Do Guys Like Having Sex While on Your Period (FULLY EXPLAINED)

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Guys aren’t known for being too picky about when or even where they have sex, but what about while on your period? Read on below and explore this interesting and fully explained answer!

Do Guys Like Having Sex While on Your Period?

The quick answer to whether or not guys like to have sex while on your period is yes. That said, it’s not a universal answer that all guys agree with. Some guys will go out of their way to not even be around you at all while you’re on your period just in case you get any ideas about having sex.

A lot of guys are interested in period sex simply because it’s different. There’s also the fact that her blood acts as an extra lubricant and makes her feel even wetter than usual down there. Believe it or not, some guys even said they enjoyed the iron-like smell of the blood. 

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So, if you’ve been wondering about it, know you know! Just make sure to let the lucky guy know that you’re having your period before you hit the sheets, so he can be prepared.


Are Guys REALLY Into Period Sex?

There is no absolute answer, but more guys than not claim actually to really enjoy period sex. Whether it’s because she gets wetter and hornier than usual, or her smell, there are various factors that cause guys to really like having sex while a girl is on her period.

Are Guys More Attracted to You During Your Period?

Yes, and no. Most guys are attracted to women, period. While a woman is on her period, they may be slightly more attracted because of the way she acts or smells. Women are noticeably hornier during their periods, which may also cause men to take extra notice of them.

Is It Good to Have Sex While on Your Period?

Having sex while on your period definitely isn’t a bad thing, that’s for sure. In fact, medical studies have indicated that having sex while on your period may reduce pain and discomfort caused by menstral cramping.