When a Guy Has a Crush on You, He Always Says These Words (20 Sayings)

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When a guy has a crush on you, he’s likely to think about every word he says to you (and hang onto every word you say to him).

But, what exactly do guys say when they like you?

Read on below and explore the top words guys always say when they have a crush on you!

Words Guys Always Say When They Have a Crush on You

From telling you that you’re pretty, smart, or funny, to telling you that they miss you, or even asking you to run away with them, here are the top 20 sayings guys use often when they like you:

1. You’re Really Pretty

photographer showing ok gesture to model on studioThe number one words to roll off the tongues of guys who have a crush is “you’re really pretty.” In their mind, there is no greater compliment than to tell you that you look good. If you like the guy, you may take these words as a good sign. It means that he pays attention to the way you look and likes it.

Using the word “pretty” doesn’t take as much courage as beautiful or gorgeous, so it’s a great starting point. The main point is that the guy tells you that he’s thinking about you and that he’s into you.

2. You’re Funny

Telling you that “you’re funny” when a guy has a crush on you is a standard move, hence it is number two on our list of words used when a guy has a crush on you. The good thing about this compliment is that the guy giving it typically genuinely means it.

Words like these are some of the most subtle ways dudes have to clue you in on their feelings. Other similar examples include “you’re so pretty” “you’re really smart” “you’re a hottie” and more.

3. I’ve Never Told Anyone This

smiling couple talking in a train station “I’ve never told anyone this,” usually followed by sharing some silly self-conscious thoughts, or possibly a deep dark secret, is also quite popular with guys who have a crush on you. At any rate, be sure to listen closely when he does share his secret with you.

These words usually come after just a few minutes of being alone with you, especially if you’re his main love interest. When a guy tells you something he’s never shared with someone else, it’s a genuine sign he has real feelings for you and he’s willing to give you unique insight into his mind/life.

4. I Don’t Want Anything Bad to Happen to You

When a guy has a big fat crush on you, they drop subtle signs all the time. The more time you spend with one a guy who’s crushing, the closer you are to eventually hear him utter the magic words “I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

Next, they’ll express their undying love and how they’d scale any mountain and navigate any storm-riddled sea to be there for you. Again, don’t be so quick to dismiss it when a guy tells you they don’t want anything to happen to you or that they’ll be there for you forever… because they just might really mean it.

5. Is It Okay?

cheerful couple talking woman sitting in carDudes that commonly ask you “is it okay?” before they do something, or ask you something, more than likely have a serious case of hard crushing on you. It’s a sure sign that he likes you if he’s constantly asking for your approval, or apologizing when he doesn’t.

These sorts of men are also typically interested in all the tiny details of you and your life as well. Don’t be surprised if they can quote a sentence back to you that you said to them 5 months or even 5 years ago!

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6. Come Sit Beside Me!

When a specific guy asks you to “come to sit beside me” more often than the next person, be they a friend, co-worker, or otherwise, it’s a pretty good possibility that they have a crush on you. Guys don’t ask girls to sit beside them if they don’t have a crush (often).

If they break eye contact for a moment when they ask you, it’s a clear sign they are highly anticipating your answer. The way their eyes dart around and their cheeks turn red doesn’t require a relationship expert to figure out they want to be more than friends.

7. How Was Your Day?

serious looking woman listening to her partnerWhen a guy has a crush on you, it’s highly likely that he’ll use the words “how was your day?” more than just a bit. Like… so often you may get sick of him asking.

That said, it’s really sweet if he really cares enough to keep asking AND actually listens to what you have to say. These words could come from your best friend, or somewhere you never expect, so make sure you’re paying attention.

8. I Really Like Your Hair

The words “I really like your hair” are synonymous with “I have a big fat man-crush on you, baby.” It doesn’t get any more macho than complimenting a woman’s hair because you are too manly to tell her that you think she looks good… ’nuff said. It’s also a go-to warm-up compliment for making up after a rough patch.

9. Can I Join You?

young couple riding scooters talking“Can I join you?” Has your guy used these words with you a few times more than once? If so, you may well be dealing with a guy that’s crushing on you. Otherwise, he’d likely not ask permission to join you (whether it’s on a work break, in class, or otherwise).

10. I Think We Really Understand Each Other

“I think we really understand each other is one of the most obvious signs/lines that a guy really wants to say “I’m in love with you but too scared to tell you outright.” That said, from time to time, it is actually true.

For example, perhaps the gentlemen letting you know how deeply connected he feels that you two are, in schools of thought if nothing else, maybe your future husband BECAUSE you do really understand each other.

11. Why Don’t You Date Me?

young student couple talking in park sittingWhen a guy works up the courage to ask you “why don’t you date me?”, there’s a really high possibility that he’s been crushing on you from a distance for quite some time.

However, sometimes it can be a simple pick-up line or joke. So, don’t automatically take these words literally. First, examine the guy they are coming from, his body language, history, and possible intentions. Also, consider whether he said it in a teasing tone or not.

12. I Miss You

“I miss you” is one of the most common words boys use with the girls they have a crush on or are in love with. The fact is, when a guy is genuinely infatuated with a girl, she likely dominates his thoughts and he really does indeed miss her all of the time they are apart.

13. I’m Excited to See You

young student couple standing in park smiling at each otherWhen a boy likes you and tells you “I’m excited to see you” don’t assume that he’s not telling you the truth. Men that are into you really do get excited to see you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in public, or private, the more into you they are, the more grateful and appreciative they are to spend time with you.

14. I’m Always Here For You

“I’m always here for you” is a line that is written directly from a man’s hero instinct. That’s why this line may come from a guy who has a crush just as likely as it can from your grandpa, dad, uncle, co-worker, or a very good friend. Further, you should believe a guy who can look you in the eye, hold your hand, and speak those words to you.

15. You Look Great Today

smiling young couple having conversation coffeeIt’s no surprise that boys like the ways girls look, because of nature and all that jazz. It’s shouldn’t be too shocking to hear a “you look great today” from men who are crushing on you. The truth of the matter is that if they are infatuated with you, they’ll ALWAYS think you look great.

16. You’re Too Good

“You’re too good” for this and “you’re too good” for that, are also quite common words to hear from guys who like you a lot. Further, if it has something to do with another guy who they don’t think is worthy, or a situation that they believe belittles you, they’ll likely sound like a broken record trying to prove their point to you.

17. I Love You

smiling man showing a heart gestureSurprise, surprise, ladies, one of the most used words that guys say when they have a crush on you is none other than “I love you.” Yep, guys will tell you that they love you when they have a crush on you.

Some of them even believe it! On the other hand, don’t simply dismiss these words as a mere crush… the guy saying them could be your future boo/husband in disguise as some guy you barely know yet.

18. Let’s Run Away Together

“Let’s run away together” are also words guys use regularly when they are into you. Some of them mean it when they mention eloping, but mainly it’s just a matter of speech to let you know that you’re an important person to them.

That said, when some men ask you to run away with them, it could be to escape the wrath of your parents, to have a baby, or even to join the cartel and become billionaires.

19. You Have The Most Beautiful Eyes

young woman with beautiful eyes posing on camera“You have the most beautiful eyes” is one of the classier yet most over-used lines that dudes often use when they have a crush. That said, the eyes are the portals to the soul, and do indeed captivate men often.

So, again, you never know when a guy actually means it and isn’t just giving you an empty compliment to get into your pants (so go ahead and take it to heart!).

20. I’ve Never Known Anyone Like You

“Baby,” said the man who is helplessly in love with you, and wants you to know it “I’ve never known anyone like you as long as I’ve lived, and I never want to know anyone else the way I know you.”

Even a certified relationship coach could tell you that these sort of “guy compliments” are a strong sign of someone who has a secret crush on you.

Other Things Guys Say When They Are Crushing Hard

Now that we’ve discussed some of the most common words that guys say to girls they like, let’s have a look at some less-common things they say when they have a crush:

  • I think I’d look great inside you
  • Is there something in your eye?
  • There must be something wrong with my phone…
  • You’re so gorgeous I forgot my pick-up line
  • I’ve been staring at your profile pic for so long that my phone screen is frozen
  • Did you just drop something? You sure did… my jaw
  • You’re the sort of girl mom always told me to bring home


What Do Guys Say When They Like You?

Guys say all sorts of things when they like you, including putting their foot in their mouth. Some of the most common sayings they have for girls they like are: you look really pretty today, I love your hair, you have the most beautiful eyes, come sit beside me, let’s run away together, and I love you.young couple flirting holding her hair

What Does it Mean When a Guy Says They Have a Crush on You?

When a guy goes out of his way to tell you that he has a crush on you, he is likely fishing for information. It’s not just about letting you know his feelings, that he’s interested in you, but also means he wants to know how you feel about him as well. He may also be interested in learning how you feel about other men.

How Do Guys Act When He Has a Crush on You?

Guys who have a crush on you often give you their undivided attention, stand up for you when they feel you’re being threatened, he’ll offer tailor-made advice often, and let you see their inner hero as much possible as often. He’ll also text you often, sharing his true feelings, always look out for your well-being, and perhaps spoil you with thoughtful gifts.