Purple Heart Emoji Meaning – What Does 💜 Mean in Texting

The purple heart emoji meaning is quite interesting. Many people ask what does a purple heart mean in texting? The purple heart emoji 💜 meaning embodies everything the purple heart represents and more.

Here you will learn the purple heart emoji meaning from a girl and the purple heart emoji meaning from a guy, plus all of its applications today. I’ve also included some real text exchanges which use 💜, so you can see it in action.

Purple Heart Meaning

The Purple Heart is a special award given to brave service members who got hurt or lost their lives while serving in the U.S. military. It is a way to say “thank you” to those who showed great courage and sacrifice while in the line of duty, fighting to keep our country safe and free.

More Info: USO

What Does the Purple Heart Emoji Mean

The Purple Heart Emoji meaning is love, trust, loyalty, friendship, profound respect, friendly affection, unwavering support, passionate admiration, gratitude, appreciation, high regard, compassion, empathy, understanding, duty, honor, bravery, royalty, good judgment, and a symbol for the South Korean boy band Bangtan Boys (BTS).

Emojis have become a universal way of expressing feelings, thoughts, and ideas in our digital conversations. Though one of many heart emojis, the purple heart emoji is a bit more unique. 

It captures a range of emotions and messages, making our chats more colorful and meaningful.

The Purple Heart emoji 💜 often represents love, just like other heart emojis. Yet the love you are sending is not necessarily the romantic type. The purple color adds a layer to its interpretation.

Some use the purple heart emoji to express warm feelings, to wish someone all the best, and to express gratitude and appreciation. The symbol can be used with friends, family, colleagues, and romantic relationships.

For others, purple symbolizes luxury, wealth, royalty, and elegance, and may represent a special bond or connection that’s deeper than usual.

This emoji is popular among friends and loved ones as a way to show appreciation or to convey feelings of trust and understanding.

Some people use it to show support for various causes, especially those related to purple themes, like domestic violence or Alzheimer’s awareness.

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What Does the Purple Heart Mean Today

Today, the Purple Heart symbolizes a sensitive understanding and compassionate love for family, close friends, respected acquaintances, and crushes. It represents a positive and heartfelt expression of emotion.

You can send a purple heart emoji to a crush without telling them how you feel. The more hearts you send, the deeper your feelings are.

The purple heart is softer and more subtle than a red heart when sending a message of love. It is a safer emoji to send to those who you love in a nonromantic way.

The purple heart is considered an expression of love towards ones family. It tells them you miss them, you are always a call away, and you support all major decisions they make.

Sending a purple heart emoji 💜 can serve as motivation to a colleague or friend to work hard and not give up in tough situations. It can be encouragement to keep going when faced with demanding circumstances.

The Purple Heart symbolizes unity and support for one’s country. It shows respect and honor for Veterans who showed great sacrifice.

The Purple Heart emoji recently became popular as a symbol of support and love for the K-Pop boy band sensation, BTS, from their fandom, ARMY. The 💜 meaning BTS is a pop culture phenomenon.

What Does a Purple Heart Mean in Texting

The purple heart text meaning is one of love, appreciation, support, and respect, with an element of mystery. The 💜 meaning of this emoji is unique and reserved for deep connections and special bonds. Sending the purple heart emoji shows trust, devotion, admiration, empathy, compassion, and understanding.

In text messages, the Purple Heart emoji 💜 often serves as a sign of affection, with a twist. While the traditional red heart signifies love and deep emotions, the purple variant brings in elements of mystery, appreciation, and rare connections.

It’s like saying, “There’s something unique or magical about our bond.”

Sending a Purple Heart can indicate a level of comfort and closeness that goes beyond the ordinary. It might be shared between best friends, close family members, or even budding romantic interests who wish to signal something special.

Given the color purple’s association with various causes, the Purple Heart in a text might be a show of support and encouragement.

During specific awareness months or days, sending or receiving this emoji could be a nod to a mutual understanding and respect.

As with all symbols, context matters. Depending on the relationship, the conversation’s tone, and previous interactions, the Purple Heart’s meaning in a text can vary.

The Purple Heart emoji might also mean nothing significant at all. It could just be someone’s favorite color or designate their mood for that day.

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Purple Heart Meaning From a Guy

The purple heart emoji meaning from a guy is of love, support, affection, understanding, admiration, loyalty, and respect. A guy may have deep romantic feelings for you, or perhaps he just feels a strong friendship bond.

A guy sending 💜 could also represent his devotion and honor to you. Consider your relationship with the guy and the surrounding interactions to determine the exact meaning.

Sometimes it does mean love, the type that is shared when two people are more than friends. Sometimes it is a indirect way for a guy to tell you he has a crush on you.

Yet, it isn’t always a romantic situation when you receive a purple heart emoji from a guy. Sometimes it’s just a sign of his admiration and friendship.

In some cases, when a guy sends a Purple Heart, it’s an expression of affection or endearment. It might be a subtle way to say he’s fond of you and shares a deep connection.

The violet heart meaning from a guy is linked to the idea of support. If you are going through something, or just having a bad day, and the guy knows it, don’t be surprised to receive a purple heart emoji from him.

Purple, usually associated with feelings of intrigue, luxury, and compassion, can also suggest that he believes there’s something special or unique about your relationship. 

Sometimes, the Purple Heart from a guy might simply mean he’s in a playful or fun mood, especially if it’s combined with other emojis. It can be a stylish and colorful way to make a message stand out or feel more personal.

It’s important to consider the context. Was it sent after a meaningful conversation? Does he use it frequently? The truth is, the purple heart emoji might not mean anything at all.

The key is not to overthink it. Emojis are meant to enhance communication, not complicate it.

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How to Respond to Purple Hearts From Guys

One of the most common responses, even if you feel neutral about receiving the heart emoji from him in the first place, is simply to reply with a purple heart emoji yourself.

Whether the guy is showing you love, support, or compassion, sending him the same emoji back is a simple way to respond without making a statement.

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What Do Purple Hearts Mean on Facebook

On Facebook a Purple Heart is a way to show deep affection, appreciation, and support. It’s like giving a virtual pat on the back, signaling that you resonate with the post and feel a close connection to the content or person sharing it.

Sometimes the Purple Heart is used to show respect and understanding for causes or events associated with the color purple.

For instance, posts discussing Alzheimer’s awareness, domestic violence, or Veterans might attract Purple Heart emoji reactions.

In group chats, members may use the Purple Heart to denote being part of an inner circle, or to celebrate shared experiences and memories.

While a purple heart usually indicates a deeper level of appreciation than the regular “like,” it’s necessary to look at the broader context to grasp its complete meaning on Facebook.

Meanings can vary based on personal interpretations and relationships. Also consider, there might be no meaning at all. Some people just like the color.

What Do Purple Hearts Mean on Snapchat

On Snapchat, the Purple Heart emoji 💜 has a special significance when it comes to friendships. It shows you care for someone and feel a close bond towards that person. The purple heart represents a deep affection, as opposed to the red heart which means a deep love.

It’s worth noting that while these emojis indicate frequent interactions on Snapchat, they don’t necessarily translate to any type of relationship outside the app. It’s just a fun thing Snapchat adds to friendships and interactions on their platform.

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Violet Heart Meaning

While “purple” and “violet” are often used interchangeably in everyday language, when it comes to heart symbols, there are some subtle differences.

A violet heart, which leans more towards the bluish side of purple, may be associated with sensitivity, depth, and intuition. Violet has long been linked with the spiritual, the mysterious, and the profound.

When used as a heart symbol, it may represent a bond or feeling that touches on these deeper aspects.

It’s not uncommon for the violet heart to be associated with artistic and creative souls. Given its connection to the imagination, it may symbolize a love for beauty and the deeper mysteries of life.

For some, the violet color also resonates with feelings of peace, calm, and protection. When shared, it might indicate a protective kind of love or a wish for peace and harmony in the other person’s life.

In many contexts, however, the distinctions between the violet and purple heart might be slight, with both conveying a sense of unique affection, mystery, and friendly love.

As always, interpretation depends on context, personal relationships, and the current situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Difference Between Purple and Blue Hearts?

Purple and blue hearts are both rooted in positive emotions. Purple leans towards love, support, compassion, and empathy, while blue leans towards trust, stability, loyalty, and calmness. The choice between these heart emojis can depend on the specific emotions you want to convey and the nature of your relationship with the other person.

Why Send a Purple Heart Emoji Instead of a Red Heart Emoji?

People send a purple heart emoji instead of a red heart emoji because the red heart generally signals a romantic and sexual interest while the purple heart allows for a broader range of emotions and connections that focus more on friendly affection.

More Info: Psychology Of Emojis

What Does 💜 Mean From a Girl?

The purple heart emoji meaning from a girl is her way of expressing fondness that goes beyond the ordinary. It could represent a friendly bond or a romantic connection. Either way she considers your relationship unique and special.

If she frequently uses this emoji, it might just be her style. Perhaps it has no meaning except that she likes the pretty color. 

Regardless, the 💜 meaning from a girl is a sweet gesture that shows her feelings of affection in a simple and colorful way.

What Is the 💜 Meaning from a Boy?

The meaning of a 💜 from a boy can vary depending on the context and the guy involved. It generally represents love, affection, and a deep connection. It might be a show of support, maybe it’s a sign of friendship, or possibly it is hinting at a romantic interest.

Consider your relationship, the context, and the rest of your interaction to determine the real meaning of the purple heart emoji, in this case.


The Purple Heart Emoji Meaning 💜 is of love and support. It derives from the Purple Heart Award and is used in a variety of ways. The underlying message is always one of positivity, respect, and high regard.

Whether you served in the armed forces, have a friendly relationship, or feel a sense of romance, the purple heart emoji signifies a connection based on admiration, appreciation, and understanding.

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