11 Reasons Why Guys Act Interested Then Ghost (#7 Shocked Us)

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It happens all the time: a guy acts interested and then ghosts without warning.

Read on below and discover 11 of the most common reasons it happens!

Why Do Guys Act Interested Then Ghost

Whether he’s afraid to talk about his feelings or simply wants to beat you to the punch on “breaking up”, there are tons of reasons why guys act interested and then ghost.

Here are the top 11 reasons:

1. They Aren’t Sure What They Want From a Relationship

couple sitting in stairs

Guys don’t always know what they want in life, let alone from a relationship. 

That means they have a reason to ghost you at the drop of a hat the first time things get confusing. 

A good way to avoid this sort of ghosting is to drop hints about what you want out of the relationship. That way he knows.

2. They Realize You Aren’t Actually Their Type

On the flip side, some guys know exactly what they want out of a relationship and partner. 

When they realize you aren’t their type, they see the relationship as doomed.

There isn’t much you can do in these types of situations besides trying to understand and not having hard feelings about it. 

3. Fear Overtakes Their Better Senses

Guys can be fearful creatures, regardless of how confident they seem in themselves and all that they do. 

When fear creeps into their mindset, concerning your relationship, they may be quick to ghost you rather than keep dealing with said fear.

couple misunderstandings

They could be scared of things working out, and ending up in a commitment, or the opposite. Each guy fears different things.

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4. Too Much Attention Makes Them Feel Smothered

For the most part, guys enjoy getting attention as much as the next person. When they act interested in you, they expect the same in return.

But, for some guys, there is a very thin line between getting the amount of attention they want and need, and receiving too much attention.

Whether it’s too many texts or calls, or you stopping by their job or home unannounced… when guys feel smothered they are likely to ghost rather than talk about it.

5. They Need to Take Time to Think About Things

silhouette of man sitting in bench

Even the best of guys get overwhelmed sometimes and need to take a time-out to think things through.

If a guy ghosts you, for this reason, even after acting interested, keep in mind that the world doesn’t revolve around you, and their relationship with you.

Things at home, work, or with close friends or family could be bothering them. Guys don’t always ghost because of something you did or said… sometimes they ghost because life gets in the way.

6. They Are Attempting to Disappear Before a Breakup

When a certain type of guy suspects that their relationship with you is on the rocks, they may just ghost you in advance of the breakup they feel is coming their way.

They may be right, they may be wrong(about the breakup), but either way, ghosting is the least painful path for them.

Unfortunately, it is also the most painful path for you, not knowing what’s going on or why they disappeared.

7. They Wanted to Get to Know Your Friend(s)

sad lady on bar with company

Sometimes guys are really low-down and selfish creatures that get with you because they want to get to know your friends.

If your newest guy ghosts you, especially after a party, outing, or even where your friends were introduced to him… he may be ghosting you to spend time with them.

While this isn’t the most common reason for being ghosted after he acts interested in you, it happens more than you might think.

8. All They Wanted Was Sex From You

Boys will be boys, and boys love toys. Unfortunately for you, you may have been nothing but a toy to him… and everyone knows that boys eventually tire of their toys.

If a guy simply wanted sex from you and is a good manipulator, he may have acted far more interested in you and your life than he actually was.

In this case, if you’ve shared a bed a few times, and he ghosts you out of the blue, there’s a great possibility that all the relationship ever was to him was a means to and ends(sex, from you).

9. Life Changes Make Your Relationship Less Priority

Sometimes things occur in life that we never see coming, and there is no exception to this rule for guys.

comforting friend feeling sad

If something major has happened in his life, such as a parent passing away or getting sick, job changes, or anything else that’s major, he may ghost you just because it’s the easiest thing to do.

That good thing is that if he really was interested in you and you reach out, he’ll more than likely respond.

10. They Don’t Know How to Express Themselves Properly

A lot of guys don’t know to express themselves properly(surprise, surprise!)

When things in your relationship get too heavy for them they might just ghost you rather than fumble around for the right words and feel vulnerable.

The best way to avoid this sort of ghosting is by making him feel like you understand what’s on his mind even when he’s not talking much.

11. They Think You’re Into Someone Else

Last but far from least is when guys mistakenly think that you are into someone else other than them.

busy partner on her phone

Maybe your ex calls too much, or your boss sends too many texts on your days off from work… whatever it is, they are likely to ghost instead of talking about it.

When guys ghost because they think you’re into someone else, don’t expect to hear from them anytime soon unless you reach out and make it clear that they are wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would a guy ghost if he likes you?

Yes, sometimes guys ghost girls just because they think you are absolutely into him. Does it make sense? Sorta. Guys like a challenge and feel by ghosting you that you will have to try harder to get their attention.

Do guys ghost because they are intimidated?

Absolutely. Sometimes guys ghost their partners because they are intimidated by their personality, drive, life goals, sexuality, intelligence, and other reasons. They may also ghost if they think you are too good for them or have too many other guys interested in you.

Why do guys pursue and then back off?

There are numerous reasons guys pursue girls and then suddenly back off or even ghost altogether. It could be that they decided they don’t have anything in common with you, that they can’t afford a relationship with you financially, or they simply aren’t actually interested anymore.