12 Signs of a Needy Man & How to Tell if He’s Desperate

I was hanging out with a guy, and he seemed really sweet, yet something felt off. I quickly realized I was seeing signs of a needy man.

Here you will learn the most common signs of needy behavior and the top red flag signs a guy is desperate.

Signs of a Needy Man

  1. Constantly Texting & Calling
  2. He Compliments Too Much
  3. Gives Ultimatums
  4. Always Tries To Please You
  5. He Wants You To Drop Everything For Him
  6. Constantly Needs Reassurance
  7. He Always Needs To Be With You
  8. Rushes Things
  9. Always Misses You
  10. Can’t Do Anything Without You
  11. Always On Your Social Media
  12. Exhibits Jealousy

1. Constantly Texting & Calling

The most common sign of neediness in a man is when he contacts you too much. He probably over-texts and calls you too often. You will notice your face turn to annoyance when you see him show up on your phone.

2. Compliments Too Much

Compliments are nice to receive, sometimes. When it gets to be too much, and you are feeling a little uncomfortable, it is one of the signs he’s being needy.

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3. He Gives Ultimatums

When a guy gives you an ultimatum, it is very unfair and immature. It’s a big sign of neediness.

  • “If you go out with your friends, I’m not taking you to dinner next week.”
  • “If you don’t want to move in, I’m not going over to your place anymore.”
Signs of a needy man 2

4. Always Tries to Please You

It’s great when a guy does nice things for you. Getting you food, a drink, or a blanket if you are cold, is perfectly fine. Though it gets to a point where it becomes too much. When it seems like every second he is trying to do something for you, and is looking for your approval, you can tell he is needy. 

5. He Wants You to Drop Everything for Him

When a guy wants you to put him ahead of everything and everyone, it is too much. A man in your life needs to understand you have other things going on. If he cannot respect your time and space, and realize that you have other things in your life, he is very needy. It is a turnoff.

6. Constantly Needs Reassurance

Needy guys always want you to validate them. They want to be constantly reassured by you. Needy guys will question your feelings and your commitment to them, all the time. It becomes very draining. It usually stems from his fear of abandonment.

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7. He Always Needs to Be With You

Needy guys generally have a low self-esteem and tend to be clingy. They always want to be around you and spend time together. A clingy boyfriend will always ask what you are doing, to see if you are available, and will come at your beck and call.

It can be smothering and you will need to set boundaries. His attachment style is unhealthy.

8. He Rushes Things

When a guy is needy he will try to progress your relationship along very quickly. He will want to be exclusive with you, he will want to see you every day, and he will constantly want to take your relationship to the next level. Needy guys have no regard for how you feel.

9. Always Misses You

It is nice for your guy to tell you he misses you, sometimes. If he tells you constantly it is annoying and too much. You might get home from plans with your guy, and you will get a text from him telling you he misses you. Maybe every time you speak he tells you he misses you. When it is overwhelming it is a sign he is needy.

10. Can’t Do Anything Without You

Needy guys want you to do everything with them. He may ask you to run errands with him, help him shop, or he might want you to come with him when he meets up with friends. If it seems he cannot do anything without having you there, it is definitely a sign of neediness.

11. Always on Your Social Media

A needy guy will constantly comment on and like your posts. It will feel creepy, like he is stalking you.

12. Exhibits Jealousy

If you make plans with someone else, whether your family or friends, needy guys will be jealous. They want you all to themselves and will be mad and upset if you give any of your time to others.

Signs of a needy man 1

Signs of a Desperate Man

Here are signs of desperation in a man. He will come off as being so in need of a woman.

1. Blows up Your Phone

When a guy texts and calls constantly, to the point that you are creeped out, it is a clear sign of a desperate man.

2. Always at Your Feet

If a guy is always asking you what he can get you, or what he can do for you, to the point that it is way too much, he is definitely desperate. His constant availability shows that he has nothing else going on. It might also seem like he has no regard for your personal space.

3. Won’t Take “No” for an Answer

When a guy tries to make plans and you tell him you are busy, and he will not accept your answer, he is probably desperate. He has nothing else going on in his life, except you, and doesn’t understand that he is too much.

4. Constantly Professes His Love

A desperate guy will tell you over and over how much he loves you. He is probably looking for you to say it back. Desperate guys crave the validation and attention.

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5. Always Trying to Hang Out

When a guy is constantly trying to get together with you, and it seems like he wants to be together 24/7, it is a good sign that he is desperate.

6. Drops Everything for You

A desperate boyfriend will drop whatever he is doing for you. He may have plans with friends, work obligations, or a gym session scheduled. No matter what, if you ask him to hang out, he will always clear his schedule and make himself available for you.

7. Let’s You Walk All Over Him

When a guy is desperate he will put up with anything. No matter how badly you treat him, no matter what you say, he will never get upset or mad. It is like he is a punching bag. This is a major turnoff and can lead to an unhealthy relationship.

Signs of a needy man 3

Signs of a Desperate Man in a Relationship

The signs of a desperate man in a relationship are constant texting and calling, always trying to hang out with you, giving way too many compliments, showing up unannounced, always professing his love for you, constantly in need of reassurance, always trying to please you, and rushing things along too quickly.

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The signs of a needy man and a desperate man can be quite similar, yet they have some distinct differences. A needy man is someone who constantly seeks validation and attention. He may be clingy, and always be looking for reassurance and affirmations from his partner.

A desperate man takes the neediness to another level. He goes to extreme measures to obtain the attention and affection he craves, often resorting to manipulative tactics. He may engage in constant communication, bombard you with gifts and favors, or even stalk you. His desperation stems from a fear of being alone and low self-esteem.

Both a needy man and a desperate man exhibit signs of insecurity and an unhealthy attachment to others. They may struggle with independence and have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships.

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