Toxic Men Uncovered! Why Girls Like Toxic Guys 2024

Toxic men attract many put-together, intelligent, and successful women. Why do females like toxic relationships? The truth is, when you are involved with a toxic guy it may be very difficult to see the signs.

We put together a complete list of toxic traits to look out for. You’ll learn all possible reasons why girls like toxic guys, and why toxic guys seem to be attracted to certain girls.

Toxic Men Traits

  1. Controlling & Manipulative
  2. He Plays the Victim (Reactive & Attention Seeking) 
  3. Angry & Aggressive (Passive and/or Physically)
  4. Lies & Cheats
  5. Insincere & Fake
  6. Selfish & Inconsiderate 
  7. Major Ego & Sense of Entitlement
  8. Negative & Jealous
  9. Competitive & Judgemental
  10. Destructive Behaviors
  11. Emotionally Suppressed
  12. Disrespectful

Why Do Girls Like Toxic Guys

Here are the main reasons girls like toxic boys.

1. They grew up in a toxic environment, that’s all they know.

2. Toxic guys often love bomb and get girls hooked.

3. Women see toxic men as a challenge.

4. These types of relationships are addictive.

5. Girls think they can fix him.

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Toxic Men Poem

You attract him, you put up with his crap.

You sense his pain, and think, “I can help with that.”

You let him in your heart, then you feel trapped.

You’re relieved when he leaves, helpless when he comes back.

It’s not that you’re blind, or don’t mind.

You’re simply too kind, you don’t draw the line.

Good-hearted, with compassion to share.

You put yourself out there, you really do care.

You’re hard to scare, yet you should beware.

Believing they might, will never be right.

Take flight, hold on to your light.

You are a prize to be won, not someone just for fun.

You’re not here just to pleasure and please

Be clear and strict about your boundaries!

Toxic men 4

Why Do I Attract Toxic Men

1. You like bad guys.

2. You tolerate their behavior.

3. You are caring and nurturing.

4. You like the excitement.

5. You are easy prey.

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Toxic Men Make You Feel Good at First

At the beginning of your relationship, toxic men “love bomb” you. Love bombing is when they shower you with love, gifts, and affection. They make you feel special, and therefore dependent on them for emotional needs.

If you have been lacking attention, this attention can be very addictive. This leads down the path of toxicity. Love bombing is one of the most consistent starts to a toxic relationship.

Over time you will find yourself unhappy in your relationship. You won’t feel well physically, mentally, or emotionally. Toxicity brings out the worst in people.

You never see how toxic someone is until you breathe fresher air.

This Is Typical and Normal Behavior

Being with toxic men is normal to many, this is how they grew up and what they are used to. Their parents were probably in a toxic relationship.

Popular culture movies and tv normalizes toxic men. As we grow up we get a warped perception of what healthy romantic relationships should be like.

Many women stay in bad relationships because it is familiar and all they know. In addition, it is less scary to stay in something rather than look for something new.

Toxic men 5

Toxic Men Are Addictive

Toxic men tend to reward women for what they deem as “good behavior” with the affection that woman crave, filling her brain with dopamine (a neurotransmitter that releases feel-good hormones).

Similar to a drug addiction, she becomes addicted to the rush of dopamine and crashes when he returns to the toxic behavior, only to get another “high” the next time her “good behavior” is rewarded with his affection.

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Low Self-Esteem Makes You Vulnerable

Many women fall prey to toxic men because they have low self-esteem. They don’t believe they deserve better and stay with what they know.

Sadly, many women believe they deserve to be abused mentally and/or physically. Toxic men play to women’s insecurities.


Whether you are asking yourself “why do women like toxic men,” or “why do I like toxic guys,” or “why am I attracted to toxic guys,” you should be able to find your answer above.

Being addicted to toxic men can be as devastating as drug addiction, maybe even worse. It can negatively affect on your other relationships, destroy your mental and emotional well-being, and in extreme cases even cause physical ailments. 

If you find yourself in a relationship with a toxic man, talk to someone you trust about it. You need to either deal with your issues and make some changes or get out of that relationship. You deserve to be happy.

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