Tongue Out Emoji – Face Meanings Revealed

The tongue out emoji is super popular in text messaging and social media. Here are the correct meanings of every tongue sticking out emoji.

Tongue Out Emoji

The tongue out emoji might mean I’m joking around, being silly, or teasing you. It could mean I’m flirting, trying to make you smile, or just breaking the tension. Perhaps it is sent to soften something you said, to show you like money, or as a sexual reference.

Tongue Sticking Out Emoji 😛

Zany Face Emoji 🤪 - Connection Copilot

The tongue sticking out emoji 😛 means haha, just joking, I’m not being serious, I’m just teasing. It’s playful, funny, flirty, and the perfect way to break the tension. It shows that you’re in a good mood and you’re feeling a little silly.

Licking Lips Emoji 😋

Zany Face Emoji 🤪 - Connection Copilot

The licking lips emoji 😋 means I’m excited and happy thinking about something delicious. It could be a tasty food, or perhaps the emoji is meant to be suggestive and tell someone you find them quite mouthwatering.

The licking emoji, also called the yummy emoji face or hungry emoji face, is often flirty and a sweet way to add flavor to your texts.

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Wink Tongue Emoji 😜

Zany Face Emoji 🤪 - Connection Copilot

The wink tongue emoji is sent as a tease after you trick or surprise someone with something they did not expect. It says, “I bet you didn’t see that coming, gotcha!” It’s a combination of fun, flirty, and wacky. 

The winky face tongue out emoji is perfect for when you are feeling like a rockstar and you want to be a little mischievous.

Zany Face Emoji 🤪

Zany Face Emoji 🤪 - Connection Copilot

The zany face emoji 🤪 means I’m feeling “out of it” right now because I either partied too hard, or I’ve been working on something extremely demanding that has driven me crazy. It has a positive, goofy, and fun vibe to it, and often comes with a wild story.

It may be referencing someone or something that is a little bizarre, or can be used to say, “I did the craziest thing ever.”

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Squinting Face With Tongue Emoji 😝

Zany Face Emoji 🤪 - Connection Copilot

The squinting face with tongue emoji 😝 means I’m laughing so hard in a playful way, being super silly, and joking around. The eyes closed tongue out emoji gives happy and fun vibes.

Hot Face Emoji 🥵

Zany Face Emoji 🤪 - Connection Copilot

The hot face emoji 🥵 means I think you are smoking hot, extremely attractive, and I’m burning with desire.

Money Mouth Emoji 🤑

Zany Face Emoji 🤪 - Connection Copilot

The money mouth emoji 🤑 is all about money, feeling rich, success, wealth, anything related to cash, and spending Benjamins. The money tongue emoji says “cha-ching!”

Tongue Emoji 👅

Zany Face Emoji 🤪 - Connection Copilot

The tongue emoji 👅 means either I’m playfully joking around, something looks delicious, I’m just teasing, or I have oral sex on my mind. The emoji tongue is fun, light hearted, and usually gets a laugh. 

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Tongue Out Emoji Meaning From a Guy

The tongue out emoji from a guy means he is trying to be funny, he is flirting, he is trying to cheer you up, he is teasing you, he is trying to break the tension, or he likes something you said or did.

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The tongue out emoji has many meanings, and they are all in good fun. To be sure of the intended meaning, consider who the sender is and the current relationship with the recipient.

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