Sexy text messages, or a dirty text, can really spice up your texting conversations.

Here are the best sexy texts ready for you to copy, paste, and send.

Dirty Text Messages

  1. I walk around naked at my place, what is the policy at yours?
  2. I am officially inviting you to join me in my shower.
  3. I’ve been a really naughty girl today and might need a spanking 😉
  4. I wish I wasn’t alone in my bed right now…
  5. I’m thinking about buying a new mattress. Wanna help me break it in?
  6. I’ve got so much tension, are your hands strong?
  7. I have one rule for tonight, you can only touch me with your lips.
  8. I heard chocolate is an aphrodisiac, I must have had too much 😉
  9. I sense you are wearing way too much clothing right now.
  10. Let’s skip work tomorrow and spend the whole day naked in bed.
  11. Wanna have a sleepover, sleeping is optional.

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Sexy Text Messages      

  1. I want you so bad right now.
  2. I planned dessert for tonight, you’re on the menu 😉
  3. Can you keep up with my sexual appetite?
  4. How about we move the sexting to in-person.
  5. I’m considering doing yoga. Will you please check out my pants
  6. How about we get together and act out your wildest fantasies?
  7. I have 69 reasons for you to spend the night 😉
  8. I’m only going to wear one thing tonight, what do you recommend?
  9. Last night was amazing, how about a repeat performance?
  10. Wanna plan a secret meetup in my bed tonight?
  11. I’m about to jump in the shower, too bad you’re not here to catch me.

BONUS: Download Our Sexy Text Messages Caught in Action ➞

BONUS: Download Our Sexy Text Messages in Action ➞

Sexy Texts                

  1. I’m not sure if my new panties fit, can I get your opinion please? (send pic)
  2. Wanna know what I would do to you if you were here right now?
  3. If you could touch any part of my body, which would it be?
  4. Fill in the blank: If I were a photographer, I would take a picture of your…
  5. Send me a picture of something you’d want me to put my lips on.
  6. I had this crazy dream, you were batman, I was catwoman, you had me on a leash.
  7. I blame you for making me lose control of myself 😈
  8. Should I send a video of what I’m doing right now?
  9. Describe your favorite part of my body in 3 words please.
  10. I’m just over here sucking on a lollipop, so bored…
  11. What do you think of the color of my new bra? (send pic)

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Dirty Text to Make Him Blush

  1. We should both send each other a sexy pic, should I go first?
  2. Do you like ice cream? (send a pic licking an ice cream cone)
  3. Are you opposed to sex in public?
  4. Are you available to take pics of me in my new lingerie?
  5. How about we put that slithery tongue of yours to good use sometime?
  6. I think we should work out together, in my bed.
  7. If only you knew what I’m thinking right now…
  8. Thinking of your body while at work is quite distracting.
  9. I keep having the same dirty dream about you, I love the ending 😉
  10. Stop looking so sexy, you’re turning me on.
  11. What’s your favorite part of my body?
  12. I know just the trick to keep your hands warm 😉

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Horny Text Messages 

  1. Your lips need a good workout and I have the perfect exercise 😉
  2. Sometimes, I put my hands on my body and pretend they’re yours.
  3. I get so turned on when you take charge…
  4. Do you think I deserve a spanking?
  5. I’ve got a confession to make, I’m not wearing panties.
  6. My bed is missing something…you.
  7. If I make too much noise in bed we can use a ball gag.
  8. Fun fact: I’ve totally tamed my gag reflex.
  9. My favorite outfit is my birthday suit.
  10. Tell me some of your secret fantasies. Don’t mind me taking notes.
  11. You looked great in that shirt last night…and out of it too.
  12. Just got out of the shower, didn’t realize I could get so dirty while getting clean 😉

BONUS: Download Our Sexy Text Messages Caught in Action ➞

BONUS: Download Our Sexy Text Messages in Action ➞

Sexy Messages         

  1. Is it normal that I get a tingler every time I think of you?
  2. I can read your mind, stop having dirty thoughts about me.
  3. My back is killing me, I heard orgasms are great for pain relief 😉
  4. I love sitting on your lap, amongst other things.
  5. I wouldn’t mind a long, hard surprise later.
  6. I slept so well last night, we should do that more often.
  7. I need sleep, food, and sex, minus the first two.
  8. You’re like a wild animal in bed, I absolutely love it!
  9. You scream for ice cream, I scream for your scream.
  10. Would you like to know the most sensitive part of my body?
  11. I wish you could feel how I feel during sex.
  12. Can I get your honest opinion on my lap dancing skills?

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Naughty Text Messages

  1. I was up all night thinking about you.
  2. My bed isn’t the only thing that needs to be filled 😉
  3. When I think of you I want to take my clothes off.
  4. It’s laundry day, I’m not wearing any underwear.
  5. I’ve been thinking about your tongue all day.
  6. What is your favorite color panties?
  7. I can’t stop thinking about your thighs, I mean your eyes.
  8. What is the underwear attire for our date?
  9. Heard you’ve been thinking about me all day.
  10. True or False – you’ve had impure thoughts about me.
  11. Hi, I’m the genie of the bedroom, ready for your three wishes?

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Sex Messages

  1. Making out burns calories, wanna help me get in shape.
  2. My tongue is going on a car ride, your body is the road.
  3. Do you think I have an oral fixation just because I like sucking on things?
  4. Are you more turned on by me in a skirt or tight jeans?
  5. Simon says touch your toes and turn around 😉
  6. Do you taste as good as you look?
  7. Want to play a game of truth or dare, with no truth 😉
  8. You make the sexiest sounds… in bed.
  9. My toys are getting jealous of you 😉
  10. I’m taking control now, please keep your hands in the vehicle at all times.
  11. You’ve been dirty today, report to my shower 😉

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Sexual Texts

  1. On a scale of 1 to America, how free are you in bed?
  2. Do you like thinking about me pleasing myself?
  3. Have you had a threesome?
  4. Are there any positions you’ve never tried?
  5. Can’t stop thinking about what you did to me last night.
  6. Want to go skinny dipping in my shower?
  7. You make me feel so dirty, I love it 😉
  8. Your bed or mine?
  9. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours 😉
  10. What’s your favorite memory of us… in bed?

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When choosing sexy text messages or a dirty text, consider who you’re sending it to. Dirty texting with the right person can be super stimulating and fun.

Steal our sex text messages word for word, they are guaranteed to work. Enjoy!

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