11 Reasons Why a Guy Calls Me Everyday (Multiple Times a Day)

When he calls me everyday I am not sure how to react. Is this normal? Does he think he’s being romantic? Is he trying to control me? What is he trying to say?

Here you will learn exactly what it means when a guy calls you everyday, multiple times a day, and how to respond.

Why He Calls Me Everyday

1. He Definitely Likes You

The number one reason a guy calls you every day is because he’s interested in you, desires you, and wants to get to know you better. He might want to date you, he might want to get you in bed, or both.

2. He Feels a Connection

He feels a special bond with you and enjoys your daily phone conversations. You are on his mind and probably make him feel very comfortable.

3. He May Be Controlling

Perhaps he is keeping track of your whereabouts. He may be calling to check on what you are doing, who you are with, and where you are.

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4. He Might Just Want to Hook Up

Sometimes, the meaning behind a guy calling you multiple times a day is he just wants to hook up with you. Usually it takes time for a girl to get to know a guy before sleeping with him. This guy is putting in the time, over the phone.

5. He Doesn’t Have Much Else Going On

He doesn’t have much going on, because if he did, he would not have time to call you everyday. He looks forward to talking to you, and probably enjoys hearing about your day and telling you about his day.

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6. He Could Be Obsessed

If he calls you everyday, and you have nothing to talk about, yet he never gets the hint, perhaps he is infatuated with you. He might not be able to see the truth, maybe he has blinders on.

7. He’s Scared to Lose You

He needs you in his life in some way or another, and believes that if you stop talking, he will be easily and quickly replaced. So he keeps calling to keep himself fresh in your mind.

He also feels that if he is persistent, eventually you might develop feelings for him.

8. He’s Too Shy to Meet in Person

Most men are terrified to talk to women, in person. It is much easier for a guy to hide behind his phone. He doesn’t have to put in any effort, and doesn’t run the risk of being rejected. He is in no rush to get together.

9. He Doesn’t Like Texting

Some guys just do not like texting. So instead, he picks up the phone to call. The good news is he likes speaking with you, everyday.

10. You Are Important to Him

You are someone he cares about. He looks forward to hearing your voice everyday. He is making an effort to show you how much you mean to him.

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11. It’s a Habit

If you’re answering his calls and talking to him everyday, perhaps he has gotten used to you and used to hearing your voice. You are comfortable, convenient, and available daily.

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Does He Love Me if He Calls Me Everyday

If he’s calling you everyday, he may love you, or he may not. He definitely likes you and feels a connection, you are clearly important to him. He could be calling to check on you, almost in a protective way, and feels very comfortable talking to you. Consider all aspects of your relationship to determine if he loves you.

Why Does He Keep Calling Me

He keeps calling you because he likes you, you are important to him, he probably feels a connection, he may be controlling, he might want to hook up with you, he could just be lonely, maybe he’s obsessed, he may be scared to lose you, or possibly you have become a habit.

How to Respond When a Guy Calls You Multiple Times a Day

Tell Him You Prefer Texting

It is much easier to text everyday as compared to talking on the phone. It also helps you distance yourself a little bit so he doesn’t get the wrong idea.

Suggest Plans

He is clearly interested in you if he’s calling frequently. If you like him, tell him you’d like to get together sometime. You might as well give him a chance, you never know.

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Talk to Him About It

Communication is extremely important for any relationship. Be honest with him. If you think he’s calling too much, tell him. Reassure the guy that you will not forget about him if you don’t speak every day.

Work His Calls Into Your Daily Routine

Continue talking to him every day, on your terms. Find a convenient time when you can talk while doing something else in your routine. Perhaps while driving to work, or while putting on your makeup.

Tell Him You’re Busy

Tell him you are busy and don’t have the time to talk everyday. Plain and simple. Either he is onboard or not, that is up to him. You are not obligated to talk to him on the phone daily.

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Ignore His Calls

Admittedly, this is not the most glamorous way to respond. Yet, it is a fail safe method if you just cannot deal with him. Don’t answer his calls and don’t text him back. He will eventually get the hint.

More Info: Psychology Today


He calls everyday because he likes you and wants to speak to you, for one reason or another, sometimes multiples times a day.

Don’t make any assumptions before considering all possible reasons listed above. Take into account your relationship with the guy, and whether or not you like him back.

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