When a Guy Calls You By Your First Name (or Last Name): 12 Meanings

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When a guy calls you by your first or last name, it’s more than likely that he’s very much infatuated with you.

But, this is far from always the case. That’s why it’s important to understand the other possible meanings behind him calling you by your first or last names.

Read on below and explore these 12 reasons why guys call you by your first or last name, as well as pointers on different ways to respond to it!

When a Guy Calls You By Your First Name

In a regular conversation, when someone uses your first name, it’s often because they want you to pay attention to what they’re about to say.

However, with typical guys, there’s often far more to it than wanting you to hear what they’re saying.

Here are 6 of the most common meanings for a guy calling you by your first name:

1. He is Infatuated With You

colleagues in the office staring at each otherIf a guy likes you to the point of being infatuated, it’s highly likely that he’ll start calling you by your first name at some point.

One of the primary reasons behind this sort of behavior change is that he wants you to know that he sees you for who you are.

There will be plenty of other signs as well (flushed cheeks when you make eye contact, constantly checking up on you and making sure you’re ok, and more).

2. He is Upset With You

When a guy is your friend but is genuinely upset with you, he’s likely to use your first name when addressing you rather than the normal nicknames he has for you.

The reason is that he wants you to understand that he is upset with you, but doesn’t want to make it into a big huge deal.

That said, your dad, brother, or co-worker may also call you by your first name when they are upset with you. It’s not just guys that like you romantically that use your first name when they’re upset.

3. He Wants You to Notice

If he wants you to notice him, he may try to use your first name while talking and see what happens.

He may even try to use your full name a few times. At any rate, using your first name isn’t likely the only sign said person will display if they’re really after your attention.

beautiful woman in the office listens with a smileBut, addressing you in such a manner is definitely a clear indicator that he has some feelings for you and wants to be noticed. Perhaps he has dating you on his mind, or maybe he just thinks you’re hot or funny and wants to be friends.

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4. He Doesn’t Like Pet Names

Guys that don’t care for pet names may go straight to calling you by your first name from day one. That said, the more familiar with you that they get, the more likely they are to drop the formality and pick up a nickname for you.

But, you can bet said nickname won’t be a common pet name like “sweetie” “honey” or “love.”

His nickname for you will be much more personal, more than likely based on something that occurs or is otherwise shared between the two of you.

5. He’s Wondering If You’re Interested

a couple in the park having a conversationSometimes guys call girls by their first name in an attempt to let them know they’re attracted to them. What they really want is to see what happens next after he starts calling her by her name.

How will she react to being called her formal name? Will she see it as a sign of respect, or will she feel it’s a bit awkward for him to address he in such a way?

6. He Likes to Hear Your Name (or Reaction)

That’s right ladies, some guys do it simply for the reaction. On the other hand, there are men who just like to hear your name. It doesn’t matter who’s saying it, most times.

Other times, it’s specifically the sound of it coming out of their own mouths that they enjoy.

Further, there are some guys who genuinely love to hear your name as well as see and hear your reaction to it.

woman sitting in the restaurant listens attentivelyThese guys like using middle names too… so don’t be surprised when he finds out what it is (and starts dropping it in there as well).

When a Guy Calls You By Your Last Name

Being called by your last name isn’t all that uncommon at work, school, or in groups of just about any kind. That’s because there is likely to be more than one person with the same first name.

But, when a regular guy calls you by your last name in a personal conversation, it could mean much more.

Here are 6 of the most significant meanings behind guys calling you by your last name:

1. He’s Just Saying it as a Friend

teenagers in the field having a conversationWhen a person is used to playing on sports teams, they are that much more likely to chronically call their friends by their last names, including women.

For most guys, calling a girl by her last name is like telling her she belongs to the team.

From these guys, it isn’t normally a sign that they like the girl beyond being friends just because he used her first name when they talk.

2. He Wants You to Know He Remembers Things

Whether a person has a crush and thinks you’re hot stuff or is simply a co-worker or friend with strictly platonic feelings towards you, he may just want you to know that he remembers things when he calls you by your last name.

3. He’s Not Great With Girls

Some guys are the pure opposite of Rico Suave, meaning, to put it mildly, they’re not too great with girls.

In this case, he may refer to you by your last name because he personally doesn’t know what else to call a woman (or lacks the confidence to address you in a more direct or romantic manner).man lacking confidence feeling shy

4. He’s A Formal Personal

Sometimes people are old-school, and simply prefer referring to other people by their formal names. This sort of guy typically calls all women by their first or last name.

If he’s using your last name, he may have more respect for you. On the other hand, he could be using your last name because he already knows other girls with your first name.

5. He’s Trying to Be Funny

young couple having conversation happy staring at partnerIf a guy starts making eye contact, smiling, and calling you by your last name but lacks the body language of being into you romantically, it’s a pretty good sign he may simply be trying to be funny.

What it does not mean is that the guy likes you secretly and is great at hiding it.

6. He’s Addressing You Within a Group

When you are in a group (at school, work, or even on vacation) and a guy addresses you by your last name; relax, because it’s all good.

He’s most likely just trying to be formal but may refrain from using your full name in from of the group (to protect your privacy or keep you from being singled out).

If he’s actually into you, he’ll show body language signs, or simply tell you he’s interested and ask you to talk.


Why Does My Boyfriend Call Me By My Name?

young couple leaning on fence happy conversationOne of the main reasons your boyfriend may call you by your first name is that he respects you and wants you to know it.

Like many men, he most likely feels that calling you by your actual name is more meaningful than “bae” or “sweet cheeks” or some pet name other guys have called you in the past.

What Does it Mean When a Guy Calls You By Your Nickname?

When guys call you by your nickname, a lot of the time it is because they want to be “close” friends. They don’t want to be your acquaintance, they want to be someone who “knows” you.

Men who call you by your nickname are also more likely to want to share inside jokes and secrets with you as well (more evidence to you, and everyone else, that they are important to you).

What Does it Mean When Your Husband Stats Calling You By Your First Name?

Husbands typically start calling their wives by their first names when things are getting serious. Whether that “serious” situation is good or bad depends on you, your husband, and what’s going on in your life.

He could be using your first name, in a stern manner, as a parent would with a child, or he could be using it in a flirty manner, in an attempt to rekindle sparks.