7 Reasons Guys Like Being Called Handsome – #3 Shocked Us

Are you wondering if guys like being called handsome? The answer is yes. It is comparable to calling a man attractive, hot, good-looking, fine, and gorgeous.

“Handsome” is how mothers first describe their 10 year old sons when they put on a suit. It is a term that is highly regarded by a man.

Here you will learn the reasons guys like being called handsome and why it is a good idea.

Do Guys Like Being Called Handsome 

Men very much like being called handsome, everyone appreciates a nice compliment. Calling a guy handsome let’s him know you are attracted to him, it strokes his ego, boosts his confidence, helps him feel a connection, it gives him some affection, and it shows respect.

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Reasons Guys Like Being Called Handsome 

1. All Guys Like Compliments

Calling a guy “handsome” is top tier, one of the greatest compliments a woman can give a man. You are commenting not only on his looks, you are referring to his overall image. 

It’s the equivalent to calling a woman “gorgeous” or “beautiful.” Since most men don’t receive compliments on their looks often, calling him “handsome” is an easy way to make your man feel good.

It is quite flattering when someone compliments your physical appearance. Calling a guy handsome will fill him with good emotions and put a big smile on his face. You will definitely make his day and get a positive response.

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2. It’s a Form of Affection

We all like to be shown love and attention. Any time you compliment someone, you are showing warm feelings of affection. Whether it is romantic, friendly, or platonic, it feels good when someone goes out of their way to say something nice.

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3. It Helps Them Feel a Connection

We have found that when guys feel respected and important, they tend to be more open to bonding with their partners. It seems guys get comfortable, let their guard down, and are more open to giving and receiving love and affection.

This creates a deeper and stronger connection, and leads to healthier relationships.

4. It Strokes Their Ego

Calling a guy “handsome” is comparable to calling a woman “beautiful.” You are giving him a very strong compliment. This is a great way to make a guy feel good about himself. He will associate his good feelings with being with you.

5. It Shows You’re Attracted

Guys like when you call them handsome because it shows that you are physically attracted. You are giving him the green light to pursue you romantically, if interested.

When you have a crush on a guy calling him handsome is a great way to make yourself vulnerable and put yourself out there.

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6. It Boosts Their Confidence

Calling a guy “handsome” is a great way to boost his confidence. This will cause him to release feel-good hormones, also known as happy hormones.

When a guy is happy, he will be more into you and your relationship. He will make more of an effort and take more chances. This is an easy way to support your man.

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7. It Shows Respect

Respect is the backbone of all relationships. When a guy feels respected, he will in turn show respect. Calling a guy handsome is a major show of respect and a great way to set the tone for your interactions.

Is Calling a Guy Handsome Flirting

Calling a guy handsome is definitely flirting. You are being clear and open about your attraction for him. Flirting is best when you want to put your feelings out there. It is a good opportunity to wait and see if he flirts back.

Calling a Guy Handsome

It is always okay to call a man handsome, men greatly appreciate compliments. It boosts their confidence, strokes their ego, shows physical attraction and affection, it helps guys feel connected, and it is a show of respect and admiration.

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Guys like being called handsome because it boosts their self-esteem and makes them feel attractive. Being complimented on their appearance helps build a man’s confidence and can enhance his overall mood.

Read above to learn all the reasons why guys like being called handsome, and the benefits it can bring to your relationships.

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