Tongue Out Emoji Meaning From a Guy (15 Things It Means)

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So, you’re texting with a guy that you really like and everything is all hunky-dory and then blam, he drops a tongue emoji… what does it mean?

Read on below and explore these 15 things it means when you receive the tongue out emojis from guys!

What Does a Tongue Out Emoji Mean From a Guy?

From having a crush on you and wanting to lick you (yes, lick you) to being amused with the last text message you sent, there are countless reasons guys send a tongue out emoji.

Here are some of the most significant meanings for a tongue emoji from a guy:

1. He Likes You

Tongue out emoticon

There are a wide variety of tongue emojis to choose from, including winky, smiley, and smirky faces with tongues out.

But, regardless of which one he sends you, the most likely meaning behind any tongue emoji from a guy is that he likes you.

It doesn’t get more cut-and-dried than this reason!

2. He Is Amused

The second most common reason, to our best understanding, for a tongue emoji from guys, is that they are amused with something you’ve said or done.

Their stuck out tongue could signify their response to your last joke, something that happened earlier, or something totally out of the blue (that he’s more than likely about to share with you).

3. He Wants To Lick You

Girl with tongue out

Sometimes the kind of tongue-sticking guys want to do has nothing to do with emojis or your inbox. If you don’t know what we mean, well… try asking him what he’s planning on doing with that tongue out, next time!

If he really wants to lick you, you may just give him the courage he needs to let you know how he feels about you (and what he wants to do with that tongue of his).

4. He Wants To Make You Smile

Tongue emojis from guys may also come from a place of wanting to make you smile.

If he does want to make you smile, his tongue emoji is likely to be accompanied by other emoticons like the heart emoji, kiss mark, and winking face.

5. He’s Happy

Guy with tongue out

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When a guy is simply in a really good mood, he may feel like sending flirty emojis to your inbox just for the hell of it.

Don’t be surprised if the tongue emoji is quickly followed by a kissy face, bride emoji, and blushing face.

6. He Wants To Cheer You Up

Similar to when a guy wants to make you smile, they are also inclined to send a tongue emoji or ten your way if they’re trying to cheer you up after a bad day/experience.

This sort of tongue emoji is typically followed up with a hugging face, smiley face, or angel face emoji from the guy as well.

7. It’s a Sexual Innuendo

Stuck tongue out emoji on a paper

Sometimes a stuck out tongue emoji is nothing more than a blunt sexual innuendo.

How well you know the guy sending you a tongue emoji with this particular meaning helps determine how serious it is.

He could be simply teasing you, but, he could also be testing the waters for your reaction.

8. He Thinks You’re a Fun Person

When a guy thinks a girl is a fun person, the tongue emoji is likely to be high on his list of regularly used emoticons in your chat log.

Why is it that guys link the tongue out emoji to fun girls? We’re just guessing, but it could have something to do with what they’d like to do to you with their tongue, or for you to do to them with your tongue.

9. He’s Just Joking Around With You

Girl with tongue out

Guys are often time just joking around, period. You know the type. They never seem to have a care in the world, about anything.

Further, they always seem to be heavy-handed with the stuck out tongue emoji!

That said, even serious guys are likely to send a tongue emoji directly after sharing a joke with you via text message.

10. It’s His Relieved Face

When a guy is relieved about something, deeply, he may send you a tongue emoji as a sign of his relief.

What the emoji means beyond the obvious is between you, him, and the Gods of the emoticons.

11. He Thinks the Conversation Is Funny

Guy with tongue out

Sometimes the guy you’re talking to finds the subject of your “talk” funny. It’s not necessarily you, or your standpoint, but rather the whole topic of conversation.

If this is the case, typically, the guy responds with a tongue out, sunglasses, crying, or angel emoji.

12. Tongue Out Emojis Have a Deeper Meaning To Him

Human beings are sometimes deep and emotional entities, which could be the case with your tongue emoji sending boyfriend.

If so, there’s a high chance that his emoticons carry a deeper meaning than those sent by most guys.

13. It Is One of the Main Emojis Guys Use

Girl with tongue out

It may sound like a cop-out, but, it’s the cold-hard-truth; some guys send the tongue emoji so often simply because they can and it’s what guys do.

All jokes aside, have you ever noticed how much more frequently guys send the tongue out face than girls do?

14. He’s Copying You

If you happen to send him the tongue out face emoji first, there’s a good chance he’s simply copying you by sending it back.

Wait a couple of days and see if he’s stilling about the tongue action or not, and then evaluate what it means (when you’re sure he’s not copying you).

15. He Knows It Puts a Cheesy Grin On Your Face

Girl with tongue out

When a guy knows that a tongue emoji will put a cheesy grin on your face, and he loves to see you smile… we’ll give you three guess what’s going to end up in your inbox (and two of them don’t count).

Why, yes, that is correct, ladies and gentlemen; tongue out emojis!

How To Respond To Tongue Out Emojis From Guys

There is no real right or wrong way to respond to the tongue out emoji from a guy.

That said, there are some common ways:

  • Send him a hugging face emoji with your next message
  • Throw a kissy face emoji or kiss mark emoji into the mix
  • Reply with the same emoticon, just the upside down emoji version
  • Respond with a smirk face or squinting face emoji
  • Ask the guy what he actually means by the message
  • Inquire as to what he really wants to do with his tongue


What Does A Tongue Out Smiling Emoji From a Guy Mean?

The tongue out smiling emoji from a guy generally means that he is amused with something that you’ve said to him or shown him, he is flirting with you, or he is trying to cheer you up.

What Does a Winky Tongue Out Emoji Mean From a Guy?

Getting a winky tongue out emoji from a guy usually implies some sort of flirty feelings towards you. If he isn’t outright flirting with you, he may simply be trying to have a little fun/cheer you up, and/or make you laugh.

What Does a Smiling With Eyes Closed and Tongue Out Emoji From Guys Mean?

When a guy sends you a smiling tongue out emoji with eyes closed, it typically means that he’s either laughing hysterically with you or at you. Either way, it is most definitely a strong sign that he is just joking around with you.