๐Ÿ‘€ Meaning From a Guy & ๐Ÿ‘€ Meaning in Text From a Girl

Each eyes emoji sends a different message. If you’re wondering about 👀 meaning from a guy or 👀 meaning from a girl, you are in the right place.

Here are the top 5 eye emoji meanings, including the 👁 👁 meaning, with real screenshots of text messages using each one.

Eyes Emoji 👀

Eyes Emoji 👀- Connection Copilot

The eyes emoji 👀 means “you have my attention,” I am intrigued, surprised, curious, feeling flirty, making a funny observation, being nosy, or in shock. It playfully communicates a sneaky or suspicious act, or may be sent to draw attention to something or someone, perhaps an attractive person.      

The two eyes emoji is also referred to as the “shifty eyes emoji,” the “looking eyes emoji,” and the “eyes emoticon.”      

Eyes Emoji 👀- Connection Copilot Text

What Does 👀 Mean From a Guy

The 👀 meaning in text from a guy shows that he is intrigued by something you have said or done. It means you have successfully gotten his attention, he is now curious, and he has his eyes focused on you. He may also be feeling flirty and playful. This guy is definitely interested in you.

👀 Meaning From a Girl

The 👀 meaning in text from a girl is that she is in disbelief about whatever you did or said. She is now watching you closely and being attentive. This emoji is usually used when something surprising or unexpected happens.

👁 👁 Meaning

Eyes Emoji 👀- Connection Copilot

The 👁 meaning from a guy is that he’s looking, observing, paying attention, and focusing on one thing. It is a fun and playful way for him to say “I’ve got my eye on you,” or “I’m watching something,” perhaps a Netflix show. 

The one eye emoji represents suspicion and curiosity. Since it looks so realistic, it can be used as a replacement for the word “eye.”

Eye Emoji 👁- Connection Copilot Text

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Side Eye Emoji 😒

Eyes Emoji 👀- Connection Copilot

The side eye emoji 😒 expresses the feeling of “are you kidding me?” It is the glance you give to express disbelief, doubt, disappointment, and disapproval. It shows you are not amused, and not taking someone or what they said seriously

The emoji conveys a neutral tone and can be sent when you find something absurd, or when you feel irritated, annoyed, or unimpressed.

The side eye emoji is also called the unamused face emoji, the serious face emoji, and the annoyed face emoji.

Eye Emoji 👁- Connection Copilot Text

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Eye Roll Emoji 🙄        

Eyes Emoji 👀- Connection Copilot

The eye roll emoji 🙄 expresses the feeling of annoyance, exasperation, disapproval, boredom, sassiness, sarcasm, irritation, disbelief, aggravation, impatience, frustration, and contempt. 

You might send the emoji with eyes looking up when you are rolling your eyes and thinking, “give me a break,” or “yeah, whatever.”

Eye Emoji 👁- Connection Copilot Text

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Big Eyes Emoji 😳

Eyes Emoji 👀- Connection Copilot

The big eyes emoji 😳 expresses surprise, disbelief, embarrassment, shock, and amazement. You may be thinking, “Yikes,” or “I can’t believe it!” It’s best to send this emoji when you have been caught like a deer in headlights, and feel speechless. Or maybe you said or saw something you wish you didn’t.

Eye Emoji 👁- Connection Copilot Text

More Info: Psychology Today

What Does the Eyes Emoji Mean From a Guy

The eyes emoji meaning from a guy is that he is intrigued and you have his attention. This emoji is generally sent in response to some sort of drama or tension, or perhaps even a sexy selfie. He is being playful and flirty and showing that he is curious and interested in what is going on. 


The eye emoji can send clear messages without the need for words, and can be playful or serious. The 👀 meaning from a guy definitely shows you have his attention.

Consider the context of the message exchange and your relationship with the other person when you text eye emojis.  

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