Why Do Guys Like Anal So Much – Top 8 Reasons 2024

Why do guys like anal so much? Is it the pleasure? Is it the dominance? Is it the dirtiness?

Here you will learn the most common reasons given for “why do men like anal sex?”

Why Do Guys Like Anal

The reason why men like anal sex is because it is extra tight, the view is amazing, not all girls do it, it makes a guy feel extremely powerful, it is kinky, and there is no chance of getting a girl pregnant.

1. If It’s Tighter, It’s Righter

The reason why men love anal sex is because they love inserting themselves into the tightest of situations, including your butt. This feels amazing for a guy and leads to heightened pleasure.

For most guys, the mere thought of putting their junk where it is not supposed to be is extremely erotic and enticing.

2. It’s a Great Visual From Behind

Anal sex is generally done in doggie style, from behind. The view is amazing, guys can see everything. Plus they are in a very powerful position and in total control.

Men get to watch themselves sliding in and out, and it is a great opportunity to pull hair and spank you too.

3. It’s Taboo

There is a social stigma attached to anal. It is not accepted by everyone, because of differing beliefs, so most people are secretive about it. Having anal is like eating the “forbidden” fruit.

The mere thought of doing something sexual that “you’re not supposed to do” is very erotic for a man.

4. It’s Very Dominant

Why do men love anal sex? The guy has all the control and gets to watch her groan and moan with pain and pleasure. It is a conquest for a man, a real ego boost.

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5. It’s Kinky

Anal is not a common sexual act, and not all girls will do it, which makes guys want it more. Many guys have never had anal yet have always wanted to. Their anticipation greatly heightens their appetite for anal.

6. You Can’t Get Pregnant

Anal is a safe option for a guy because he does not have to worry about impregnating the girl. He can come in her, and not have to worry. This is a huge relief for a man.

Up the bum, no harm done.

7. It Shows Trust & Vulnerability

Anal is very personal & intimate, and requires obedience and submission from the girl. Since she is overcoming embarrassment and pain, having anal shows great trust and openness.

8. No Condom is Necessary

It feels much better for a man when he does not wear a condom. If your only reason for using condoms is birth control, when having anal you don’t need to wear one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Try Anal?

Yes, you should try anal. Make sure you feel 100% comfortable with the person. It is important to have open and honest communication so you know what you both like. Also, use a lot of lube. Lube is the most important part.

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Anal sex has been around for thousands of years. It was a common practice and used as a form of birth control.

Anal has become popular during the late 21st century, mostly due to the sexual revolution. People are more open and adventurous when it comes to sex and trying new things.

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Why do guys like anal sex? Anal is usually done by two people who have an extraordinarily deep connection. Aside from the physical satisfaction, there is a huge mental component at play.

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