11 Reasons Why Women Like Dad Bods (#11 Surprised Us)

Have you ever wondered what women find attractive about dad bods? If you have then you have come to the right place.

In this piece, we will look at the top 11 reasons women go gaga over dad bods and answer a few related questions.

Why Do Women Like Dad Bods?

There are many reasons why women prefer a dad bod to sculpted physiques with washboard abs. here are the top 11 as expressed by the girls themselves.

1. Realistic

Life isn’t all bicep curls, protein shakes, and mountains of supplements. Real-life involves a day lounging on the couch, eating birthday cake, and the occasional pasta binge. Unless you are a professional bodybuilder or model the things you have to give up and the hours you have to put in to look like a greek god just aren’t worth the cost to most women.  

professional body builder

2. Familiar

They say that familiarity breeds contempt and while that may be true when dealing with some people for the majority it is the exact opposite. Women are more comfortable with what they know. Unless a lady grew up with a dad like Arnold or Franco they are probably much more familiar with a softer body type.

3. Priorities

A dad bod tells the ladies you have your priorities straight and have learned what is important in life. Yes, you work out some and try to eat healthily but dinner with the family and drinking beer with the guys have their place too. It is all about balance, not how you look.

tight shirt beer belly

4. Healthy

Dad bodies are not fat or out of shape, they are just a little softer and less sculpted. In truth, The lifestyle required to stay cut and swol at the same time isn’t always the healthiest. For maximum health and longevity, a lifestyle that combines moderate exercise, a balanced diet, and time for relaxation is much healthier.

5. Sexy

male measuring beer belly

Yes, most women consider a dad body to be even sexier than muscled-up monsters.  Remember women are emotional creatures and personality traits mean as much or more to them than mere looks. Women say that a dad bod shows someone doesn’t take themselves too seriously, is likely to have a sense of humor, is a down-to-earth mentality, and understands the importance of work/life balance.

6. People First

If you want to make a lady’s heart race forget having the biggest biceps in the neighborhood. Try spending an afternoon in the park with the kids so she can relax or cook dinner just to show you appreciate how hard she works. True you might have to skip a few gym sessions to make time for these activities but there are more enjoyable forms of exercise than pumping iron or hitting the treadmill. 

7. Capable 

male with a large plastic bag on hand

Girls love a dad bod because despite being soft and lovable it is still in good enough shape to handle those heavy lifting jobs around the house. In fact, when it comes time to rearrange the furniture or slide the fridge over just a smidge, those few extra pounds might just come in handy. A slight jelly belly bump is just the ticket for those minor adjustments on heavy objects.

8. Unintimidating 

Most women seem to have body image problems and it doesn’t help their self-esteem any to stand next to a guy who looks fitter than they do. If your lady looks like anything less than a fitness model herself, she is going to be much more comfortable standing next to a dude with a dad bod than some guy that looks like he just stepped off the pages of a muscle mag. 

9. Cuddly

There is a reason stuffed toys are filled with fluff instead of rocks. Nobody wants to snuggle up with all those hard edges. It just isn’t comfortable. A few extra pounds make you a little softer and that is OK when it comes time to snuggle. Would you rather cuddle up in an overstuffed lounger or on a wooden church pew?

guy looking at his tummy

10. Women Like to Eat

Any guy that has ever heard “I don’t want anything. I’ll just take a bite of yours.” knows women like to eat but hate to admit it. Women will be much less self-conscious and have a much better time when they can grab that extra slice of pizza without filling like a pig next to the dude eating nothing but salad. The more you eat the freer they feel and of course, that is going to make you a little soft around the middle. 

11. Lets Her be the Pretty One

pregnant couple having fun

Most men have experienced what happens when a woman sees a lady they think is prettier than they are. Imagine how it makes them feel when it is not another woman but their date. No woman likes to be shown up by another female but being outclassed by a guy is like a death sentence to their self-esteem.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dad bod?

A dad bod is the happy middle ground of body styles. It is not muscled up or fat. It’s not flabby but not cut. It is a body that is in relatively good shape but a little soft and carries a few extra pounds without completely going to pot. Think of the college jock who is now a business executive. He still hits the gym a few times a week, most weeks, but is just too busy and self-confident to worry about an extra pound or three.

What’s the difference between a dad bod and a fit body?

Most people when they picture a fit body is see someone in their mind that carries 15 percent body fat or less. That is the point where the abs really start to pop and muscle definition starts to show. A dad bod is more like 20-30 percent body fat. It is softer and doesn’t have muscles that scream look at me but is nowhere near the point of being fat. Think of a weekend warrior.

Dad Bod vs Fat

A dad bod is a little soft around the middle and might have a slight set of love handles. They will generally be carrying around 20-30 percent body fat but not more than that. Anything over 30 percent and you are getting into an unhealthy range and need to cut back the calories or up your activity level. Dad bodies are still reasonably fit but fat ones aren’t.

What is the female equivalent of a dad’s body?

The term currently in vogue for the female equivalent of a dad bod is a mum tum. This is a lady who just like her man has a little extra meat on her bones. Not to the point of obesity but just a little more cushion than the stick figures the media tries to tell us is ideal.

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