14 Ways to Get Him in the Mood – Guaranteed!

Are you struggling with how to get him in the mood? Whether you’re looking to spice up your intimate relationships or reignite the passion of romance, these proven methods will help you create the perfect atmosphere to spark his desire.

Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a more satisfying connection with your partner. Discover these 14 effective techniques and unlock the secrets on how to effortlessly get your boyfriend in the mood.

How to Get Him in the Mood

1. Pamper Him

Pampering your man creates a sense of love and care, making him feel desired and appreciated. Acts of affection, such as massages, preparing his favorite meal, or surprising him with small gestures, will create a sensual vibe encouraging him to relax and enjoy the moment.

Pampering is about making him feel important, which can definitely get him in the mood.

2. Wear Something Sexy

Wearing something sexy is a form of self-expression and a way to communicate your romantic intentions. Your choice of attire can be a powerful tool when trying to ignite a spark. The visual impact of something sexy can captivate your guy’s attention and stimulate his imagination.

Dressing sexy isn’t just about appearance, it’s about confidence. When you feel attractive, it sends a signal to your partner that you’re comfortable exploring your sensuality.

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3. Text Naughty Things

Texting naughty things, sending a dirty picture, or making an X-rated video can be a playful and effective way to set the mood and add some excitement to your relationship.

Texting naughty things serves as a form of seduction in the digital age, building up the anticipation for when you’re together. Texting naughty things is a great way to get his imagination going and spike his attraction.

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4. Create a Romantic Atmosphere

Dim the lights, play soft music, light scented candles, set up a cozy space you can chill in, and surprise him with his favorite drink or snack. Set the tone.

Putting in the effort will help get him in the mood.

5. Put On Porn

This is definitely not subtle. Put on porn either close to him or loud enough that he hears. This is a very direct way to turn him on. You are being very clear about what you want.

If appropriate, you may want to touch yourself or bring out a toy.

6. Walk Around Naked

Men are visual creatures. If you walk around naked , he will get turned on. Act as if nothing is unusual. He won’t be able to keep his eyes off of you. This is a great way to spice things up and get him in the mood.

7. Seduce Him

Be spontaneous! Give him a lap dance, a strip tease, or perhaps push him on the bed. Slowly kiss his neck and gently touch his body. Put his hands on your body. Wear his favorite fragrance.

Do things to him that you know he likes. This should get him in the mood, especially due to the unexpectedness.

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8. Sext With Him

Sending naughty texts opens up communication about what turns you both on, and your intimate preferences. Discuss the things you would like to do to him and things you would like him to do to you.

Sexting is fun and exciting, and will get him in the mood.

9. Don’t Wear Panties

Do not wear underwear and let him know about it. Tell him you are wet and that you feel extremely sensitive and sexy.

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10. Role Play

Role playing is a great way to spice up your sex life and get your man in the mood. Wear a sexy nurse outfit, a school-girl uniform, a maid’s outfit, or any type of fantasy costume.

Tell him you have been bad and need some discipline, or that he will be giving or getting a full examination. Step into character and be very sexual and seductive. Have fun with this, and he will too.

11. Flirt With Him

Flirting is the best way to get someone in the mood. Playfully tease him in a fun and seductive way. By doing this you are signaling that you are in a frisky and romantic mood, which sets the stage for an intimate connection.

This makes a guy feel wanted and can turn his arousal level from zero to sixty. If he flirts back, prepare for action!

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12. Talk About Erotic Fantasies

Most guys have deep erotic fantasies, which they never share with their partners. Guys think women do not share the same desires, so they don’t speak about them.

When you talk about your fantasies, you will surprise, excite, and arouse your man. He will get super turned on and in the mood to try some new things out.

13. Talk About Past Experiences Together

Discussing past experiences is a great way to get him in the mood. Reminiscing about times when the sex was really good will evoke feelings of pleasure and desire.

Focus on specific details about how amazing you felt, and how hot it got. This will cause him to think back to those moments and get turned on.

14. Tell Him About a Dream You Had

Here you will combine curiosity with eroticism. You are going to tell him about a fantasy that you know he will like. It doesn’t matter if you had the dream, if it is an old dream, or you never had the dream at all. Tell it as a dream, this will soften what you say.

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How to Get Your Man in the Mood

The best way to get your man in the mood is to pamper him, wear something sexy, text naughty things, create a romantic atmosphere, flirt with him, give him a massage, seduce him, role play, talk about erotic fantasies, or tell him about a dirty dream you had.

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To get him in the mood create a romantic atmosphere, wear something sexy, seduce him, and step out of your comfort zone. Consider his fantasies and be open to try out new things.

Surprise your guy with the unexpected, and spike his arousal level often. Refer to all the ways above to get your guy in the mood.

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