When a Guy Is in the Mood – 12 Arousal Signs He’s Turned On

If you are figuring out how to know when a guy is in the mood, you’ve come to the right place. One of my clients was in a very similar situation. Her boyfriend was very hard to read, she could not tell if he was in the mood. That is when we put together this comprehensive list.

Here you will learn the 12 most common signs a guy is turned on. Some are obvious, some are not. Read to the end and you will have a clear understanding of exactly what to look for.

How to Know When a Guy Is in the Mood

Male Arousal Signs

Here are the signs of male arousal that indicate a guy is in the mood.

  • He’s eyeing you
  • He’s in your personal space
  • He fidgets with his lips
  • He’s touchy feely
  • He’s looking deep into your eyes
  • He’s flirting
  • He seems nervous
  • He’s acting dirty
  • He makes amovehe uses the triangle stare
  • He’s bulging through his pants
  • The tone of his voice changes

1. He’s Eyeing You

A clear indicator that he is aroused, and in the mood, is when you catch him eyeing you. He can’t help but look at what he wants to devour. You may catch him looking at you up and down or staring at your boobs.

He clearly has one thing on his mind and he is not trying to hide it.

2. He’s In Your Personal Space

When a guy is in the mood, one of the indicators that he’s turned on is that he enters your personal space. He’s taking the first step towards being intimate and getting physical with you.

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3. He Fidgets With His Lips

When a guy finds you super hot and sexy, biting his lip, touching his lip, or licking his lips are all indicators that he is turned on by you. He might not even know he is doing it.

How to know when a guy is in the mood 1

4. He’s Touchy Feely

When a guy is in the mood, he might be very warm and fuzzy, and touch you a lot. Maybe a hug or kiss at first, then more as his arousal level increases. He is seeing how you react while pushing your boundaries. His physical attraction towards you is at a high level.

5. He’s Looking Deep Into Your Eyes

If his eye contact seems to get more intense, he is trying to connect with you. He wants to see your response before making his move. If you are interested, look deep into his eyes too. He should get the hint.

6. He’s Flirting

When a guy is in the mood, he may start flirting. Flirting can be a clear sign that he’s turned on. He might use playful and teasing language, make suggestive comments, or touch you a lot. Pay attention to his gestures, compliments, and humor, as these can all indicate his level of arousal. Keep in mind that every guy has his own way of flirting.

7. He Seems Nervous

The greatest fear for a guy is rejection. This is how men are wired. When it comes to sex and making a move, most men are terrified. They fear that the girl will reject them. This causes anxiety and a lot of stress, which you can see in their behavior.

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8. He’s Acting Dirty

He might make a sexual comment, tell a sexual joke, pull out his junk, bite your neck, or pull your hair. He is making it crystal clear that he is in the mood.

9. He Makes a Move

If he goes in for the kiss or pulls you in tight, he is shooting his shot and making his move. Your guy is definitely turned on and ready to go.

How to know when a guy is in the mood 2

10. He Uses the Triangle Stare

He looks into your eyes, focuses left, focuses right, then looks at your lips. This sequence actually works when you want to kiss someone. It unlocks the secret desires of your partner within.

11. He’s Bulging Through His Pants

You may see or feel it, his purple-headed warrior.

12. The Tone of His Voice Changes

His voice may get deeper, raspier, and sexier.

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Why Are Guys Always in the Mood

Yes, it is true, guys are always in the mood. Here is why:

Men are always in the mood for sex due to the way they are primitively wired. Guys crave the euphoric physical feelings that sex provides, and the emotional connections it creates. Engaging in sexual activity can boost a man’s confidence and self-worth, and serves as a form of validation to make him feel valued and respected.

Signs That a Guy Is Turned On

Use this list to learn how to tell if a guy is turned on.

  • You see him eyeing you
  • He is being physical with you
  • He has a bulge in his pants
  • He’s playing with his lips
  • He makes a move
  • His voice changes
  • His eye contact gets more intense
How to know when a guy is in the mood 3

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When a guy is in the mood, there are several signs to look out for. Pay close attention to his body language. Indicators of arousal are increased eye contact, leaning in, and touching you. He may be more flirtatious or suggestive, and might have a bulge down below.

Understanding your partner’s cues along with open communication are key to a healthy and enjoyable intimate relationship.

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