Do Guys Like Having Sex While on Your Period – Revealed!

Curiosity got the best of me, and I couldn’t help but wonder, do guys like having sex while on your period? So I did a deep dive into this topic and uncovered some interesting insights that shed light on this question.

Here you will learn all the reasons why some guys like period sex and other guys don’t.

Do Guys Like Having Sex While on Your Period

Many guys like having sex while a girl is on her period. Some find it erotic and arousing, others like the trust and vulnerability of the girl. Some guys just like having sex, no matter what, and don’t care if a girl has her period or not. In addition, there are some men who do not like period sex.

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  1. “Real men are not afraid of the red fairy.” 
    Matt F.
  2. “Well, it’s a bloody good time, isn’t it? But seriously, as long as we’re both comfortable, why not?”
    James V.
  3. “I personally do not like it, It’s too messy and the smell just grosses me out.”
    Alexis F.
  4. “To be honest I’ve never done it but I am willing to try just for the experience”
    Mohammed H.
  5. “Whenever my girlfriend gets horny, and she wants to have intercourse I just lay out a towel and we do all the action on top of it so we don’t make a mess.”
    Nico A.
  6. “I’d want to make sure it’s safe and hygienic for both of us. If it is, then I don’t care.”
    Andrew K.
  7. “One time I picked up this girl from the bar and when we reached my place she said she was on her period. She told me she didn’t mind but since I barely knew her, it was a turn off.”
    Jacob S.
  8. “I am a religious and having intercourse while the girl is on her period is considered very inappropriate. I prefer to wait until after her period is over.”
    Max E.
  9. “I have my boundaries, and if my partner is right, she will respect me, and we can find other ways to be together during that time.”
    Taylor X.
  10. “It’s not really my thing. I find it a bit uncomfortable, and I’d prefer to wait until it’s over. I want both of us to feel at ease and fully enjoy the experience.”
    Jonathan J.
Do guys like having sex while on your period 2
  1. “Personally, I don’t mind. The wetter, the better.”
    Eric S.
  2. “I used to think it was disgusting, and refused to do it with my ex girlfriend. Then one drunk night my current girlfriend and I did it. It was very hot, I definitely have changed my mind.”
    Jordan B.
  3. “I really don’t care either way. I like having sex whether a girl is on her period or not. Does not matter to me.”
    Scott T.
  4. “If she is okay with it, I am fine with it. I would prefer not to make a huge mess so I always put a towel down.”
    Todd C.
  5. “I like to have sex with my girlfriend in the shower when she is on her period. She is super horny which makes me super horny.”
    Alex P.”

Is Period Sex Good for Guys

Period sex is good for guys who do not mind having sex with a girl while she is on her period. The sex is pretty much the same, just a little messier and a little wetter. Put down a towel, plan on washing up properly after, and take the same precautions you would if she didn’t have her period.

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Does Period Sex Make a Man Obsessed With You

There is no scientific or logical evidence that period sex makes a man obsessed with you.

A guy’s level of attraction and emotional connection is complex, and influenced by a variety of factors. Your hormones might be running wild during your period, yet this does not mean his are too.

A guy could possibly become obsessed with you due to mind-blowing sex. Just know it is the sex in general that got him hooked, not the sex while on your period.

Do guys like having sex while on your period 1

Are Guys More Attracted to You When You’re on Your Period?

Guys are NOT more attracted to your when you’re on your period. The truth is, unless you tell them, or act differently, guys do not even know you’re on your period. If you act differently during that time of the month, a guy might like you more or less, yet his attraction for you is the same as it was before your period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Period Sex Make You More Attached to Your Partner?

Period sex itself does not make you more attached to your partner. Yet the intimacy involved when having sex with a girl on her period could bring you closer. During her period, a girl’s emotions are going crazy and she is super vulnerable. 

Being close and feeling close can deepen your connection.

Can Men Smell When You Are on Your Period?

The scent associated with menstruation is typically not strong enough for a man to detect. Menstrual blood itself has a mild odor, yet is usually not noticeable, unless you are in close physical proximity.

It’s important for a woman to follow good menstrual hygiene practices to minimize any potential odor. If you decide to be intimate, open communication and understanding between partners is important, so nobody faces embarrassment.

Is Period Sex More Pleasurable?

Period sex is not more pleasurable for a guy, unless it is a fantasy of his and he finds it kinky. 

Period sex may be more pleasurable for a girl because during this time of the month her hormones are going wild. She might feel hornier and be more aroused than usual.

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What Do Guys Think When a Girl Is on Her Period?

When a girl is on her period some guys don’t care, some guys find it kinky and hot, some guys are turned on by her openness and vulnerability, and some guys find it disgusting. 

Do guys like having sex while on your period 3


Men have varied preferences when it comes to period sex. Some guys find it enjoyable due to increased sensitivity, heightened lubrication, and greater intimacy. Other guys find it gross. And some guys don’t really care either way.

Open communication and mutual understanding is important when engaging in any form of sex. Respecting each other will lead to higher comfort levels, and better experiences.

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