When a Guy Calls You By Your First Name: 9 Meanings

Does it confuse you when a guy calls you by your first name? Is he flirting? Did you do something wrong? Or are you just overthinking it?

Here you will learn all possible meanings when a guy uses your name, first or last.

When a Guy Calls You By Your First Name

A guy calls you by your first name when he is being endearing, when he is upset with you, when he is showing respect, when he needs to tell you something important, when he’s interested in you, when he wants to get your attention, when he is feeling very comfortable, or because he likes your name. 

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You by Your Name

1. He’s Being Endearing

He is using your name to make you feel special, to show affection, and to flirt a little bit.

2. He’s Upset With You

It could mean that he’s annoyed or angry about something you did or said. Consider the tone he uses, it should be clear when he is upset.

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3. He’s Being Respectful

It indicates that he values you as an individual and thinks highly of you. Addressing you by your name is a show of respect.

When a guy calls you by your first name

4. He Needs to Tell You Something Important

He is saying your name to show that he is being serious and wants you to listen up. What he is about to say he wants to make sure you hear.

5. He’s Interested in You

He’s trying to establish a deeper connection with you. He is going the extra mile and using your name, which means he is putting in effort to show you he likes you.

6. He Wants Your Attention

He wants to make sure that you hear what he is saying, so to get your attention, he calls you by your name.

7. He Likes Your Name

If a guy calls you by your name, it could mean that he likes your name. Some people find certain names attractive and enjoy saying them.

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8. He Is Showing Familiarity

Perhaps he feels a closeness with you, and feels very secure spending time with you. Saying someone’s name shows this level of comfort.

When a guy calls you by your first name 1

9. He Is Trying to Remember It

The best way to learn and remember someone’s name is to use it. He might be exercising his brain and using your name often to make sure he knows it.

Frequently Asked Questions

If a Guy Calls You by Your Name a Lot Does He Like You?

If a guy calls you by your name a lot it means he likes you, and is definitely interested in deepening your relationship. Our name is the sweetest thing we can hear someone say, and by saying it, he is reinforcing how important you are to him.

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What does it Mean When a Guy Calls You by Your Last Name?

When a guy calls you by your last name it might mean there are other people with the same first name, possibly he sees you only as a friend, maybe he is being formal, perhaps he is trying to be funny, or he is just trying to remain appropriate.

When a guy calls you by your first name 3


When a guy calls you by your name, it is generally very positive and means he likes you. If he is upset with you and uses your name, it still shows your importance.

Make sure to check out all the meanings above to find out the right reason for your situation.

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