Why Am I Attracted to Older Men? 15 Reasons Revealed

If you’re asking yourself “why am I attracted to older men,” you are not alone. Older men usually have more going for them than younger guys, and many women find this very appealing.

You may be looking for a mature relationship, you might be tired of men your own age, or perhaps you’re looking for security and experience. Here you will learn all the reasons why women like older men.

Why Am I Attracted to Older Men

You are attracted to older men because they are more mature, stable, and successful. They are better in bed, look more sophisticated, and live nicer. You may be tired of guys your own age, maybe looking for something serious, or possibly you’re an old soul ready to share a deep connection with a man who knows how to treat a lady.

They Are Stable and Secure

One of the biggest reasons women are drawn to older men is because they provide security and stability and are more capable of taking care of their woman and her needs. Older men tend to have a more established career and are usually in a better place financially than younger guys.

Generally, older men have a solid job, a good home, money in the bank, and an established group of friends. They are self-aware and know what they want, which leads to less drama.

Because they have accomplished much in their lives, older men have figured things out, have high self-confidence, are clear about their goals and values, and don’t care what others think.

This is very attractive to women who want someone who is sure of themselves and knows how to handle any situation.

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It’s Natural

Being attracted to older men is very normal and natural. From an evolutionary standpoint, guys are looking for the healthiest female to procreate with, and youth is a good measure of health.

Girls are looking for the most dominant and stable man to procreate with, one who will protect and provide for them and their families. This is natural attraction.

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They Are More Mature

When I asked one of my clients why she likes older guys, she told me, “I love mature men because they have more relationship experience, they are wiser, they are more respectful, they are more honest, and more likely to understand my needs and desires.”

Older men aren’t looking to go out partying like they did when they were younger. They are not constantly on their phones and are, in general, more relaxed and calmer.

Older men are often better communicators, which is a big deal for any relationship. This results in less fighting and arguing, less drama, and more of a connection as a couple.

You Have Daddy Issues

Was your father fully present during your childhood? Did he play the part he was supposed to? If your answers are anything besides yes, you may have daddy issues.

Subconsciously, you may be looking to replace him, possibly by dating an older gentlemen. Having the desire to be with someone older is pretty normal in these cases, there is nothing wrong with it.

You’re Tired of Men Your Own Age 

Guys your age tend to exhibit immature behavior, they play mind games, they mess around with your emotions, and they don’t take the relationship seriously. It feels like you are dating a child, and eventually gets tiring.

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They Are More Successful

As a man gets older he becomes more serious about his career and life goals, and works harder to achieve success. Besides financial stability and prestige, with success comes a greater sense of responsibility, discipline, and control over one’s life.

A successful guy is more reliable when it comes to important matters. Since he has “figured things out,” he probably has a better lifestyle and a more flexible schedule. This is desirable if you want a healthy relationship and family life.

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They’re More Experienced in Bed

Older men are better in bed because they have more experience. This is based solely on their age. The more you practice, the better you get.

In addition, as men get older they gain more confidence and become more comfortable with themselves. They are much more explorative and open-minded in the bedroom, and know how to touch a girl’s body.

You’re Looking For Something Serious

Younger guys don’t know what they are looking for and are not ready to be in a committed relationship. Older men know what they want and are ready to have someone special in their life. They will let you know what they are looking for without the games.

A man looks to settle down as he gets older. If you are interested in a serious relationship, and want to consider starting a family, an older guy is a better fit.

They Live Nicer

When I was in my 20s, I lived very differently than I do now. As a man gets older and more financially successful, he has the means to live much better than when he was younger.

In addition, a man gains self-respect as he gets older and seeks out the finer things in life. The more self-respect someone has, the more they care about how they live.

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You’re an Old Soul

Perhaps you have always been attracted to older guys. Maybe you relate well to old movies and men of the past. You may enjoy the ways, customs, and nuances of an earlier generation of men.

You might be very mature for your age. Whatever the case, liking older men is what you desire. You are attracted to older gentlemen and prefer their way of living.

They Look More Sophisticated

“Why do I like older guys?” Maybe it is just his looks! You could be attracted to his salt-and-pepper hair, his mature face, and his confident body.

You might like older men because they are extremely masculine, or possibly it turns you on when a guy looks good for his age.

You Share a Connection

Perhaps you never thought you’d be asking yourself, “why do I like older men?” We cannot control who we like, and sometimes it just happens. Love is blind and attraction is not a choice.

It is so hard to find someone that you really like. When you do connect with someone, regardless of their age, you are lucky.

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There Is Less Competition

Liking older men has another benefit, less competition. All older men like younger women. Yet, not all younger women like older men. Based solely on numbers, you are at an advantage and may find it easier to land an older guy.

You don’t have to compete with as many women for his love and attention. Because there are fewer younger woman available, he will recognize and appreciate what he has and be more devoted to you.

They Push You to Be Better

We are all heavily influenced by the person we date. When you date a successful guy, he rubs off on you. Because men become more successful and driven as they get older, women that prefer older guys tend to be more successful themselves.

A successful man wants you to be your best self, and can be an incredibly motivating force in your life. You may find that you work harder and strive for more when in a relationship with an older guy.

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A Girl Who Likes Older Guys Is Called

  • My type of girl 😄
  • An experience seeker 😂
  • An angel, that’s what my 48 year old bf calls me 😇
  • A sugar baby, yet this doesn’t apply to all situations 🌹
  • I just want to f*** an older man, not marry him, just f*** him. 

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I like an Older Man

  • because he knows how to treat a woman.
  • because he doesn’t play games.
  • because he is able to communicate his feelings.
  • because he lives a nice lifestyle.
  • because he takes me out to nice places.
  • because he is so manly.
  • because he is respectful and doesn’t walk all over me.

Girls That like Older Men

Girls that like older men are usually looking for a serious relationship with a stable, secure, successful, sophisticated man. These women might have daddy issues, may be tired of guys their own age, could be looking for an experienced sexual partner, or possibly just connect better with mature men.

More Info: Psychology Today

Why Do Older Guys Like Me

Older guys like you because of your good looks and your innocence. Men are visual creatures and are drawn to beauty. Girls are most beautiful when they are young. Younger women have an exciting feminine energy that drives men wild. They tend to be more curious and open-minded, which is very attractive. 

Younger Women for Older Men

Younger women are extremely healthy and rejuvenating for older men. They bring infectious optimism and enthusiasm which gives a man a new outlook on his life. Being with a younger woman makes a man feel more confident and more alive. Feminine energy is the secret sauce that a man craves more than anything else.

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Women are generally attracted to older men. Some of the common reasons why older men are desirable include maturity, stability, experience, and a sense of security that guys develop over time.

Older men tend to have a better understanding of life, have accomplished greater career and personal goals, and are financially stable. These qualities provide a sense of comfort and reliability.

In addition, older men are often more confident, knowledgeable, and emotionally connected, which is very appealing to a woman looking for a serious relationship.

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