Why Do Guys Like the “Back Door” (the Truth)

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Guys like to have sex with their partners a lot… like, as in as much as humanly possible. This fact isn’t exactly any hidden pearl of wisdom, it’s simply a well well-known truth of life.

It’s also no secret that they enjoy all three of the entries to her inner sanctum either.

But, why do guys like the back door so much? Read on below and find out the truth for yourself! 

Why Do Guys Like the Back Door or Anal Sex?

As a fan of the ol’ back door, myself, *hitches up my britches and runs a strong hand over my large and masculine mustache – clears throat before continuing* it brings me great pleasure to fully and thoroughly explain the real reasons guys like anal sex:

1. If It’s Tighter, It’s Righter

couple in bed having sex

Men love inserting themselves into the tightest of situations, including your butt. In other words, because the orifice is tighter around his penis than others, in his mind, it’s righter than others. It doesn’t get much simpler: men love anal sex because your anus is super tight.

2. The View From Behind Is Amazing

Perhaps the second biggest reason men love anal sex is that the view from behind is amazing. They get to see all of you in your glory and watch themselves sliding in and out, and do it from a dominating position. They may even enjoy grabbing a bit of your hair and tugging it like the reins of a horse.

3. Her Sexual Pleasure Is Intense

couple enjoying them selves in bed

With a bit of practice, men know that anal sex with a woman can bring her an even more intense set of orgasms than simple vaginal sex. Especially if toys and/or masturbation are used in combination during anal sex, her pleasure levels will end up off the charts compared to “normal” sex.

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4. It’s a Taboo Thing to Do

putting cross tape in her lips

Today, anal sex is not nearly as taboo as 25-years ago, and people are not as secretive about it as they were in the 20th century either. That said, putting your penis in a girl’s butt is bound to feel a bit taboo no matter what. After all, by all appearances, her anus is made for pushing things out, not for guys to be pushing things in.

5. It Makes Him Feel Like a Conquering Hero

Bending her over, pulling her panties down, and dipping his dong in her chocolate starfish, more often than not, makes a guy feel like a conquering hero that’s invading a foreign land and really sockin’ it to ‘em. Don’t be surprised when he goes balls deep and starts smacking your ass like he’s playing the bongos.

6. It’s Mental Programming

Guys know that deep inside their anus is a little pleasure button that drives them crazy and can even make them orgasm on the spot. That’s why deep in their man-brains they believe penetrating a woman’s anus must bring her a similar sort of pleasure.

7. Anal Sex is a Form of Birth Control

happy couple in bed flirting

Practicing anal sex could arguably be presented as a form of birth control. There is no way, after all, that any sperm unleashed during anal sex could swim through her anus and guts, into her stomach, and somehow reach an egg (it’s humanly impossible)… or drip out and somehow get sucked into her vagina and somehow manage to swim upstream to egg-Ville and make a baby (again, humanly impossible).

Editor’s note: While the act of anal sex itself may prevent pregnancy, for obvious reasons, it often leads to vaginal sex… which means, anal sex may indeed lead to pregnancy.

8. They Like Going Back and Forth

Another of the main reasons guys LOVE anal sex is that they get to go back and forth between vagina opening and anus. There are few greater pleasures for many men than a submissive woman offering up both openings to him, moaning with pleasure and bucking against him as he takes his time exploring each one as he pleases.

9. Women Who Like/Do Anal Are Sexier

Men find women who like to do anal sex far more sexually enticing than women who are strictly for the va-jay-jay penis play. Further, if she is willing to, let alone enjoy, sitting on his lap, doing anal, he’ll likely lose his marbles and add her to his will as the sole beneficiary straight away. It doesn’t make a difference that they just met last night!

10. No Condom Is Necessary

female hiding condom in her back

One reason we can’t overlook is that no condom is necessary, which is semi-related but not the same as reason number seven (anal sex counts as birth control). Men simply enjoy putting their raw penises inside of their women any chance they get, especially the ass because there is no chance of pregnancy. For a lot of guys, it’s also enjoyable to watch the fruits of the anal sex streaming out of her anus and down her thighs.

Editor’s note: It is crucial to note that unprotected anal sex is a great way to catch an STI, or spread one.


Is Anal Sex Good or Bad?

Anal sex can be both good and bad, that depends on your reaction as well as the finesse of your partner. That is why open and honest communication is an absolute must with your partner when you have anal sex together. You need to tell him how it feels and when to slow down, when to go deeper, and so on and so forth.

How Does Anal Sex Feel?

Anal sex is a lot like the first time (or ten) you have vaginal sex, when you first start the feeling ranges from levels of discomfort to intense pain and pressure. However, as soon as your body adjusts and relaxes, the pain lessens and the pleasure intensifies. 

Should I Try Anal Sex?

Having anal sex with your partner is completely normal. Whether or not you feel comfortable with a man putting his penis in your anus is a decision only you can make. That said, as the old sayings go, “there’s a first time for everything!” and “if at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again!” Anal sex is a fun and rewarding sexual activity, butt you have to get a bit of experience first.