When a Guy Kisses Your Forehead (15 Things it Means)

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Guys aren’t always given as much credit as they deserve, then it comes to how sweet and caring they can actually be. For example, those adorable forehead kisses that melt your insides that he gives you.

But, what do such affectionate actions from guys really mean? Read on below and discover 15 things it means when a guy kisses your forehead!

From showing you how deeply he loves and cherishes you, to simply dismissing you and your needs after sex, there are a plethora of different explanations as to what it really means when a guy kisses your forehead.

Here are a few of the most common ones:

What Does it Mean When a Guy Kisses Your Forehead

1. He Cares About You

The most basic reasoning behind forehead kisses from guys is that he cares about you. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be romantic though. Forehead kisses from a guy who cares about you may come from your dad, brother, uncle, or even co-worker in addition to your romantic guy.

grandpa with grand daughters kiss in forehead

2. He Sympathizes For You

Another major reason behind guys’ forehead kisses is sympathy. When a guy feels genuinely sympathetic for you, or towards something you are enduring, forehead kisses are a go-to move. Again, these sorts of forehead kisses don’t necessarily always come from a romantic place. They might come from family or friends as well. So, avoid jumping to conclusions if a guy in your life kisses your forehead one time.

3. He Loves You

Many guys feel that a kiss on the forehead is one of the most simple but powerful signs of genuine love and affection. If a guy makes it a habit of kissing your forehead (especially if he takes your head in his hands when he does it) there are some seriously high chances that he really loves you.

happy couple kissing her forehead

4. He Respects You

Likewise to reason number 3, when a guy has deep and genuine respect for you, the chances are high that he’ll lay the forehead kisses on you from time to time. The difference is that, again, these forehead kisses may come from a dad, brother, friend, or co-worker. Don’t get it twisted, it isn’t a confession of love; this kiss is a symbol of respect.

5. He’s Expressing a Deep Connection

Sometimes, when a guy wants to express his deep feelings of connection with you, it comes in the form of a forehead kiss. That said, the type of connection he’s representing with his forehead kiss determines whether or not it’s romantic or purely platonic.

laughing woman while her man kisses forehead

6. He’s Blessing You

Whether it’s your boyfriend, husband, or priest (haha, just kidding), there are times when guys will kiss your forehead as a form of blessing. Whether it’s a holiday, birthday, you’ve just committed your first favor for the Godfather, or some other occasion, it’s rather common to receive forehead kisses along with heartfelt blessings from guys.

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7. He’s Attempting to Comfort You

sad woman kissed in the forehead

Forehead kisses are often used as a means of comforting you when he thinks you’re upset. These forehead kisses are typically quite genuine, which makes them a great move for players. Keep your guard up with guys that only forehead kissed you when you were in obvious distress.

8. He Wants to Protect You

Most guys have it programmed in them to want to protect the damsel in distress. So, sometimes, when he kisses you on the forehead, it’s some form of magical protection in his mind. Or, it’s a gesture, that your knight in shining armor is there for you, ready to sail oceans, scale thousand-meter cliffsides, slay dragons, and fight to the death for you.

9. He Thinks You’re Cute

happy woman closed eyed kissed in her forehead

When guys think you’re cute, and they want to hook up with or get to know you better, they are more likely to try sneaking in a few forehead kisses before moving in for diving in for full-on lip-locking, tongue-tickling, saliva-swapping, mouth penetration.

10. He Wants to Express Tenderness

Let’s face it, a lot of the best guys out there can be a bit lacking in the affection and compassion departments, by all appearances. So, when he puckers up and lays a fat wet kiss on your smooth and well-hydrated forehead, he is more than likely trying to express some form of tenderness. That said, depending on how you respond (by flirting, or in a naughty way), his tenderness may turn into a raw and unbridled passionate savaging session (rather than him singing you Love Me Tender).

11. He Is Trying to Be Cute

happy couple eyes closed kissing her man in forehead

Opposite of number 9, when he thinks you’re cute, is when he is the one that wants YOU to think HE is cute. Forehead kisses are sweet and adorable to guys when received from girls. So, in their minds, they must be equally cute-looking when they give your forehead kisses themselves.

12. He’s Angry

Forehead kisses aren’t always signs of the undying love and the desire or willingness to do battle with dragons for you and your affection. Sometimes when a guy gives you forehead kisses he’s actually doing it because he’s angry. Yep, that’s right. When some guys are mad at you they’ll avoid kissing your mouth, avoiding eye-to-eye contact, and lay their smooches on your forehead instead.

13. He’s Trying to Keep Things Simple

When a guy is trying to keep things simple (aka, all he wants from you is sex, and you just finished having sex, and he doesn’t want you to bother him with any further expectations) he may use the forehead kissing tactic as a diversion to aid him in his escape from the situation.

couple lying in bed kissing her forehead

14. He Wants to Make His Escape

Not everything is always sunshine and picnics at the beach, or roses and butterflies. When your guy wants to escape, he may lay a forehead kiss on you, avoiding the lips, and then make his hasty exit. Whether or not he’ll be back is more than likely dependent on who he is to you, and why he wanted to escape in the first place.

15. He’s Uncomfortable Kissing Your Lips

awkward couple trying to kiss in lips

Whether it’s because a guy is mad at you, doesn’t know you well enough, or lacks the confidence to go in for the kill, sometimes guys are uncomfortable attempting to kiss your lips. In these cases, if they do want to kiss you deep down inside, they’re likely to give you a peck on the forehead as a sign of their affection/intentions.

Forehead Kiss Meaning Breakdown

As the 15 meanings above clearly show us, forehead kisses are given by guys for many reasons. In the following section we break down exactly what some of the most common types of forehead kisses mean:

What Does it Mean When a Guy Kisses Your Forehead After Making Out?

happy couple lying in bed kissing her forehead

When a guy kisses you on your forehead after sex it usually means one of two things: either that he loves you deeply, and is genuinely satisfied, or that he doesn’t want anything other than the sex. The way you can tell is whether or not he stays in bed, or if he takes off to go do something else.

When a Guy Kisses Your Forehead on First Date, What Does it Mean?

When a guy kisses you on the forehead on the first date, the most common reasons are that he is indicating his respect and attraction, or that he’s scared to be the first one to try a kiss on the lips.

What Does it Mean When a Guy Kisses Your Forehead While Sleeping?

kissing her sweetheart while sleeping in bed When a guy kisses your forehead while you’re sleeping it means that he cares about you deeply and genuinely. It may also be a sign of his true love and devotion, as well as a clear sign of tenderness towards you.

When a Guy Kisses Your Forehead During Sex, What Does it Mean?

When a guy kisses you on the forehead while you’re actively having sex, it could mean several things; he feels connected with you (go figure, huh?), he is enjoying the sex and is getting close to orgasming, or he is trying to convey to you how much he adores and cares for you.

What Does it Mean, When a Guy Kisses Your Hand and Forehead

When a guy kisses both your hand and your forehead it is most often a sign of genuine love and affection. If it happens often, it may soon be followed up by him dropping to one knee, popping a little box out of thin air, and proposing a certain question!

happy couple proposing to his sweetheart showing ring

When a Guy Friend Kisses Your Forehead, What Does it Mean?

Guy friends may kiss your forehead to let you know that they respect and care for you. They may also do it to show you compassion and comfort in a time of need. It doesn’t always mean that he wants to bend you over and take things to doggy-style-town because he kisses your forehead, ladies!


What Does It Mean When He Kisses Your Forehead?

When a guy kisses your forehead it can mean a wide variety of things, a few of the most common include he’s really into you, he thinks you’re cute, he’s trying to comfort you, he wants to be cute, and he is trying to be tender and show you how much he cares.

Are Forehead Kisses Intimate?

Forehead kisses are often intimate, as they tend to signify that a guy cares about you, respects you, and loves you. That said, sometimes forehead kisses aren’t romantic or intimate at all, but more of a respectful gesture like a hug or handshake.

Do Forehead Kisses Mean He Loves You?

If your guy tends to give you a lot of forehead kisses there is a very strong chance that he indeed loves you very much. When asked, many guys claimed their main reason for giving forehead kisses was to show her how much he cares, respects, and loves her.