. “Wow, your lips look so kissable!”

Let your guy know that you think he’s kissable. Tell him that his lips look so pouty or soft that you can’t take your eyes off of them. It is a great compliment to tell him that you’re attracted to his face and lips in particular, but it’s also innocent enough to look like light flirting without directly asking for a kiss.

You can also compliment other parts of his body or let him know that he looks so huggable. A hug can often lead to a kiss as well, so try to compliment him in any way that will get him closer to you physically.

2. “I’m ready for my goodbye kiss.”

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This is a cute and flirty way to let him know that you’re ok with a kiss at the end of your date. Say it in a light and sweet way. If he asks why you can tell him that a goodbye kiss is always nice at the end of a date. If you’re feeling more passion between the two of you, you could say something more direct like “I think that would be a perfect end to this first chapter for us.”

3. “This is feeling so romantic”

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Sometimes it can be challenging for a man to read your energy during a date. Expressing that you feel the romance is a great way to let him know that you’re open to more intimate contact. It may give him the self-confidence to take the next step.

You can also use this line if he’s showing affection, like touching your hand or putting his arm around you. At this point, he is obviously waiting for a sign from you. Then, wait for him to make the next move and kiss you when it feels right!

4. “A kiss would make this night perfect.”

This statement lets him know that you’re having a great time, and also more directly tells him that a kiss would seal the evening for you.

You can use this statement during a particularly romantic part of your date such as a walk on the beach or a candlelit dinner. If you’re enjoying his company and find it romantic, then expect him to try to kiss you!

You can also say this after ending your date if he walks you to your door. That way, it gives him an opportunity to make a move without making things too awkward.

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5. “Do you think we are ready for our first kiss?”

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This question is a little more direct than some of the others, but it can be an effective way to ask for a kiss. You can start the conversation by asking him how he feels the date is going so far.

If he expresses that he’s having a great time or even mentions that he has feelings for you, this is a great time to ask if he’s ready to take things further.

He may lean in for a kiss right away, or this comment will start a conversation that can let you know where he’s coming from and when he feels comfortable with making a more romantic move.

6. “This has been a great date. I’m ready to take it to the next level.”

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This is a direct statement that lets your man know that you’re ready for him to make a move without spelling it out for him.

Keep in mind that “taking things to the next level” may come off as a request for even more intimacy than a kiss. If you’re not open to this at this point in the relationship, make sure to clarify what “the next level” means for you. You can also take it as an opportunity to learn more about what the “next level” is for him so you can know his expectations.

7. “I’m so cold right now!”

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This is one of the best ways to have a guy come closer to you physically. He may offer you a jacket or sweater, but more likely, he will hold you to help you warm up.

You can then show him that you’re ready for a kiss by using your body language. You could lightly pet his arm, turn your face towards his, or just lean your head on his shoulder. He will likely respond to your physical cues and initiate a kiss in no time.

8. “This feels so right. I’m so happy you’re here.”

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This is another more general way to let him know how you feel and open the opportunity for him to kiss you.

It’s also subtle and innocent enough that it can be used in a variety of situations. There won’t be a lot of pressure if he doesn’t pick up on the hint and lean in for the kiss.

Even if he just responds by saying “I’m happy to be here too,” you’ll know that a kiss is on the way soon, since he clearly enjoys his time with you. If he doesn’t respond warmly, at all, you’ll know he’s not ready for a kiss without the embarrassment of directly asking him.

9. “How are you feeling about me? Any chemistry?”

Asking a man how he feels about you can open a conversation that may lead to kissing. When you ask this question in a sweet, flirty way, it can show that you’re interested in him and open to his affection. Feel free to let him know that you’re feeling some chemistry if you’re feeling confident enough to share.

You may also want to end the date with this statement if he’s not showing much chemistry or physical interest. It will make things less awkward when saying goodbye because he’ll know where you stand! You may be misreading his energy, or it may not be a good fit. It’s great to know this before sharing a kiss.

10. “What would happen if we kissed right now?”

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This question allows for a man to picture a scenario of kissing you before he makes the move. This is a great question to ask in person if you want him to make the first move.

It will give him time to think about what it would be like kissing you and help get through any nerves that he may have. Use your body language to show that you’re feeling the same way and ready for a kiss.

You can also let him know what you think would happen if the two of you would kiss in that moment. This may excite him and help him to picture how lovely the moment could be.