When a Guy Wants to Come Over to Your House: 10 Meanings

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There comes a time in every relationship (well, the health ones anyway) when a guy wants to come over to your house. But, what does it actually MEAN, when he’s ready to come over? Read on and find out!

What Does it Mean When a Guy Wants to Come Over to Your House?

Guys want to come over to your house for various reasons. Obviously, sex is one of them, but the other meanings/reasons they want to come over to your place aren’t always so transparent. Below, we discuss the primary things it means.

Here are 10 things it means when a guy wants to come over to your house:

1. He’s Ready to Get Exclusive With You

sweet couple having coffee in houseWhen a guy is ready to get exclusive with you and stop dating anyone else, he’s like to want to come over to your house. Why? He’s ready to get to know the real you, completely. He wants to see what you look like at home, including how you spend your time and how you interact with your family and friends. He may also want to test your bed out.

2. He Wants to Meet Your Family

One of the biggest reasons for a guy wanting to come over to your house is to meet your family. Whether he wants to introduce himself, so that they can pester you about who he is and constantly ask how things are going between the two of you (aka, insert himself into your home life), or he simply wants to get a feel for the sort of family that you come from depends on the guy and your relationship with him.

3. He Wants to Get Out of the Friend Zone

When a guy believes he may be in the friend zone, and he wants to get out of it, don’t be surprised when he starts hinting around or outright invites himself to come over to your house. The logic floating around in his head is that once he gets you alone, somewhere you’re comfortable (like your own home), he can impress you with his love for the same literature/music you have a passion for, or possibly just try to get your panties off.sweet couple serenading her in sofa

4. He Wants to Knock Boots

One of the most straightforward reasons for guys wanting to come over to your house, period, is for knocking boots (aka bumping uglies, getting nasty, doing the birthday suit dance… having sex). It doesn’t take Edward Snowden or Elon Musk to figure out that when a guy wants to come over to your house, there is a huge chance he really wants to come AT your house (inside of you), not just watch a movie.

5. He Wants to Be Part of Your Life

happy couple together prepares to cook in kitchenSometimes guys think the best way to be a part of your life is to constantly be there, including at your home. It may not be every day or even every weekend, but give him an inch and he’ll take a mile before it’s all said and done. One day he’s tagging along for tea and biscuits, the next your buttering breakfast biscuits for your six kids while he’s sitting at the head of the table waiting for his eggs and bacon.

6. He Wants to Get to Know You Better

Some guys just want to get to know you better when they ask if they can come and hang out at your house. Of course, if having sexual intercourse is involved, that’s just a bonus. However, there are plenty of guys, especially at the beginning of a relationship that just honestly wants to get to know who you are and what you’re REALLY all about. The best way to do so, in their minds, is by observing you in your natural habitat.

7. He Wants to Chill With You

friends having barbecue in backyard The term chill and Netflix exist for a reason: some guys want to come over to your place and chill with you. That said, it’s hard telling the difference between a legit guy wanting to chill who wants to get to know you better, and one that wants to weasel his way into your family’s next backyard BBQ via an invitation from your mother.

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8. He Wants to Become Furniture in Your Life

Sometimes guys want to become furniture in your life, which can be good or bad depending on how you feel about them. However, if he’s asking to come over to your house, there is a chance he’s trying to normalize his presence in your life. Beware: once you let him in your home, your bedroom, legs, and inner sanctum may be next on his list!

9. He Wants to Gossip With Your Family and Friends

family having conversation in kitchen table If a guy wants to get to know you better, and possibly win some brownie points (or steal your heart) along the way, positioning himself to be able to gossip with your friends and family is a no-brainer move for him to make. So, when he’s suddenly wanting to come over to your house, especially when he knows some sort of function is going on with friends and family, it should come as no surprise to you.

10. He Has Nothing to Hide

Guys who really like you, and have nothing to hide, may eventually want to come over to your house and see what you’re really all about. Further, if they really have nothing to hide, and are genuine with their feelings for you (they aren’t strictly after sex), you should get to know just as much about them as they get to know about you while you’re hanging out together at your house.

How to Respond When a Guy Wants to Come Over to Your House

When guys want to come over to your place, depending on how you feel about it, there are numerous methods for dealing with here. The five main ways to respond include:

1. Inviting Him Over

woman smiling while standing in the door waiting for her partnerIf you like the idea of him coming over, whether it’s for Netflix and chill, a family dinner, or for having sex, go ahead and invite him over immediately. Let him know you’re looking forward to it as well. Also, ask him to bring something along if you have something on your mind (drink, food, popcorn… condoms).

2. Politely Declining

When a guy wants to come over to your house and you’re just not feeling it, like, at all, politely decline him on the spot. The longer you wait to tell him no, the worse he may feel. Likewise, the worse you may feel, walking around trying to come up with some stupid excuse to let him down. Ladies, the best thing to do in this situation is straight-up tell him no thanks, and that you’re just not into the idea (nicely, and politely).

3. Asking for a Raincheck

If a guy wants to come over to your place, and you are either busy or just not quite sure how you feel about it, you can always ask him for a raincheck. For those of you youngins’ out here that don’t recall the phrase, it means you agree to the proposal but will postpone it until some other dates. In this case, you can agree on the date later on, when you’ve made up your mind for sure.

4. Giving Him a Hard No

asian woman showing no gestureWhen a guy wants to come over to your house, and he is being pushy about it, or you simply just don’t like the idea whatsoever, you need to give him a hard no right then and there. Don’t let him think for even a moment that you’ll buckle and let him come over. If he has even the slightest little idea that you’ll cave, he’ll bug you to death about the idea until you do indeed let him come over just to shut him up.

5. Explaining Why It’s Not a Good Idea

Last but not least, when a guy wants to come over to your house and you don’t have room, time, or aren’t sure about it, you can always just be honest and explain why it’s not a good idea at the moment. Believe it or not, most guys will respect you even more for handling things in such an open and honest manner. For example, your parents don’t like guests to visit the house after certain hours (just let them know!)

Signs a Guy Wants to Come Over to Your Place

There are several clear indicators that he wants to come over to your house. You may have already spotted with your guy:

He Gives You All of His Attention

smiling couple talking with hand gesturesWhen a man makes it clear he wants to be there for you and shares his feelings with you, he probably wants to come over to your house and continue to do so. If he is always there for you and is always attentive, he may be just dying inside for you to invite him over to your house.

He Constantly Asks About Your Plans

Guys that are constantly asking about your plans may be trying to insert themselves into your schedule, including coming over to your home after work, school, or partying. If he’s always asking what you’re doing tonight, he may really want to know if he can come over or not.

He Wants to Be Exclusive With You

male showing a note to his colleagueWhen a man is always asking you about your plans during a conversation, chances are he may want to be exclusive with you. That’s why he keeps wanting to know your plans, so he can schedule himself into/around them. This includes coming over to your house.

He Makes You Feel Special

If a guy makes you feel special all of the time, he probably really cares about you (or at least has a major crush/sexual attraction towards you). In this case, it’s a no-brainer that he wants to cover over to your house. All you need to do is ask him, or wait long enough and he’ll likely pop the question himself.

He Does Anything You Ask Him

When a guy does anything you ask him, and he never lets you down and always shows up when he says he will, he’s definitely wanting to come over to your place. The thing is, he’ll probably never ask. So, pay attention, ladies, and invite him over!

His Friends and Family Accept You

friends having a fun party drinking in houseIf a guy’s friends and family accept you, chances are that he talks about you all the time (and always with high praise). These guys are dying to hang out with you at your house, and they may ask you several times before you realize how badly they want to be alone with you.

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How Long Does it Take a Guy to Know He Wants to Date You?

There is no one size fits all answer to how long it takes a guy to know that he wants to date you because there are far too many variables at play. Recent polls suggest most men take around half a year to make up their minds. However, many guys make a snap decision on the spot when they first meet you, whether they’d date you or not.

What Does it Mean When a Guy Asks to Come Over to Your House?

When a guy asks to come over to your house, he wants one or more of several things; access to your clothes hamper (most likely for your freshly worn panties), to get to know you better, sex, or simply just to chill because they already know you and like/love/enjoy spending time with you.

How Fast Should a Guy Want to Come Over to Your House After Meeting You?

According to the internet gods, the average guy wants to come over to your house within a week or two of meeting you (if the circumstances allow it). At any rate, as soon as they’d like to spend more intimate time with you, without others around, they’ll be asking to come over or inviting you to their own place.