10 Things to Text a Guy to Make Him Blush (That Work Every Time)

Have you ever seen a guy blush before?

It’s probably one of the cutest things in the world. Something about him smiling and trying to hide his red face just melts our heart.

And before you ask – yes, guys do blush, too.

They might not always be quick to admit it, but it does happen. Even better, you can make it happen with something as simple as a text message.

Follow These Guidelines

First, let’s lay down some texting guidelines.

In the beginning stages of romance, what you don’t do is just as important as what you do. For that reason, it’s important to decide what texting techniques to avoid.

These are our suggestions:

Don’t blow up his phone.

Have you ever gotten several texts in a row from a seemingly normal guy ranging from things like, “Are you still there???” to “Where did you go?”

Or maybe he kept the conversation going with himself for a bit before he started to ask what was going on.

The point is, it’s annoying (if not creepy) when he does it. It’s the same thing when you do it.

Try to stick to texting him one thing at a time. You might be able to get away with sending him a second text in a row if you need to clarify something, but one is best.

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Stop yourself from texting back right away.

When you see his name pop up on your screen, you’re going to want to text him back ASAP. You might have this fear that if you’re not constantly talking to him, he’ll quickly become bored and lose interest.

But it’s actually kind of the opposite. When you’re not always instantly available, he’ll be left wondering what you’re up to.

And because he doesn’t have your attention right away, he’ll realize he has to work harder to get it. When he finally does get it, he’ll appreciate your time that much more.

So when you see a message from him pop up on your phone, feel free to read it, but take a little time before you draft an answer. Let him miss you for a bit first.

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Keep your tone upbeat.

"He won't find you attractive if all you do is bring his mood down."

No one likes talking to someone who comes to them with depressing or negative thoughts. If they’re constantly dragging you down, you’ll start to ignore them.

This same concept applies to the guy you’re crushing on. He won’t find you attractive if all you do is bring his mood down with you.

For that reason, try to keep the tone in your texts upbeat, even when you’re having a bad day. Further down the road, once you’re in an established relationship, you’ll be able to be more open with him about when you’re upset.

But for the time being, stay positive. He’ll be drawn to your light.

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Things to Text a Guy to Make Him Blush

Use some pet names to spice up basic messages.

This doesn’t mean calling him anything embarrassing. Avoid the sorts of things your grandparents would call you, for example, and stick to pet names that are more flirtatious and mature.

Calling him “honey” or “sweetie” is boring. These are things he might get called by his family or even a bartender or waitress.

But using pet names like “handsome,” “sexy,” or “babe” to punctuate your texts serves as a signal of your interest in him. It’ll work even better on guys who are reserved or shy.

He won’t be able to resist turning red and smiling to himself when he reads them.

Examples: “Hey, handsome. How’s it going?” or “Good morning, sexy. I hope you slept well.”

What makes you drawn to him? Compliment him on it!

"You can easily make it cute, sweet, or deliciously sexy - it all depends on what you're complimenting."

Do you get lost in his eyes? Does he have a roguish smile that always turns you on?

Then tell him all about it! Throw in some description about what you like about it or how it affects you to really get him turning red.

The best thing about this method is that it’s so versatile. You can easily make it cute, sweet, or deliciously sexy – it all depends on what you’re complimenting.

Talking about his eyes, for instance, can be tame. But talking about his hands and how they feel when they touch you is something that dips into sexy without being graphic.

Examples: “Your smile makes my heart flutter.” Or “The way you run your hands through your hair always gets me hot.”

Texting is a massive part about all aspects of our social lives now. There’s no getting around it.

So to really drawn him to you, too, you’ll need to master your texting technique. When we’re looking for guidance, we personally go with the Text Chemistry Course, created by romance specialist Amy North.

Her programs have helped women all over the world get the relationship of their dreams. We’re confident she could help you, too.

Take a selfie for him.

This is another ultra-flexible option. What you’re wearing, what face you’re making, and what pose you’re using all allow you to cultivate pretty much any mood with just one picture.

A full-body picture of you looking over your shoulder accentuates your butt for a hint of sexiness, while a shot of your smiling face is adorable.

Any of the moods you could come up with could make him blush. No matter which mood you’re going for, we recommend looking right into the camera – not into the mirror or off to the side.

That way, he’ll know you took it just for him and he’ll feel like he’s making eye contact with you.

Ask him for a picture.

Guys aren’t the only ones who like getting pictures. If you’re into him, chances are, you like something about the way he looks.

There’s nothing shallow about it. Even if he wasn’t exactly your type at first, you’ve probably grown to love things about his appearance over time.

So ask him for pictures of your own to admire. When you’re feeling particularly naughty, you could even make requests for the specific things you want to see…at the very least, he’ll want to blush knowing how much you like looking at him.

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Get a little naughty with it.

"Shy and outgoing guys alike are bound to get a little red in the face when a gorgeous woman such as yourself is bold with him about her desires."

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Shy and outgoing guys alike are bound to get a little red in the face when a gorgeous woman such as yourself is bold with him about her desires.

If you’ve already slept with him, send him a text telling him how something he did drove you wild. Otherwise, tell him you’ve been daydreaming about him or can’t sleep at night because of how badly you want him.

Make it even hotter by texting him something like this while you know he’s working. Knowing that you find him so sexy, you can’t stop thinking about it during the day will get his heart pumping.

We promise you his cheeks will be practically glowing.

Examples: “I can’t stop thinking about the other night. The sounds you make are so sexy, I can’t stop playing them in my head.” Or “I couldn’t sleep at all last night. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I’d be doing if you were in my bed with me.”

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Give him a sugar rush with your sweetness.

You’ve probably blushed when a guy has sent you something romantic in the past. The same thing can happen to him.

A little-known secret about men is that many of them actually like being swept off their feet, too. Send him some of those sickeningly sweet messages you’ve dreamed about getting before.

If he’s not outright blushing from it, he will at the very least be grinning at his phone.

You do need to be cautious with this approach, however. Read between the lines here.

You don’t want to send him overly romantic texts if you’ve just started talking or you haven’t even been on a date yet. Use them sparingly, and use them when you know your feelings are mutual.

Examples: “I keep picturing your gorgeous smile.” Or “You always make my heart race.”

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Secure His Heart for Yourself

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Making a man blush through text alone is a pretty good sign that you’re on the way to capturing his heart.

But until he actually tells you he loves you, the battle isn’t won just yet. One of your best weapons in this battle is your texting capability.

We communicate so much through text nowadays. If you’re a boring texter, a clinger texter, or a desperate texter, you risk killing the relationship before it has a chance to even begin.

Don’t let this happen to you, because you deserve better than that. If you need more help beefing up your texting game, we’d strongly suggest turning to experts like Amy North.

Her Text Chemistry course has been a huge help for women all over the world.  It’s built around psychologically proven techniques that will have any man falling helplessly in love with you.

Check out her program here for more information.

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