Why Are Men So Mean – Top 11 Reasons 

If you are asking yourself why are men so mean, you have come to the right place.

Here are the top 10 reasons answering the question “why is he so mean to me?”

Why Are Men So Mean?

Generally, men usually act mean when they like you, which really doesn’t make sense. Most of the time men are mean because they haven’t been taught the right way to act when their feelings are at stake.

It comes down to men lacking empathy. They simply are not considering other’s feelings when acting upon their own.

1. He’s Attracted to You

2. He Likes You

3. He’s Teasing You

4. He’s Jealous  

5. He’s Not Sure How to Act

6. He’s Manipulative 

7. He’s Insecure

8. He’s Scared of Being Hurt

9. He’s Intimidated By You

10. He Lost Interest in You

11. He Has a Lot of Stress

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Why Is He So Mean to Me

He is so mean to you because he likes you, he’s teasing you, he’s jealous of other relationships of yours, he is socially awkward, he’s manipulative, he’s insecure, he’s scared of being hurt, he’s intimidated by you, he’s under a lot of stress, or he’s lost interest in you.

Why Is He So Mean to Me for No Reason

Many men are taught that emotions like sensitivity, kindness, and understanding are signs of weakness, and that “real men” are tough, hard, strong, and protective. This mentality has turned into a habit.

It isn’t true that there is no reason. His mean feelings are underlying. He cannot help himself from being mean and cannot put a finger on why he feels the way he does. Consider the above list to figure out why he is acting the way he is.

Guys do not have to be mean to show they are not weak. Women like sensitive, vulnerable men.

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Why are men so mean 1

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Why Are Men Mean to Women

Men are mean to women most of the time because of their insecurity. It is generally a defense mechanism. Guys are trying to hurt before being hurt. The best solution is to talk it out with him and figure out why he is being mean.  

More Info: Psychology Today


The above list are the top reasons answering “why are men so mean.” Consider your relationship and the circumstances surrounding your interaction to figure out why he is being so mean.

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