Why Guys Like Being Called Daddy (#7 Will Shock You)

Guys like being called daddy because it adds an element of excitement to their relationships. Some say it helps men feel dominant and able to connect on a deeper level.

Here you will learn the top 9 reasons men like to be called daddy, and the top reasons girls like to call their man daddy.

Why Do Guys Like Being Called Daddy

Guys like being called daddy because it makes them feel dominant and manly like a king, it is extremely kinky and considered taboo, it shows submission and trust, it is a show of affection, it is playful, and allows guys to live out their porn star fantasies.

1. He Feels Dominant

Men like to be called daddy because it evokes a strong sense of masculinity and shows he is in charge. When a guy is called daddy it gives him a sense of power, strength, and control, which boosts his confidence and self-esteem.

If you consider traditional masculinity, guys are supposed to be the leader and protector. Being called “daddy” taps into this power dynamic, making men feel like they’re fulfilling their role in a relationship.

Dominance is an essential part of masculinity, and men take pride in taking on the dominant role in a relationship. Being the provider and decision maker shows that a man is looking after his partner’s well-being. 

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2. It is Kinky

Guys like being called daddy because it is extremely dirty, and far from the norm. “Daddy” falls under the category of BDSM, which stands for bondage, dominance, sadism, and masochism. Calling a guy daddy is similar to calling him sir or master. He likes being called daddy in bed because it creates some hot sexual tension.

Why do guys like being called daddy 2

3. He Feels Respected

Nowadays, the power dynamic in relationships isn’t always clearly defined. When a woman calls a man daddy, she is showing respect to him as a man. She is recognizing the authority and leadership a man brings to the table.

4. It’s Taboo

Daddy is a term generally reserved for your father. When using it for any other type of male figure, especially in a sexual manner, it is considered taboo. The fact that it is inappropriate creates excitement for men who don’t necessarily follow social norms.

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5. He Feels Like a Porn Star

Pornography is viewed by 69% of men per year (Ballard Brief). Sex acts seen in these videos are quite extreme, much more than most men are used to in their real lives. The porn that men watch tend to be fantasies and deep desires.

Girls calling their partners daddy is very normal when it comes to porn. Since most guys fantasize about sex, when you call your man daddy it makes him feel like a porn star.

Why do guys like being called daddy 1

6. He Feels Like a King

Not all women will call their man daddy, so when you do he will feel extremely alive, like he can conquer the world. Guys like to be made to feel special, and this is one sure way to do it. Making your man feel like a king will lead to him wanting you as his queen.

7. It’s a Form of Affection

Calling a guy daddy is a term of endearment, a sign of affection. It may be the love language a girl uses to show her feelings toward her man, to show her strong emotional connection and commitment.

8. It Shows You Trust Him

Guys like to be called daddy because it shows a woman’s vulnerability. She is opening herself up and clearly stating that she trusts her man. Trust is the backbone of all good relationships and strengthens the bond.

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9. It is Playful

Calling a guy daddy is extremely playful, fun, feminine, and light-hearted. It is not serious and doesn’t necessarily have to be seen as a big deal. Guys like girls who are sweet and playful. It makes them more loving.

Why do guys like being called daddy 3

Why Women Call Men Daddy

  • She has daddy issues
  • She’s into older men
  • She’s turned on by masculinity
  • She is submissive
  • She is kinky
  • She likes to be dominated


The most likely reason your guy likes to be called daddy is because it makes him feel extremely masculine. Read above for all the other possible reasons.

Try it out, see how he reacts. You might unleash another side to your man, one you will definitely like.

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