When A Guy Sends You a Heart Emoticon: 20 Meanings

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Out of all the emojis guys send, hearts tend to be the most touching. But, what exactly does it mean when a guy sends you a heart emoji?

Read on below and discover 25 of the top meanings behind heart emoticons from guys!

What Does It Mean When a Guy Sends You A Heart Emoticon?

When a guy sends you a heart emoji, this is what it really means:

1. He Loves You as a Friend

Guy texting on his phone

First and foremost, guys that love you as a friend may send you heart emojis left and right. It’s really not a big deal, they send them to everyone (including other girls, and guy friends as well).

That said, if he is constantly sending you heart emojis, especially with flirty messages, his interest in you may be evolving into something greater than just a friend.

2. He’s In Love With You

Romantic love is obviously one of the very top meanings behind a heart of any sort from a guy. When a guy is in love with you he’s likely to send you heart emojis left, right, and center, 24/7.

If he’s not your boyfriend or someone you work with, keep an eye on the amount of hearts his sending you in text messages. If it’s a copious amount, he’s either in love or falling in love!

3. He Is Grateful Towards You

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Sometimes when guys send you a heart emoji it’s just to let you know that they are grateful about something. They could be showing you they are grateful you are in their life, or it could be gratefulness towards something specific.

These heart emojis come from a sweet and caring place, not one of romantic or physical interest in you.

4. You Are a Source of Happiness To Him

When you’re a source of a man’s happiness, a heart emoji here and there may well be one of the ways he lets you know. Each time he sends you a heart it’s simply him trying to remind you that you make him happy.

A man’s woman is his sunshine, his center of the universe. A simple heart emoji could never convert his feelings, hence he’s likely to send them to you constantly.

5. You Give Him Hope About Something

Guy texting on the phone

Sometimes guys send you a heart when you give them hope about something. It’s their way of acknowledging you and your efforts.

The flip side is that their hope may be romantically inclined, and centered directly around you. So be careful with those flirtatious messages and heart emoticons, ladies!

6. He’s Flirting With You

When a guy is flirting with you in person, or in text, he’s highly likely to either start off by sending a heart emoji, or twenty, or to end things with a heart emoji, or twenty more.

That said, don’t mistake his heart emojis as a sign of love or flirtiness automatically, especially if it’s not red. For example, a blue heart emoji or purple heart emoji are almost never meant in a strictly romantic manner.

7. He Has Romantical Feelings For You

Guy texting on his phone

When a guy does have romantic feelings towards you, his heart emojis will most definitely be red, pink, and even one of those silly smiley face or kissy face emoji with hearts for eyes.

Again, it’s crucial to know the different meanings for each color of heart emoticon out there, because not all of them are meant in a romantic love sort of way.

8. It’s His Way of Showing Affection

Some guys aren’t really that great with showing their affection. Thankfully, his smartphone’s emoji suggestions make it really easy for him to fire off those heart emojis!

Guys who rely on their emoji list for showing affection may also send a hugging face emoji, angel face emoji, or another cute emoji on with their messages to you as well.

9. It’s a Sign That You Bring Him Pleasure

Guy texting on his phone

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Guys that want to remind you how much pleasure you bring him, perhaps sexually, perhaps mentally, are likely to send lots of hearts.

They’re just as likely to send the smirk emoji with a picture of certain parts of the male anatomy as well if they’re referencing sexual pleasure.

The winking emoji and heart eyed emoji are also likely to be another of their top used emojis.

10. He Has Fuzzy Feelings Towards You

When a guy has seriously fuzzy feelings towards you, you can bet your bottom dollar that he’s going to send you a heart emoji every other message (let alone every time that something reminds him of you).

Now, keep in mind that his fuzzy feelings may be pure, or they may be coming from a place located a few inches below his waistline, and directly between his legs.

11. He Sent the Wrong Emoji

Guy texting on his phone

From time to time there’s bound to be an accidental emoji sent between you and the guy you are messaging and sending emoticons back and forth with.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on the guy and how you feel about him, that includes heart emojis.

12. He Sent the Text To the Wrong Person

There’s always a chance that when you received that heart emoji, seemingly randomly, from one of the guys on your contact list, that it is actually random. Sometimes people make mistakes and send the wrong text message… what can you do!?

That said, if you happen to like the guy, it’s a great opportunity to send him back a flirty message or ask him what he’s up to and invite him to do something together. When life hands you lemons… you make lemonade (or at least attempt to do so).

13. He’s Angling For a Long Term Relationship

Guy texting on his phone

If a friend of yours is sending you a lot more heart emoticons than in the past, there’s a chance he’s actually angling for long-term relationship status with you.

Maybe you’ve gone out with him a few times, or maybe he’s someone you just met. At any rate, with an abundance of heart emojis flooding your phone’s inbox, there’s a high likelihood he wants to be your man.

14. It’s a Good Sign That He Really Cares

A well-timed heart emoji from a guy may be interpreted for what it really is: an intentional sign that he really cares about you (and wants you to know it).

IF you care about him as much as he cares about you, it’s a great time to let him know (or simply send him back a heart yourself).

15. He’s Feeling Bold At the Time

Guy texting on his phone

Guys often get bold late at night (perhaps alcohol may or may not be involved), including in what they’re willing to send via text messages to the girl that they’re into.

If you’re that girl, you can expect that part of those messages to be a mash of hearts, smiley faces, and him admitting his strong feelings and just exactly how and why you should be more than just friends.

16. Sending Girls the Heart Emoji is Part of the Male Psychology

The hero will always be a part of the human psyche: hence, men will always send heart emoticons to women (until evolution does away with our thumbs, or they stop making phones).

That’s right girls, he may be sending you a heart emoticon because it’s integrated into the very fabric of his existence, coded in his DNA, and the urge is screaming through every cell of his being to do so.

17. There is a Deeper Meaning Behind it

Guy texting on his phone

Most of the time a heart is just a heart… but, sometimes, a heart indicates a much deeper meaning.

Like, I love you more than life itself, would scale any mountain barefoot, swim any sea weighed down with sandbags, type message.

The problem with these sorts of messages is you’re not likely to realize it at the time, at least not without him giving you a few clues.

18. He Thinks You’re a Sweet Girl

Sometimes guys send hearts to girls they think are sweethearts. It’s sort of cliche, and maybe a few hundred years old sort of thinking, but hey, someone created the damn emoji for a reason right?

If he thinks your sweet, and are having a convo via text, don’t think much of it if he sends you a heart. It doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to date you; just that he thinks your sweet.

In fact, you could even receive this sort of heart from a guy who’s happily married or in a relationship.

19. He Wants to Have Sex With You

Guy texting on his phone

At long last, we come to one of the most obvious signs that hearts from guys point to: he wants to have sex with you. If he’s not sending it out of love, out of appreciation, or trying to make you feel better about something… he likely wants to hook up and smash that.

How you feel about what his heart means depends on the guy, whether you’re single, in a relationship, and a plethora of other considerations.

20. Using Flirty Emojis is Just His Thing

Using flirty emojis does happen to be something a lot of guys are into. It doesn’t mean they are even really flirting with you.

That’s part of the problem. You never can tell with these sorts whether they are really flirting, or they are just sending hearts, smilies, and angel faces because it’s their “thing.”

How To Respond When a Guy Sends You a Heart Emoji

When a guy sends you a heart, there’s an endless amount of meaning and just as many ways to reply. But, first, you need to know how you feel about it.

Once you know what you think about his hearts, you can:

Send Him A Heart Back

Sending him a heart back is a great way to give him a sure sign that you liked the emoji he sent and that you’re feeling his vibes.

But, be aware, that if he sent the heart in a romantic way, your response may build his hopes up for a potential love life with you.

Ignore It altogether

If you aren’t feeling his hearts and other couple emoji signs he keeps sending you, don’t be afraid to simply ignore it altogether.

If he has a mind as sharp as most guys, he’ll get the point eventually.

Let Him Know You Appreciate Him Too

When a guy sends a heart to you out of obvious appreciation, sending him an emoji back shows him that you feel the same way.

The red heart emoji is a good choice, as is the blue heart when you want to send a person a message that you appreciate them.

Ask Him to Hang Out

If you are really feeling the guy, send him a kiss mark or winky face and ask him what he’s up to.

If you’re feeling bold you could even go out on a limb and ask him if he wants to hang out or something.

Let Him Know You’re Just Friends

It’s ok to let a guy know that you’re just friends, in fact sometimes it’s the kindest thing you can do.

Letting a guy know that there is nothing he can do to become a person you’d consider something more than a best friend is saving him pain and agony (and allowing him to move on with grace).

Flirt With Him

There are numerous ways to interpret hearts from guys, but if you’ve figured that his were sent in a flirting manner, it’s a great opportunity to go ahead and flirt back with him.

Keep in mind that emojis guys use are often a strong sign of how they actually feel. So, his heart eyes really mean that he’s into you.


What Does a Red Heart From a Guy Mean?

A red heart from a guy is indeed a sign of romance. That said, depending on the guy, and circumstances, it could well stand for something else such as respect, compassion, or support. The main meaning behind red hearts is love, sex, and adoration, be it from a man or woman.

What Does a Double Heart Mean From a Guy?

Guy texting on his phone

Double hearts usually represent extra-special love, bonds, or deep feelings. They are most often shared with you by your best friends, admirers, or significant others. In truth, the double heart stands for all the same things the normal red heart does (with a bit of extra emphasis).

Are All Heart Emoticons Romantic?

All heart emoticons are not romantic, despite what you may have heard or thought. For example, if the heart is not pink or red, there is a high likelihood that it is not romantic. Blue hearts, purple hearts, green hearts, yellow hearts, and even black hearts are sent for reasons varying from sadness and depression to platonic love, respect, support, community, and more.