What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You B? (10 Meanings)

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When a guy calls you B, what does it actually mean?

Bro? Beautiful? Buddy? Babygirl? Babe? Babydoll?

All of the above? None of the above?

Read on below and find out the most common meanings for when a guy calls you B!

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You B?

When a guy calls you B, it means multiple things, starting with that he respects you, cares about you, feels a bond with you, and possibly loves you on a deeper level.

Let’s get into the main meanings, below:

1. He Is Into You In More Than a Friendly Way

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When a guy is into you in more than a friendly way, meaning he wants a physical relationship with you, he’s likely to test the waters by calling you some soft nickname like B, before going in for the kill with words like beautiful, darling, or gorgeous.

It’s important to pay attention to the body language and vocabulary that guys use around you, sometimes it’s the guy friends you’d never guess have a crush on you that really do want to be with you as a romantic partner.

If he calls you B, he could be dreaming of a day when you are together romantically.

2. He Cares About You As a Best Friend

A lot of guys use the term B with their best friends that are females. The term doesn’t sound as feminine as other nicknames, and it’s less disrespectful if she’s in a relationship.

That said, if the homie is using B to address you all the time… you may have a case of best-friend-with-a-crush on your hands.

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3. He’s Using B In Place of Babe

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Sometimes a dude just can’t summon the courage to utter the words they really want to say to a girl.

Point and case: a guy wants to call his new girlfriend babe, but only gets B out. Now he calls her B all the time because he’s just rolling with it.

4. He’s Mad and Calling You “Bitch”

There is also the chance that you’ve done something to piss him off, or that he’s simply mad about something in general (that you have nothing to do with) if he’s calling you B for the first time.

In this case, B could more than likely stand for “bitch.”

5. He’s Using B In Place of Baby

Girl touching a guys arm

The term of endearment, B, is often used in place of the nickname “baby.” Whether it’s simply cooler sounding, enabling macho guys to keep their ego intact, or it’s just quicker to say/text than the full word, your guess is as good as ours.

If he’s just started calling you B recently, take the time to ask him what it stands for (so you don’t need to guess!).

6. He Thinks You’re An Amazing Girl

When a guy thinks somebody is awesome, such as an amazing girl they are really into, B seems to be one of the go-to slang term pet names to use on them these days.

The more amazing he thinks you are, the more likely he is to show you additional signs of his interest in you. Pay attention, and be sure to give him a clear message with your own words and body language.

7. He’s Using B In Place of Beautiful

Guy smiling at a girl

If he’s really into you and starts calling you B, he’s trying to let you know he thinks you’re beautiful.

Beautiful is one of the top words that men use to define their loved ones. Today, that word is shortened down to the letter B quite often.

8. He’s Assigned Letters of the Alphabet to All Girls He Wants to Date

There is the slight possibility you’re dealing with a Rainman type. He may have attached numbers and letters so all girls he knows.

If your letter is B, and your number is 2, you’re looking pretty damn good in his book!

9. He’s Using B In Place of Babydoll

Babydoll is another of the most popular terms that B is an abbreviation of. If he’s calling you babydoll sometimes, and B other times, it’s more than likely that he means babydoll when he types or says B as well!

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10. He’s Using B In Place of Babygirl

Babygirl is another term of endearment that guys love to use with their partners. So, if he’s a sweet guy, and into you, and using B with you, it might mean none other than babygirl.

How to Respond When a Guy Calls You B

Now that we’ve discussed the possible meanings behind him calling you B, there are a few methods of response for you to consider.

But, first, you need to know how his words make you feel before you reply to him.

When you’re ready to respond, consider the following methods:

  • Smile and Keep Talking
  • Use an Abbreviation
  • Ask Him What He Means
  • Show Him Some Affection
  • Use Neutral Body Langauge


What Does It Mean When a Guy Says My B?

Guy smiling at the camera

When a guy calls you B, he is telling you that he is affectionate with you. Whether you’re just friends, family, or romantically involved, the term B is used in a similar manner by people who love and care about you.

What is B Short for in Texting?

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B isn’t short for a single word, in texting, or in person, rather it refers to a plethora of possibilities: brother, baby, babe, beautiful, and more. But, the main thing B signifies, isn’t a word, it is a feeling: B is an affectionate term to call those whom you love and care for.

Is B and Bae the Same Thing?

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B and Bae do not represent the same things in any sense (other than that you can call your boyfriend or girlfriend either one). B is a term for someone you care about, and perhaps love. Bae is a term strictly for the one you love and are “with” in a relationship.