What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls You Hun (15 Meanings)

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Trying to interpret what girls say seems harder than practicing higher mathematics.

For example, when you think she’s digging you, but then she goes and calls you hun.

What does it mean when a girl calls you hun? Read on below and discover 15 of the most common meanings!

What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls You Hun?

man and woman talking

There is no black and white answer to what it means when a woman calls you hun. That said, there are plenty of general meanings behind the word hun that you may consider.

A few of the most common behind girls calling guys hun include:

It Means Nothing (She Calls All People Hun)

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Sometimes when a girl calls you hun, it’s just a girl calling a guy hun; it means absolutely nothing. In fact, sometimes it means less than nothing.

It Means “You’re Sweet”

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On the other hand, there are times that a girl calls a guy hun because she thinks he’s cute, and everyone knows “hun” is a good name for a sweet person.

It Means “You’re in the Friendzone”

When you are in the friendzone, you are in the friendzone. You won’t have to wonder, and she’ll probably be addressing you by “hun” around the time you start to realize it.

It Means “Stay a Bit Longer”

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Other times, it’s the opposite of the friendzone that the word hun signifies when she says it to you. Sometimes it means “stay a bit longer” and/or something like “make sweet love to me”.

It’s Her Pet Name For You

Girls often pick the most standard pet names for the guys they like. Maybe it’s to keep the cool names they think of for their future husband, or maybe they simply get stuck on how cute pet names like “hun” sound for a guy.

It’s Her Way of Calling You “Honey”

Like we were saying, some girls like to call their guys by pet names that are straight out of the book; honey, booboo, and yes, hun.

She’s Flirting With You

If she’s calling you hun, either in text or to your sexy mannish face, there’s a high likelihood that she’s flirting with you. If you’re not sure, try some soft probing questions via text, or to her beautiful face in person.

She Looks at You Like a Father Figure

young woman

There is also a great chance that if you’re older than her, even by 6 months, she looks at you like a father figure. That’s right if she’s a ripe and youthful 18, and you’re an elderly and wisened 21, you might as well hang it up and move on, granddad.

She Wants You To Be Her New Baby Daddy

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Speaking of dads, sometimes when a girl calls you hun all the time it’s because she secretly wants you to be her new baby daddy. The good part is, that typically means she wants to make babies with you.

She’s Playing Hot and Cold

Some girls like to play hard to get. That means when she drops the H-bomb on you (hun) she may just be playing hot and cold. What she really wants is to get you riled up.

She’s Honestly Attracted To You

If she’s honestly attracted to you, she’s likely to call you anything from hun and fun to hung or even young, and just about anything else in the book other than some dumb bum.

She Doesn’t Want Another Girl To Notice

friends hanging out

When a girl is flirting with you, and suddenly another girl shows up and she changes her tone, you may go from “sexy” or “cutie” all of a sudden to “hun”. She may even start to ignore you. But, once the rival girl moves along, your girl may be right back up on you.

She Doesn’t Like “Sweetie” or “Baby”

Not all girls like the sweet and adorable cliche nicknames for their guys, like “sweetie” and “baby”. The conundrum is that, more often than not, those same girls go for a single pet name like “hun”.

She Wants To See You Smile

If she knows that her calling you hun will make you smile, she may opt for calling you hun as often as every time she greets you. The more she likes you, the more she’s likely to say it.

She’s Letting You Know Whether She’s Interested or Not

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The bottom line is this; when a woman calls you hun, she is letting you know whether she’s interested in you or not. That said, you must take her body language and other signs into account before attempting to interpret her level of interest.

How To Respond When a Girl Calls You Hun

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When a girl calls you hun, it can mean anything from absolutely nothing to her angling for a way to become your girlfriend.

That means, how you respond matters.

So, if you’re in a relationship, you should let her know upfront at the first mention of “hun” “sugar” or “daddy”.

Even more, if you think she’s good potential wife material, let her know you’re interested.

If she’s really into you too, she’ll keep pressing you to be more than friends.

All in all, you first need to try and understand why she’s calling you hun, and then decide how and if you need to respond at all.


What does It Mean To Call Someone Hun?

woman flirting at a pool table

Calling someone hun doesn’t mean much, generally speaking. However, coupled with a certain type of tone, or other actions, it can indeed mean much more than it appears. Calling someone hun can be the equivalent of asking them to sneak away to your bedroom for marathon sex, and at the same time, it can be used as a replacement for sir, or ma’am.

Is Hun a Compliment?

Hun is more than likely a compliment if it comes from the opposite sex. The word hun can also be a neutral nickname for someone. Further, some married couples (and possibly serial killers) call each other hun every day.

Can I Call My Boyfriend Hun?

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Yes! Calling your boyfriend hun is 100 percent safe and acceptable in most cases. That said, if you are dating a super macho type that drives a diesel pickup truck, that you have to climb a ladder to get into the cab, you may want to give the word “hun” a hard pass (unless you are referring to him as Atilla the hun).