Why Did He Ghost Me – What to Text After Being Ghosted

Why did he ghost me is a question so many girls ask. As a guy dating in NYC, I have been ghosted plenty of times and have done my fair share of ghosting.

Here are all the possible reasons to consider when a guy ghosts you. I will also cover what to text someone who ghosted you, one text I guarantee you haven’t seen before.

Why Did He Ghost Me 

He ghosted you because he wasn’t that into you, he was only looking for sex, he has someone else, something personal arose, he fears commitment, or he’s just insecure. It was easier for him to disappear rather than tell you the truth.

Why Do Guys Ghost Girls

1. He Just Wanted to Hookup

Some guys are in it just for the sex. After they get what they want, they disappear. If they don’t get what they want, they still disappear because they aren’t wasting any more time trying.

This is very manipulative and hard to detect. You are better off forgetting about this guy.

2. He Is Just Not That Into You

For whatever reason he is just not feeling a connection. Perhaps he changed his mind. He doesn’t like your looks, personality, or plans for the future.

There isn’t much you can do. Luckily, there are many fish in the sea.

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3. You Scared Him Off

Maybe you were too much. Something you said or did possibly didn’t sit right. You might have been too clingy, maybe you called or texted too much, perhaps you were pushy, or even moved too fast.

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4. He Is Not Ready for a Relationship

When things are going really well, interactions naturally progress into relationships. Perhaps he doesn’t know what he wants or doesn’t want to be in anything serious.

Many men have absolutely no interest in relationships. They want a little fun, maybe some companionship, and that is where it ends.

5. He Fears You Will Reject Him So He Rejects You First

Some guys lack confidence and are insecure. Perhaps he thinks you are too hot for him and out of his league. Maybe he feels he is not good enough for you, and there is no way you really like him. 

This sounds crazy, yet it is true. Many guys don’t feel they deserve an attractive, cool girl. They believe there is no way “this hottie” is really interested in me.

6. He Has a Fear of Commitment

Perhaps he has commitment phobia, which is pretty common. It usually stems from childhood trauma or past relationships. When things are going well, he suddenly disappears.

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7. He Has Someone Else

He was cheating and doesn’t want the other person to find out. He might be in a relationship, or even married. Perhaps his ex has come back into his life or he met someone new.

8. He Has Personal Issues To Deal With 

Sometimes guys ghost because life gets in the way. Things occur that we never see coming – a death in the family, illness, career problems, etc.

9. You Have a Deal Breaker

Perhaps you have one of his deal breakers. Maybe you have a kid, or a big booty, or you have a good-looking male best friend. Something has turned him off.

Ghosting is the ultimate silence that speaks volumes.

10. He Was Disappointed With The Hook Up

Maybe the sex was bad, perhaps you were too gentle and he likes it rough, or you were too rough and he likes it gentle. Maybe you didn’t have sex with him and he felt annoyed.

You are not physically compatible with everyone.

11. You Were a Rebound

He may have been fresh out of a relationship. Perhaps you were comfortable and convenient, and served as a good distraction. He no longer needs you and is ready to move on.

Why Would a Guy Ghost a Girl He Likes 

A guy would ghost a girl he likes because he might have just wanted a hook up, perhaps he didn’t like her as much as she thought, maybe he got scared off, possibly he wasn’t ready for a relationship, maybe he is insecure, or has some personal issues.

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Last Message Before Ghosting

Studies have shown that there is no pattern to the last message before ghosting. It really can be anything. Ghosting is generally not planned, it is decided on the spot.

Most of the time there is no warning or indication that you will never hear from him again. That is why it can be so upsetting and frustrating.

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How to Say Goodbye to Someone Who Ghosted You

  1. Send a final text so you feel a sense of closure.
  2. Try not to think about the person.
  3. Keep yourself busy with friends, family, and work.
  4. Move on and meet someone new.
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How to Respond to a Guy Who Ghosted You

Being ghosted is a hurtful and confusing experience. If you choose to respond, approach the situation with calmness. Avoid being accusatory and angry. See below for texts to send.

If you don’t get a response, try moving on for your own well-being. Discuss your feelings with family and friends to help navigate the emotional aftermath. Engage in self-care, remember your worth, and use the experience as a growth opportunity.

Set clearer boundaries and recognize potential red flags in the future. You are not defined by someone else’s actions

How Do Guys Feel When They Ghost You

Guy’s feelings vary when they ghost someone, depending on individual circumstances and personalities. Some guys feel guilty or conflicted, knowing they’ve taken the easy way out rather than having an uncomfortable conversation.

Others might be indifferent, especially if they didn’t value the connection or see it as significant. There are also some guys who may feel relief, especially if they were avoiding potential conflict or felt overwhelmed with the situation.

It’s important to remember that ghosting is a reflection of the ghoster’s personal issues, fears, and insecurities. It is not about the person who is ghosted. 

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Should I Text a Guy Who Ghosted Me

I usually send one more text after being ghosted. The return rate is low, yet it makes me feel better. See below for 3 excellent texts that give you the best chance of getting him to re-engage.

Do Not

  • Go off on him.
  • Act needy and beg for him back
  • Send long messages
  • Overtext (2-3 max) 

What to Text After Being Ghosted 

After being ghosted, you may be confused and hurt, and want closure. If you decide to reach out, maintain a calm and non-confrontational tone. Your aim should be understanding, not conflict.

I recommend sending one text, that is it. If he is gone, let him go. Here are 3 texts that give you the best chances for success:

  1. Hey, I haven’t heard from you in a while. Is everything ok? 
  2. Hey, I must have misjudged our interaction.
  3. Hi (your name), 
    It was nice hanging out, I enjoyed being with you. I don’t think we are a match and wish you luck
    (Ghoster’s name)

Let me break down text #3. I have used this and found some success. Basically, you are sending the guy the text he should have sent you instead of just ghosting.

Write the message as if you are sending it from him to you. You are sort of shaming him.

I want to be clear and realistic about sending texts after you are ghosted. They have a low return, no matter what you say. When guys make up their mind to ghost you, it is usually final.

More Info: Urban Dictionary

What to Say When a Ghoster Comes Back 

  1. Hey, it’s been a while. What brought you back?
  2. I am surprised to hear from you. Is there something specific you want to discuss?
  3. When you ghosted me I felt hurt and confused. Can you explain what happened?
  4. I’ve moved on since we last spoke. What are your looking for now?
  5. I value open communication. If we do reconnect, I’d like to know what will be different.
  6. I need to know if you’re genuinely interested or if this is temporary.
  7. It’s essential for both of us to be transparent about our feelings and intentions moving forward.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Ghoster Feel After Ghosting Someone?

The emotions a ghoster experiences after ghosting someone vary. Some people feel guilt, regret, and anxiety, recognizing they have circumvented a conversation they should have had. Others may feel relief, having avoided a situation they saw as overwhelming and uncomfortable. There are those who remain indifferent, especially if they didn’t see the relationship as important.

In most cases, ghosting is more a reflection of the ghoster’s personal insecurities and fear of conflict, rather than a judgment of the person they’ve ghosted. Each person’s motivations and feelings can vary based on their personal circumstances and emotional maturity.

How Do I Prevent Ghosting?

The truth is you can never prevent ghosting. Over 75% of people have been ghosted in their lives. Here are a few recommendations on how to lessen your probability of being ghosted:

  1. Promote open honest communication.
  2. Don’t push him into anything.
  3. Keep phone calls and texts to a minimum.
  4. Don’t chase.
  5. Give him space and don’t move too fast.
  6. Make sure the sex is good for him.
  7. Keep your expectations low.

What Does It Mean When Somebody Ghosts You?

When somebody ghosts you, they suddenly end all communication without any warning or explanation. It includes not responding to any text messages, social media posts, phone calls, etc. 


Ghosting is not uncommon. It is good to recognize the reason, and maybe try sending a text, yet once a guy decides he is going to ghost you, there really isn’t much you can do about it. 

My best recommendation is to recognize “he ghosted me,” and move on.

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