Eyes Emoji Meaning From a Guy: 20 Meanings

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When you’re talking with a guy through text messages and he sends you an eye emoji, what does it actually mean?

Read on below and explore 20 meanings for eyes emojis from a guy!

What Does the Eyes Emoji Meaning From a Guy?

Guys use a wide variety of emojis when talking to girls through text (hugging face emoji, kissy face emoji, monkey emoji, and more), all of which have eyes emoji versions.

But, what exactly are they signifying?

Here are some of the most common meanings behind the eyes emojis guys send you:

1. He Has a Crush On You

Guy texting

One of the very top reasons a guy will send you an eyes emoji is that he really likes you. When a guy has a crush on you, and you spend quite a bit of time texting each other, he’s very likely to use a vast array of emojis.

And no doubt, the eyes emoji is going to be one of the most used. Whether it’s a beaming face emoji with eyes, a smiling face emoji with eyes, or a winking emoji with eyes, all the “eyes” type emoticons are popular emojis guys like to send to girls.

2. You Said Something Interesting

Guys often send eyes emojis via text directly after you’ve said something of particular interest to them.

Whether you’ve mentioned your plans for the day, quoted the lyrics of a song, or teased him with that color your undergarments are, the eyes emoji is a popular reaction.

The sunglasses emoji is another common emoji guys send when they find something you’ve said interesting.

3. He’s An Emojis Guy

Guy texting

For some guys, sending emojis is more than just sending emojis; it’s a philosophy, a way of thinking, and a lifestyle.

Why use words and communicate with accuracy and precision? Using emojis allows the person you’re communicating with to interpret your messages however their heart desires.

If this sounds like your current boyfriend, you’ve more than likely got an Emojis guy on your hands.

4. He Wants To Make Eye Contact

If he’s really into talking with you but wishes it was in person, presumably because he wants to make “eye contact” with you, he’s likely to send a bunch of different emojis, including a bunch of hearts and eyes emoji.

The best way to tell the difference between an Emojis guy, and a guy that’s sending you eyes emojis because he wants to make eye contact is simple: the guy that wants to make eye contact will eventually start using full sentences again and the Emojis guy will stick to his trusty uni-lingual emoticons.

5. He’s Scared To Use Flirty Emojis

Guy texting

Sometimes guys send an overly large amount of emoticons when they are trying to be flirty. If he is sending tons of sunglasses emojis, smiling faces, and eyes emojis, it basically means he’s scared to do any real flirting.

In this case, you have two choices: be the first one to send flirting emojis like two hearts, heart emoji, heart-eyes emoji, and kiss mark, OR, accept the fact that he’s too chicken (or polite) to outright flirt with you.

6. It’s a Mirror of his Facial Expression In Real Life

Sometimes, an Emojis guy ascends to the next level of Emoji-self-mastery, a point in his life where he and Emojis begin to become one. It is only then that he earns the title of Emoji Master.

If you happen to be texting with an ascending Emoji Master, the Emojis he sends you is an actual mirror image of his true facial expression in real life.

7. He Thinks He’s Being Cute

Guy texting

When a guy sends you tons of hearts and smilies, and a blushing face, he may simply be trying to be cute.

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If he sends the same message the same way every day, he definitely thinks he’s being cute.

8. He Sent It As a Joke

If your guy isn’t often using eyes emojis when you text each other, he may have sent the emoticon as a “surprised” reaction to a message you sent him.

He could simply be trying to be funny as well. If the guy loves you, and you’re having a bad day, he could be trying to cheer you up, also.

9. He Thinks You’re Funny

Guy texting

On the flip side, if may think that you are the funny one and be sending you an eyes emoji and smirking face in reaction to your joke or something humorous thing you said or did.

Whether you sent him a ring emoji, and you just met last night, or you texted him a poop emoji in response to one of his messages, his eyes emoji may simply be paying homage to your humor.

10. He Wants To Be More Than Friends

The eyes emoticons guys send sometimes carry a hidden message within their ranks: we want to be more than just friends with her and we will do everything in our power to achieve this one goal or we will gladly die trying!

The message doesn’t get any clearer, ladies. We’re talking crystal clear: he wants to date you.

11. He Doesn’t Understand the Context of Your Message

Guy texting

When the context of your text message has soared over his head and flew away into the far blue yonder, leaving him stranded alone on the desert island that is his non-understanding-ness of your message, he may send an eyes emoji in an attempt to convince you that he has received your message, understands what you are saying, and is virtually looking you directly in the eye bobbing his head in agreeance and understanding-ness.

12. He Is Intrigued With the Conversation

If the conversation, or even merely the tone of the conversation, as him intrigued, clear your phone’s memory cache and prepare for the emojis to come a-flooding into your phone.

And will they ever.

Once he is infatuated with you, the eyes emoji, winky face, and fire emoji will flow like wine on a Friday night in ancient Greece.

13. It Has No Meaning (Like Small Talk)

Guy texting

Some guys just enjoy the small talk. Lots and lots of small talk, with absolutely no meaning.

When they send emojis, it is to fill the space and kill the time. Not to flirt with you, get to know you better, or even tease you.

14. It Is His Weary Face

When you know a guy well, and he sends you that big eyes emoji, you already know it’s his weary face.

What you may not know is what makes him feel weary. Was it something you said, or some bad news he just received? Are flesh-eating zombies eating members of his family at this very moment?

Or, perhaps he is weary of holding back and not revealing his true self and true love to you.

15 It Is His Kissy Face

Guy texting

Sometimes guys are imitating their kiss faces when they send you certain eyes emojis.

Once you’ve sent hundreds of texts back and forth with a guy, you should be able to pick out which emojis it is fairly easy.

It’ll be the one he only uses after you send him a kiss mark or kissing face, or after he says something sweet or romantic.

16. It Is His Smirk Face

Guys are prone to swapping smirk faces and eyes face out, one for another, in text messages.

If he’s smirking in real life, you’re likely to receive an eyes emoticon or two, as well as a sunglasses or smirking face.

17. It Is His Beaming Face

Guy texting

When guys are absolutely ecstatic, be it simply because they are talking with you via text message, or because of some other beautiful and amazing aspect of life, they are likely to send you grinning, blushing, and eye emoticons.

As with smirk face emoticons, when you get beaming face emoticons from a guy, there are high chances that he is actually beaming in real life.

18. It’s a Strong Sign That He’s Into You

More often than not, when a man sends you tons of emoticons, including eye types, it’s a clear indicator that he is into you.

When the guy sends you more emoticons than he does actual text messages, it’s obvious that he’s gooning over you.

19. He Doesn’t Want to Wait (and You’re Taking Forever)

Guy texting

Not every man has the patience of biblical proportions like your grandparents do.

When he doesn’t want to wait for what you have to say, prepare for a flood of emoticons to hit your inbox.

In his mind, if you’re not ready to answer him, he and his emoticon assault will make you ready!

20. He Wants To See How You React To His Flirting

There comes a time in all little boys’ lives when their inner child is left behind and they become real men…

Sometimes this moment is the day they send their first flirtatious emoji to the girl they like.

Staring at their phone screen, waiting with bated breath, hearts thumping in their chests like jackhammers, wildly, no, desperately trying to break free from their mortal restraints, awaiting your response.

How To Respond To the Eyes Emoji From a Guy

When a guy sends you emojis with eyes, there are several common ways you may choose to respond:

Send Him a Flirty Emoji (If You Like Him)

Guy texting

Try sending him a flirty text. If you like him, ask him what he’s looking at. Ask him to be detail-oriented.

Change the Topic of Conversation (and Ignore the Emojis)

If you aren’t into the guy’s obvious flirting, try ignoring the emojis altogether and changing the topic of conversation while you’re at it.

Let Him Know Your Boyfriend Wouldn’t Appreciate It

Guy texting

Another clever way to respond to his would-be flirty emojis is simply letting him know that your boyfriend wouldn’t appreciate it (but, that you won’t tell him, this time).

Ask Him What He’s Up To (and If He Wants To Come To Hang Out)

Let’s say you enjoy his flirtatious emojis… why not ask him what he’s “up” to? Further, why not ask him if he wants to come to hang out?

Why wait around on him to summon the courage, if a flirty emoji is the best he’s done so far?

Send Him a Kiss Face Emoji (and Get Him All Worked Up)

Guy texting

If you know the guy well and are really into him, you may consider sending him a kiss face emoji with a few choice words (or even a photo, or ten) in order to get him all worked up.


What Does Eyes Emoji Mean in Text?

The eyes emoji is basically a universal symbol and may be used and interpreted in countless ways (as is clearly displayed by the 20 meanings for when guys use eyes emojis, above!).

What the emoji means to each individual guy that uses it depends on him, you, your relationship, and other various factors.

Is the Eye Emoji Flirty?

The eye emoji can be flirty but does not absolutely imply a flirtatious tone.

It may also represent shock, awareness, surprise, and a wide range of other emotions.