21 Reasons Why Women Like Tall Men (#15 Was Surprising)

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Wondering why women like tall men? You’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we list 21 reasons that might surprise you and answer some of the most commonly asked related questions.

Why Do Women Like Tall Men

S0me women look for a tall partner because they have studied the market and found advantages to having a tall mate, but these are probably the exception rather than the rule. The majority of women find themselves drawn to men blessed with height on a subconscious level.

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This may be true due to some genetic drive that was bred into them over eons till it became instinctive or just a case of the famous woman’s intuition. Either way, there is a science that backs up the idea that on the whole woman are making an intelligent choice by looking for a taller man to join forces with.

Here are a few of the advantages that woman somehow know comes with a taller spouse.

1. Tall Men are perceived as More Masculinity

Whether it is true or not, women associate height with masculinity. Scientists believe that this idea goes all the way back to our caveman days when the ability to see danger or game at a greater distance gave tall men an advantage as providers and protectors.

2. Educated

This one came as a shock. Taller men are perceived to be better educated than shorter men. Even more surprising, height has been found, regardless of other social and economic factors, to predict educational achievement. Taller men generally achieve higher levels of education than their peers.

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3.  Tall Men Live Longer

Scientists are shy about saying why it’s true but research has found that taller people both males and females tend to live longer. It is theorized that it is because of socioeconomic reasons, but it seems from archeological studies it was as true hundreds of years ago as it is today.

4. Taller Men Tend to Make More Money 

There really is no justice in the world. Not only do tall guys more often get the girl and live longer to enjoy it, but they have normally have more cash in their pockets to enjoy it with. A careful review of the available research by the Warrington College of Business, University of Florida, Gainesville found that tall men are likely to earn higher salaries and be promoted into leadership roles more often.

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5. They Marry More Often and For Longer

If a lady is looking for a life partner it makes sense for her to look for a tall man. Taller men tend to marry slightly later than shorter ones but they marry more often and statistically stay married longer. Considering some of the other advantages tall males bring to the table this should come as little surprise.

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6. Taller Men Do More Housework

Perhaps because they are more confident in their masculinity, tall men tend to help more around the house and more easily adapt to traditional female roles. Flowers and candy may woo a lady’s affection but women know that a tall man that doesn’t mind sweeping the cobwebs out the hard-to-reach corners is more valuable at home.

These are some of the more logical reasons that women prefer taller men, but far from all of them. Now, We will look at some of the other bonuses that tall men offer the ladies.

7. Women Can Wear High Heels and Still Look Up to a Tall Man

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Women love the way their legs look in heels and most men don’t mind it themselves. With a tall man, a woman can crush it in pair of stilettos without worrying she will tower over her man.

8. A Tall Man’s Wardrobe Makes Wonderful Loungewear

Let’s be honest. There are few things more adorable than a lady curled up and relaxing in an oversized shirt. With a tall friend a lady instantly gains some of the comfiest loungewear they could hope to find. As a bonus, she can even enjoy the scent of her man even while he is gone.

9. Tall Men Can Reach Things in High Places

This is a no-brainer and a stock of many campy movies. Honey can you get this down for me. It may be trite but then the truth is life is harder for the height-challenged. That is unless they have a significant other with long arms and legs.

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10. Taller Men Have No Problem Arranging the Overhead Bin

If you travel much at all you know trying to squeeze your carry-on in the overhead compartment with everyone else’s is pain at best. Imagine if you can’t see into the bin to start with. Women know a taller man makes an ideal travel companion.

11. A Tall Man Can Always See Where the Best Seats in the House Are

If you can’t see what seats in the theater or tables in the restaurant are available you could end up being stuck anywhere; even by the kitchen door. With a tall boyfriend or spouse, a lady has a spotter to step in with the usher or maitre d’ and suggest a more ideal location

12. It is Easy for A Lady to Spot Her Tall Friend in a Crowd

Lossing, your date in a crowd can be more than a little frustrating and if neither of you can be seen over the crowd could end an evening before it gets started. When their man can be seen head and shoulders among the throng of people it adds a bit of security and a simple solution to finding each other.

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13. Spooning is a Much Better Fit With a Tall Mate

Women love to spoon but for many men, this means a tingling arm and a face full of hair. Not the most comfortable experience. Many tall guys win in this situation also. Their longer bodies and lankier limbs let them slide an arm under their lady’s neck place their chin on top of her head.

14. When a Lady Hugs Her Tall Boyfriend She Can Listen to his Heart Beat

Male or female you have to admit that there is something comforting about listening to the heartbeat of someone you care for. When a lady snuggles up with or even hugs a taller man she is in a natural position to lay her head against his chest and listen to his heart thump away.

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15. Tall Men are Generally Considered to be Gentler

Whether true or not, the idea of the gentle giant is still very prevalent in our society. maybe you can blame Disney or children’s books but it seems that the stereotype carries over into adulthood for many women. Most women believe tall men are slower to anger and less prone to violence.

16. Women Perceive Tall Men as Stronger

In our world, people closely associate strength and size with each other. Tall men are perceived to be physically stronger which gives them a definite edge when women are looking for a breeding partner. Every true lady wants her champion to be capable of winning the fight even if it is with the lawnmower. 

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17. Tall People are More Succesful

OK, we know that like most generalizations this one is only true a small percentage of the time, but it is the myth, not the facts that rule our hormones. People in general and women, in particular, think of a TALL well-dressed man when they picture the successful self-made man. 

18. Height Brings Power

This one kind of blew our minds since it seems to be true. They say power is the ultimate aphrodisiac and it seems tall men were meant to welled power. Whether you are talking about running for public office or climbing the corporate ladder tall men actually do seem to reach higher positions faster and maintain offices longer. On some instinctive level, women recognize this.

19. Confidence is Attractive

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It is probably because our society does seem to favor big men that overall taller fellows seem to be more confident both in their abilities to handle the physical world and mental battles. Confidence is very sexy as long as it doesn’t become arrogance. What women wouldn’t want a confident man at her side?

20. Sports Ability

Most of us today are not fighting battles with a sword in our hand or fighting off predators with a spear. Our battles and victories come on the football field, baseball diamond, and basketball court. Still, the basic instinct of wanting an athletic man exists in women’s DNA. That is why the high school quarterback still gets the beauty queen and star forward the head cheerleader. 

21. Cultural Bias

The sad truth is that not just women but our society as a whole favors tall men. From an early age, we hear stories of the tall dashing knight that saves the damsel in distress. Every romance ever written features a tall dark stranger and can you imagine Danny DeVito playing the dashing hero in a movie. With so much bias taught from such an early age, you can’t blame women for dreaming of a man they can look up to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are tall guys hotter?

Tall guys are considered hotter by the majority of women for several reasons. They are generally more athletic, better educated, more successful, earn more money, are more helpful around the house, and carry themselves with more confidence. The list goes on and on, but suffice to say tall men are hotter because they display the characteristics women most often look for in a mate. 

What height man do women prefer?

The ideal height for a man is between 5’11’ and 6″3″. To narrow the field even closer it has been found that women prefer men who are 6 to 8 inches taller than them.

How attractive are tall men?

Tall men are generally considered very attractive. Almost half of all women consider a tall statues frame as a qualifier for them to be interested in someone. Interestingly the majority of women can guess a man’s height by simply seeing a mug shot of his face. Sounds they have studied the subject.

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