Does Drunk Flirting Show True Intentions? (Truth Revealed)

Drunk flirting reveals a person’s true intentions. When inhibitions are lowered due to alcohol consumption, people become more open to express their genuine feelings.

The unfiltered nature of drunk flirting can provide insights into someone’s true intentions that they might otherwise be hesitant to reveal while sober. Here you will learn why drunk flirting shows your true desires and how to detect drunk flirting.

Why Drunk Flirting Shows True Intentions

Drunk flirting shows your true intentions. We all behave braver and bolder when our inhibitions are lowered while under the influence of alcohol. We act on our true desires, and tend to take more chances because we don’t care as much about the outcome. 

This is why it is not okay to start drunk flirting when in a relationship. You should not have those underlying desires. When drunk flirting, you are still capable of making decisions. You still have a choice about the things you do.

Do not let anyone use alcohol as an excuse. Alcohol is a social lubricant and has been since the beginning of time. When drunk we are aware of what we do, we simply care less about the consequences of our actions.

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Drunk Flirting What Does It Mean?

Here are the telltale signs to look out for when detecting drunk flirting.

1. Loose Lips

When someone is drunk flirting, they will be very forthcoming with vulnerable information. Their inhibitions have been lowered due to alcohol consumption. Expect to hear personal things you normally would not hear.

2. Red in the Face

You can always tell when someone is drunk, their face will have a red hue.

3. Intense Eye Contact

Expect some heavy duty eye contact, better known as awkward staring, when a person is drunk flirting.

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4. Slurring Words

Slurring words is another tell tale sign of drunk flirting. Their speech is impaired so they might stumble on their words sometimes.

5. Increased Attraction

When drunk flirting, your perception is altered. We all feel a heightened attraction toward others. It’s because all your senses are accentuated while under the influence.

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6. Close Proximity

When someone is drunk flirting they tend to be in your personal space. If it feels like someone is in your face, or too close, they are probably under the influence flirting.

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7. Silly Behavior

Expect some silly and goofy behavior when someone is drunk flirting. It is a good time to have fun and let go.


Drunk flirting does show true intentions. When intoxicated, people often exhibit heavy eye contact, slurred speech, increased attraction, close proximity, and engage in silly behavior.

These signs indicate that someone’s true desires are being revealed through their drunken actions. By recognizing these behaviors, you can detect when someone is engaging in drunk flirting and learn the truth about their intentions.

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