Purple Heart Meaning From a Guy (FULLY EXPLAINED)

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The purple heart emoji signifies many different meanings, in general.

But, more specifically, when received from a guy, what do purple heart emojis depict?

Read on below and learn exactly what it means to get a purple heart in a text message from a guy!

Purple Heart Meaning From a Guy

The purple heart emoji depicts everything from military veterans to love, support, and compassion in general.

However, when it comes from a guy, the number of possible meanings multiplies significantly.

Here are 15 of the most common meanings behind purple heart emojis sent to you by guys:

1. It’s a Sign of Love

emoji love icon in 3d renderThe number one meaning behind heart emojis of any color is one word: love.

That’s not to say it must be romantic love though, because these emojis are often sent by platonic friends and in family group chat messages as well.

The purple heart emoji depicts a sweet tone, making it a top choice for showing you his love.

2. He’s Showing You Support

The purple heart emoji is linked to the idea of support. If you are going through something, or just having a bad day, and your guy knows it, don’t be surprised to receive a purple heart in your inbox.

The blue heart is also used as a sign of support in addition to the purple and classic red one. When guys send you “support” hearts, they tend to send them in pairs or triplets.

3. It’s a Sign of His Admiration

young woman looking at her phone with a smileIt isn’t always a romantic situation when you receive purple heart emojis from guys. Sometimes it’s just a sign of his admiration of you.

Your level of relationship or friendship with the guy doesn’t matter much in this case because the emojis are sent in a nonsexual context.

A lot of the time, when a person sends you two hearts it works the same way; it’s a sign of admiration rather than love.

4. It Signifies Your Bonds

When the hearts you receive in messages from guys are colored purple, even from your boyfriend or husband, it is most likely that they are an indication of your bonds.

Whether you served in the armed forces together, went to school together, or have a romantic relationship, purple heart emojis often signify your close bonds.

5. He Wants to Hook Up

According to the world-famous publication Cosmopolitan, the purple heart has transformed into a secret sign that someone wants to knock boots with you.

The question is, whether or not the guy who’s sending you purple hearts is “in the know”, as Cosmopolitan put it.

man wearing hat outdoors typing message in phoneSo, keep in mind what sort of person you’re dealing with, and what his emojis might actually mean to him, the next time a guy sends you a purple heart emoji.

6. He Celebrates Purple Day

One of the main functions of the purple heart is to represent “Purple Day”, a day designated to spread global awareness of epilepsy.

Sure, the odds are slim that he’s referring to Purple Day, unless it happens to be March 26th when you receive the text/emoji.

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But, hey, you wanted to know all the meanings behind the purple heart, or you wouldn’t be here!

7. He Observes World Sanfilippo Awareness Day

world sanfilippo awareness day mother child in backgroundSpeaking of understanding the purple heart meaning from guys, you should also be aware of the fact it also represents Sanfilippo Awareness Day.

Sanfilippo is a rare genetic disorder, mainly found in children, that affects metabolism and prevents the child’s body from processing/breaking down carbs correctly.

Again, it isn’t likely this is what your guy’s purple heart means, but, hey, it could be, if he sends it to you on November 16th!

8. He’s Compassionate Towards You

The purple heart emoji, as well as the blue heart emoji, and the broken heart are all signs that he’s compassionate towards you.

You could be going through some sort of trying situation or be having a hard time at work or school, if he’s aware of it, and feels compassion towards you, he could show you in the form of a text with purple hearts.

9. He’s Empathetic About Something

Empathic feelings may come from friends, family, co-workers, classmates, as well as our significant others. Often, purple hearts in texts are a sign of their empathetic vibes towards us.

yellow and orang heart iconsThe yellow heart and orange heart emoji also signify empathetic vibes in text form.

10. It’s Just a Heart Emoji

Believe it or not ladies, every blue moon or so, an emoji is just an emoji. There is no thought connected to it, it doesn’t convey love, support, or anything else.

You can usually tell these types of messages because they also contain the classic smiling face, hearts of all colors, and other various emojis.

11. He Likes the Color Purple (or Thinks You Do)

happy man making message on his phoneThe color blue may be more suitable for men, but sometimes they prefer purple. Even more importantly, they may tend to think that you prefer the color purple.

These hearts may express love or may just be a one-off emoji in the middle of a heavy talk (via text or chat, of course).

12. A Red Heart Is Romantic (Pink Hearts too)

Guys typically relate a red heart to romance (or other lovey-dovey emotions). Pink hearts get lumped into the same category (especially the sparkling pink heart emoji).

In other words, he may send you purple hearts to avoid seeming like he’s romantically interested (even if he is completely crushing on you).

13. He Accidently Sent the Wrong Type

Sometimes guys send the wrong type of emojis because they are in a hurry or too excited to focus. That said, a lot of guys don’t bother with the color heart they send (any heart will do).

young woman serious looking at her phoneIf he never sends you purple hearts, it’s likely it was an accident. He could also be experimenting with new emojis as he attempts to break through friendship territory into a real relationship with you.

14. He’s a Purple Heart Veteran (or You Are)

Veterans send purple hearts to each other on a regular basis, as it is a prestigious military award given to those who were killed or wounded while in the service of their country.

If your dealing with a veteran he may prefer purple heart emojis, period. Further, if you are a veteran, he could be sending purple hearts rather than red hearts as a sign of respect.

15. He’s a K-Pop Fan (or Thinks You Are)

In the early ’10s, BTS fans commandeered the purple heart as a sign of their undying loyalty to the famous K-pop band.

To this day K-pop fans lovingly use the purple heart emoji, though it isn’t reserved just for BTS anymore. Now it also represents love and support for K-pop, in general.

How to Respond to Purple Hearts From Guys

woman looking up while holding her phoneFirst thing first, before you can respond to a heart emoji, of any color, you need to know how you feel about it. Simply responding on auto-pilot may send him the wrong signals.

After you’ve thought about how his hearts make you feel, here are a few excellent ways to respond to him:

Reply With a Purple Heart Emoji

One of the most common responses, even if you feel neutral about receiving the heart emoji from him in the first place, is simply replying with a purple heart emoji yourself.

Whether the guy is showing you love, support, or compassion, sending him the same emoji back is a simple way to thank him.

Reply With a Heart of an Appropriate Color

Now that you know what a purple heart may represent to the guy who sent it to you, the best thing to do is reply to him with a heart of an appropriate color.

For example, if you’re not into him as anything more than a friend, reply with a yellow heart emoji, orange heart emoji, or even a green heart emoji.

crying man holding up his phoneBasically, reply back with anything other than a red heart emoji, pink heart emoji, or broken heart emoji (which could give him false hope).

Ask Him Over to “Hang Out”

If you’re really into it, go ahead and skip over the small talk and send him a few red hearts and smiley faces back.

You could also ask him over to “hang out” (wink-wink).

Of course, the next emoji he sends will likely be a red heart 😉

Ignore The Heart Emoji All Together

It’s ok to not be into the guy who sends you hearts, regardless of the color.

woman in couch bored looking at honeIf you don’t like the heart emoji in your inbox, there’s nothing wrong with simply ignoring it altogether.

He’ll get over it if he’s a real friend and isn’t just trying to hook up with you.

Help Him to a Mutual Understanding

If you are in a relationship, you probably aren’t feeling it when guys send your hearts, and rightly so.

When someone respects your relationship status, they’ll stop using the heart emoticon when they text you.

That’s why sometimes you may need to help the guy sending you hearts to a mutual understanding; that you don’t appreciate the hearts, and neither does your spouse/partner.


Does Purple Heart Mean Friendzone?

woman cellphone in hand making messageThe purple heart doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the friendzone, but it doesn’t often stand for some intensive form of love or attraction either.

That said, guys sending girls purple hearts may indeed happen because they believe that they’re in the friendzone and don’t want to seem clingy.

What’s the Difference Between Purple and Blue Hearts?

A blue heart tends to depict loyalty, friendship, excitement, happiness, and admiration. They are most often sent from guy to guy.

Purple hearts are a sign from friends or lovers, of their love, support, compassion, and empathy for you/towards you.

Why Send a Purple Heart Emoji, Instead of Red?

Many guys send a purple heart emoji instead of a red one in order to avoid the recipient thinking that they have some sort of romantic or sexual interest in them. It is also used regularly by family and friends.

Sometimes the purple heart is a safe option for guys to show they support you, even love you as a friend, without letting you know how much they really like you.

Is a Black Heart Emoji the Same as a Purple Heart?

The black heart emoji is not the same as the purple heart, in any manner besides both of them being hearts. Black hearts represent emotional baggage, sad stuff, rainy days, goth life, and other depressing meanings.

Purple hearts on the other hand represent love, support, friendship, and more.