101 Sexy Text Messages That Will Make Him Crave You

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Sending racy letters to lovers is a practice that’s been around for literal centuries. It’s a time-honored tradition and it’s the perfect way to bridge the distance between you whenever you’re apart from your SO.

The format has changed to texts and DMs in recent years, but the intent is still the same: to make our partners desperately crave us. Being able to send a saucy text message when you’re in the mood is an excellent skill in modern-day romance.

It’s okay if you’re not sure how to begin. We’ve written 101 sexy text messages to help you get started…

Sexy Text Messages that Will Make Him Crave You

It’s important to understand that sexy isn’t consistent across the board. There are different approaches to being sexy, so we’ve broken our list up into categories.

Each category is designed to help you turn him on in different situations or when you have different intents. We have the following:

  • Texts made to convince him to come over ASAP
  • Sexy messages that are perfect for long-distance couples
  • Things you can say when you want to tease him slightly
  • Texts for when you want to impress him with your sense of humor (and turn him on)
  • Messages to send him when you want to catch his attention and initiate sexting
  • Texts you can send when you want to cut out the games and get right to the good stuff

Even with all the templates we have here, texting can he hard. If you need more help, try taking a look at Amy North’s Text Chemistry class. It’s a program written to teach women in all walks of life exactly what to say to get into a man’s head…and all through text messages.

Texts to make him rush over right now…

  • “You know what the best part of being home alone is? Getting to walk around naked.”
  • “I am cordially inviting you to join me in my shower tonight.”
  • “I’ve been a really naughty girl today…I think I need to be punished.”
  • “I really wish I weren’t alone in my bed right now…”
  • “I’m thinking about buying a new mattress. Wanna help me break it in?”
  • “I’ve got so much tension all over…I think I need you to give me a full-body massage.”
  • “You’re welcome to come over, but I have one rule: you have to touch me.”
  • “I’ve heard that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Want to share some with me?”
  • “I can guarantee that wherever you are, you are wearing way too much clothing right now. If you come over, I can take care of that for you.”
  • “Let’s skip work tomorrow and spend the whole day in bed together.”
  • “Wanna have a sleepover soon? Clothing is optional.”
  • “I want you so bad right now.”
  • “I’ve got some ideas for an amazing dessert tonight if you don’t have anything planned…”
  • “I’ve got a huge appetite tonight…I wonder if you can even keep up with me.”
  • “How about we stop the texting and do what we’re discussing in person?”
  • “I’m considering doing yoga. Will you watch me and tell me what you think about my form?”
  • “Uh-oh…looks like I accidentally spilled some whipped cream on my chest. I think I need some help cleaning it off.”
  • “How about we get together and act out our wildest fantasies?”
  • “If you come see me tonight, I’ll give you 69 reasons to spend the night with me.”
  • “Let’s have some fun tonight. When you come over, I’m only allowed to wear ONE thing and nothing else. What should it be?”
  • “I’d really like an encore of last night’s performance. Do you feel up to the challenge?”
  • “Wanna meet up in my bed tonight?”

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Messages for turning him on long-distance…

  • “I’m about to jump in the shower…just giving you something fun to imagine.”
  • “I feel so sexy in my new underwear. Let me know what you think. *send him a picture*”
  • “Want to know what I would be doing to you if you were lying next to me right now?”
  • “If I were a photographer, what would you want me to take pictures of? ;)”
  • “Send me a picture of something you’d want me to put my lips on if I were with you.”
  • “I had this crazy dream about you last night. Why don’t you give me a call and I’ll tell you all about it?”
  • “You have a unique talent for making me lose control of myself…”
  • “Want me to send you a video of what I’m doing right now?”
  • “If you could touch any part of me right now, what would you want to touch?”
  • “Tell me a picture of anything you want to see, and I’ll send it to you. ;)”
  • “I’m just over here pretending this lollipop I have right now is you…”
  • “What do you think of my new bra? *send him a picture*”
  • “Show me something sexy and I promise to return the favor.”
  • Send him a picture of you licking something long and hard. (For example, a banana.)

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What to send him when you want to tease him a little…

  • “I’d buy some new lingerie for you to see, but I’m not sure how long it would stay on me.”
  • “How about we put that silver tongue of yours to good use sometime?”
  • “I think we should work out together…and I don’t mean going to the gym.”
  • “If only you knew what I’m thinking about right now…you’d be blushing.”
  • “I wish I could stop having all these fantasies about you while I’m trying to work…”
  • “Did you cast a spell on me or something? I keep having these dirty dreams about you…”
  • “How do you know how to turn me on so well?”
  • “What’s your favorite part of my body?”
  • “Are your fingers cold? I know how you can keep them warm.”
  • “I think your lips need a good workout and I know just way to do it…”
  • “Sometimes, I put my hands on my body and pretend they’re yours.”
  • “I get so turned on when you take charge…”
  • “Is it okay that I get a bit turned on when I see your name on my screen?”
  • “Do you think I deserve a spanking?”
  • “I’ve got a confession to make: just thinking about you gets me hot.”
  • “My bed is missing something…I think it’s you.”

Sexy texts with a twist of humor….

  • “Fun fact: I’ve totally tamed my gag reflex.”
  • “My favorite outfit is my birthday suit.”
  • “Tell me some of your secret fantasies. Don’t mind me taking notes.”
  • “I keep thinking about how great you looked in that shirt last night…and out of it, too, actually.”
  • “I just had a fantastic shower. Who knew you could get so dirty while getting clean at the same time?”
  • “Is it normal that I get so thirsty every time I see a picture of you?”
  • “What do I have in common with hot chocolate? I’m hot, wet, and sweet.”
  • “Hm…do I sense someone having dirty thoughts about me?”
  • “I’ve heard orgasms are excellent for pain relief and relaxation. On a totally related note…I know how to help you relieve some of that tension. ;)”
  • “I love sitting on your lap…and maybe sitting on some other things, too.”
  • “I wouldn’t mind a long, hard surprise later. Have any ideas?”
  • “It must be illegal somewhere to be as sexy as you…”

Texts for when you want to snag his attention…

  • “I was up all night thinking about you…”
  • “There’s a whole side of my bed that needs to be filled by you…and something else that needs to be filled by you, too.”
  • “When I think of you, I get so hot that I want to take my clothes off.”
  • “Guess what? It’s laundry day, so I’m not wearing any underwear.”
  • “Where did you learn to use your tongue like that? I’ve been thinking about it all day…”
  • “What’s your favorite color? I’m shopping for new underwear and want to get something you’ll love looking at before you take it off.”
  • “Whenever I look into your eyes, I feel myself get hot…”
  • “What am I supposed to do if I can’t stop thinking about you?”
  • “Anything specific you want me to wear for our date tonight?”
  • “Have you been thinking about me today?”
  • “Do you have any secret fetishes you haven’t told anyone?”
  • “I’m giving you three bedroom wishes…what would you like to wish for?”
  • “What’s your favorite memory of us in bed?”
  • “If making out burns calories…imagine how many calories sleeping together will burn.”
  • “Imagine all the places on your body that my lips could go.”

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When you want to get straight to the point…

  • “I have this new flavored chapstick…want to taste it?”
  • “Let’s play a game of Simon Says…tell me what you want me to do.”
  • “I promise I taste as good as I look. Do you?”
  • “What would you think if I told you I’m naked literally right now?”
  • “Want to play a dirty game of truth or dare?”
  • “What’s one thing I could do to you right now that would drive you crazy with desire?”
  • “You make the sexiest sounds when you’re in bed with me.”
  • “The way you use your lips makes me go weak in the knees.”
  • “Have you ever fooled around with someone outside? If not…want to try it?”
  • “My toys just are not a good replacement for the real thing…”
  • “I’m taking control now. I’ll tell you what to do, and you tell me how it makes you feel.”
  • “Sounds like you’ve been a little dirty today. I think I might need to punish you.”
  • “I love knowing how much I turn you on.”
  • “Pleasing myself while thinking of you is quickly becoming one of my new favorite pastimes.”
  • “Do you like thinking about me pleasing myself?”
  • “Would you ever want to be in a threesome?”
  • “Are there any positions you’ve been dying to try out?”
  • “I keep reliving what you did to me last night over and over in my head.”
  • “Want to go skinny dipping with me sometime soon?”
  • “Sorry for the filthy words I was screaming last night with you…it’s hard to keep a clean mouth when you’re making me feel so dirty.”
  • “Your bed or mine later – I don’t care, as long as there are no clothes involved.”
  • “Let’s trade nudes.”

Tips for Sexting Guys

Build the suspense.

One of the best parts about sex is the buildup.

One of the best parts about sex is the buildup. There’s a reason why women like foreplay so much – it helps us get in the right mindset and prepares our bodies.

But there’s another benefit to this, too: it drives all involved parties wild with desire. Think about it: you get more and more excited for the conclusion when a good movie builds suspense in the plot. The same thing happens in your bedroom.

So don’t blow everything right away by jumping to the end. Take your time. Tease him. Don’t always answer him within seconds.

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We can guarantee he’ll be absolutely begging for you in no time with this strategy.

Get descriptive.

You don’t necessarily have to be a novelist to sext, but you do need to know how to get descriptive. Describing the scene you’re setting for him in intense detail will help him truly feel like he’s a part of your pleasure, heightening his own. It’s especially important if you’re in a long-distance relationship because you won’t be able to make up for lackluster sexting with the real thing as often.

Not sure how to describe things? All you need to do is think about telling him the basics.

Tell him what you’re feeling, what you look like, what you’re imagining, and what you’re doing…by filling in all these basic details, you’ll find that you have a surprisingly elaborate scene put together.

If you’re comfortable with it, send pictures and videos.

Just like a book, you have the option of adding illustrations to your story while you sext. As long as you feel completely comfortable with it, feel free to illustrate your descriptions with accompanying pictures and videos.

Are you about to hop in the shower? Prove it to him and send him a picture of you stripping in your bathroom.

Did you just tell him that you’re using a toy? Consider sending him a video…then ask for one in return.

This will get both of you involved in the pleasure. Again, it’s even more important when you’re in a long-distance relationship – pictures and videos will help make up for what you’re unable to do in person.

Keep in mind that you do not ever need to feel pressured to do this. If your relationship is still young and you don’t feel comfortable with sending him pictures and videos yet, don’t worry. You can help make up for the lack of them with extremely descriptive texts.

Don’t be afraid to take the lead.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: a lot of men love when women take the lead in romance and in the bedroom. A woman who knows exactly what she wants is just irresistible.

It’s okay if you like when your guy takes control. The right guy will do that for you.

Every once in a while, though, feel free to turn up the heat and take control yourself. Be the bold one who starts sexting him first in the evening. Surprise him with a thoughtfully sexy pic. Tell him exactly what you want him to do to you.

His and your satisfaction will be pretty much guaranteed…and he’ll appreciate you showing him precisely what you need.

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Read the room.

There’s a time and a place for everything, including sex. Even if they’re often physically motivated, there aren’t really many men out there who would want you to start sexting him at literally any time.

This is why it’s crucial that you know how to read his mood a little. If you’re just getting to know him, this doesn’t mean you need to be a mind reader – just exercise some common sense.

For example, you probably don’t want to sext him while he’s in the middle of a meeting or with his family. (At least, not until you’ve gotten to know him and his boundaries a bit better.) Likewise, you may want to use another method to cheer him up when he’s had an especially bad day or has experienced some kind of emergency in his life.

As time goes on, you’ll develop a sort of sixth sense for when the best times to tantalize him are.

Make note of what he likes.

Even if he’s shy, he’ll give you hints about things he’s into.

Most guys won’t hide what they want from you, and if they do, there’s something else going on that you need to dig into. Even if he’s shy, he’ll give you hints about things he’s into.

Look out for those hints. Pay attention to the things that turn him on most quickly. You might notice, for example, that he simply can’t keep his hands off you when you dress a certain way…or he might bring up something you do to him bed often.

These are his sexual weaknesses. Memorize them for a super effective sexting strategy.

Having a hard time figuring out what he wants? There’s a simple solution: ask him. We know it can seem a little awkward, but any mature guy will be open with you about what his fantasies are.

Plus, it can be a surprisingly fun discussion. Trust us. You may even see his eyes light up when you ask him what his secret fetishes and bedroom wishes are.

The Trick to Making Him Desire You More Than Anything

Brushing up on your sexting skills will be one of the best things you can do for your relationship. If you become a strong sexter, he will go crazy for you.

But we understand that learning to text well can be difficult. It takes some degree of writing skills, and not everyone has them developed. You can get some more tips from our article on how to text a guy, but you may still find yourself needing more advice.

In that case, we’d like to point you to some additional experts. Take a look at the Text Chemistry program to learn more about what men need to hear. When you develop a greater understanding of the way men think, you’ll know what to text them.