A Guy Called Me Bro – What Does it Mean?

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Your crush used a pet name with you at long last, but it wasn’t exactly what you expected. “Thanks, bro!” or “See you later, bro!” and other similar phrases can drag down your expectations and cause many women to assume that they’ve already been in the friend zone. Hold up! You aren’t necessarily out of the running just yet. Let’s take a look at a few things he might mean when he calls you bro.

A Guy Called Me Bro – What Does it Mean?

We’re going to be honest with you: when a guy calls you bro, there is a chance that he isn’t interested in dating you. However, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, being called bro can be an excellent thing. It all depends on your guy and his communication method. So please read on to learn where you might stand. Doing so could help give you a better chance of romantic success.

He’s Very Comfortable With You

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For guys, bro is a term of endearment that they use when they feel comfortable with someone. Your guy could just be warming up to you as a person. This is good! Gauge if he:

  • Uses bro with you regularly
  • Opens up about his emotions more easily
  • Likes talking with you and consider you a friend

That last statement may seem like an admission of defeat. But just because a guy thinks of you as a friend doesn’t mean he lacks interest. Many great friends become romantic partners. Stick in there!

He’s Not Good With Words

Some men are naturally great with words and possess a sophisticated romantic sense. However, most guys do not! Your guy may just not know how else to tell you he likes you. Pay attention to if he:

  • Struggles to say what’s on his mind
  • Tends to use cursing for expressing himself
  • Feels uncomfortable with strong emotions

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If you think your guy is terrible at expressing himself, you may want to open up to him. Let him know how you feel and see how he reacts. There’s a good chance he’ll be relieved you took the first steps.

He’s Just a “Bro” Kind of Guy

We all know a few guys that say bro all the time. “Hey bro, nice game last night. Did you watch it with any other bros?” Does your guy fall under this heading? Watch if he:

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  • Constantly calls everybody bro
  • Seems confused when people don’t like being called bro
  • Naturally has an outgoing personality

If a bro guy calls you by that term, does that mean you’re just a friend? Not necessarily. He may just not know any better terms of endearment than bro.

He’s Into You

Terms of endearment, no matter how casual, usually indicate that a guy has positive feelings for you. But is he truly into you? See if he:

  • Touches you regularly when you hang out
  • Finds excuses to do things together
  • Never seems to want to go home

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Try to playfully draw him into flirtation to see if he’s into you, but he’s a bit shy about it. For example, say something like, “you know, bro is cute, but boo or baby is better.”

He’s Just a Friend

Here’s the pink elephant in the room: the friend zone. Guys using the term bro with a gal friend may simply just want to be a friend. Pay attention to if he:

  • Doesn’t flirt with you in any way
  • Talks to you about other girls
  • Rarely touches you, even with a hug

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This situation can be very painful if you’re into a guy. However, it doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship. There’s nothing wrong with being a friend! Embrace it.

He’s Being Rude

Lastly, a guy who calls you bro might be deliberately attempting to be rude to you. This situation is very annoying. Ask yourself if he:

  • Uses the term condescendingly
  • Says it with an ironic emphasis
  • Calls you that even if you told him not to

In this situation, you must decide how you want to deal with him. Do you cut ties with this rude jerk or figure out if he’s mad at you for something? Remember: strong negative emotions could also indicate strong positive ones.

How Should You React When He Calls You Bro?

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It’s not hard to react incredulously when a guy calls you bro! It’s not exactly the kind of thing you want your crush to say to you. However, it is vital to consider the context of the situation before assuming he’s not into you. Remember: some guys simply feel more comfortable with general terms of endearment and may not mean anything bad if they call you bro.

What If He Also Flirts With You?

Did your guy call you bro and then tell you that you were sexy or flirt with you? That may seem like he’s sending conflicting messages. That’s not always the case, though. Remember: your guy may simply feel uncomfortable calling you anything more romantic and use bro as more of a catch-all phrase. So don’t feel let down! Instead, flirt back and see where it takes you.

Should You Friend Zone a Guy Who Calls You Bro?

Are you insulted when your guy calls you bro, and you feel like you want to friend zone him before he does it to you? That’s a bit hasty. Instead, pay attention to other context clues, including his body language, to gauge his expectations. Maybe he’s waiting for you to flirt back or use a term of endearment to him? Make sure that you’re not putting words or expectations into his mouth without hearing them first.

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Don’t Rush Into Things

Being called bro by a guy you like doesn’t necessarily mean that your potential for a relationship is over. However, it’s one of the most frustratingly inconclusive and annoying things he can call you. You’ll need to use your A-game here to figure out what is going on with him and why he’s calling you bro all the time.