11 Reasons Why Guys Like Being Called Daddy in Bed

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There are many nicknames and terms of endearment that guys enjoy, but possibly none more preferred than “Daddy.”

Read on below and explore these 11 reasons why guys like being called Daddy in bed! 

Why Do Guys Like Being Called Daddy?

From feeling like the only man of importance in your life to feeling like they are playing out a taboo fantasy with you, guys like being called Daddy in bed for far more than one reason.

Some of the most common explanations guys give for liking being called Daddy include:

1. It Makes Them Feel Respected

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The number one reason that a lot of guys claimed to like being called Daddy in bed is that when their gal calls them Daddy it makes them feel like they are more respected. This obviously has to do with the fact that all good girls look up to and respect their daddies! If your guy has been feeling a bit lousy lately, remind him how much you love and respect him… by calling him Daddy in bed.

2. It Makes Them Hornier

Being called Daddy in bed is likely to make a guy hornier than he already is for a wide variety of reasons. He feels more respected, and experienced, she seems younger, her love feels unconditional, and the list goes on. So, ladies, the next time your guy is starting to slack off in the bedroom, try hitting him with the D-bomb. You might just be surprised how reinvigorated he suddenly becomes.

3. It Makes Them Feel Like a Champion

Feel like a well-respected and horny stud may put your guy into the mindset of a champion. So, if you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be ridden hard and put up wet by Sir Lancelot or Galahad, now you know how to make that wet dream come true: just call him Daddy in bed more often.

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4. It Makes Her Seem Younger

When a woman calls a guy Daddy, she is putting herself in the role of a youthful girl. It doesn’t matter what she looks like, or what her age is. When she calls him Daddy, she transforms into a young girl in his and her mind. It’s no secret that men lust after youthful women, hence being called Daddy is one of the hugest turn-ons for them.

5. It Makes Them Feel More Experienced

Being called Daddy in the bed has a way of making guys feel more experienced like a real Daddy should be. Daughters look up to their fathers, acknowledging their knowledge and wisdom, and respecting their commands. When you call your guy Daddy in the bed, it puts him in the mind frame of an experienced man, with a youthful girl ready to do his bidding.

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6. It Makes Them Feel Unconditionally Loved

Daddies are typically loved by their daughters, completely and unconditionally. So, when you call him Daddy, there’s a high possibility that’s exactly how you make him feel; adored, loved, and practically worshipped, with no strings attached. This makes him feel like you’ll do anything for him, accept any command, and continue to love him no matter what.

7. It Maker Her Seem More Submissive

flirting couple in bed happy with each otherCalling a guy Daddy, in essence, is making yourself appear happily, and dutifully, more submissive than ordinarily. This may work in both your favor and his; you’ll get to relax, and let him take over, and he’ll get to dominate you and have his way. It is a win-win situation for many couples. 

8. Daddy Dom May Be Their Main Kink

Speaking of win-win scenarios, if his main kink is somewhere along the lines of Daddy Dom, and you’re a Sub, no word is as magical and erotic in the bedroom as Daddy. That said, if he is a Daddy Dom, don’t for a minute think he’s going to let you get away with only calling him the D-word in the bedroom (he’ll want you to call him Daddy constantly, bed or no bed).

9. They Feel Like the Only Man That Matters

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In a man’s mind, when a woman calls him Daddy, she is telling him that he is the only man in her life that is important. When you call him Daddy in bed, you are letting him know that no one else matters, only him, and only his wishes. And, when he feels like the center of your universe? He’ll make you the center of his!

10. The Term Feels Taboo

Daddy is a term that is seen as taboo by many. It may even be seen as one that should be strictly forbidden, as it hints at an unhealthy relationship between father and daughter. However, it’s really not that serious, and is more a form of teasing than a literal. It is used more like “boss” or “protector” than as “father”.

11. They Feel Like the Center of Your Fantasy

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When you call a guy Daddy, and he feels like he is the center of your fantasy, he is on cloud nine. He feels hornier than ever, seeing you as a dutiful young woman who looks up to and adores him, and that you’re willing to incorporate yourself into his every wish and desire as well. If you want to see where his sexual mind can take things, try whispering a few naughty lines into his ear, capping them off with a sultry D-bomb at the end.


What Does It Mean When You Call a Guy Daddy?

When you call a guy daddy, it really depends on your tone, the situation, and other factors to determine how he may interpret it. If it is in bed, he may take it in a kinky way, looking at you as a youthful girl that wants to please her Daddy. Calling a guy Daddy, in general, is like calling him your protector, provider, or even hero.

Is It Weird to Call a Guy Daddy?

There is nothing weird about calling a guy Daddy unless one of you makes it weird. In general, the term becomes more and more popular in the bedroom each year, as well as a basic nickname for boyfriends and husbands. 

Do All Guys Like Being Called Daddy?

While most guys more than enjoy being called Daddy, especially in bed, not all men are the same. If your guy has issues with his father, for example, you should probably avoid throwing any D-bombs his way during the sexy fun time, or it may turn into no more fun time.