Why Cheaters Come Back – Secrets Revealed!

It doesn’t make sense why cheaters come back. When guys cheat it is a clear sign that they are unhappy or unfulfilled. 

Whether you’ve experienced infidelity firsthand, or know someone who has, understanding why cheaters return can shed light on this confusing topic. 

Below you will learn the REAL reasons why cheaters can’t resist coming back.

Why Cheaters Come Back

1. Cheaters Come Back for the Sex

Just because a guy cheats doesn’t mean he dislikes having sex with you. In fact, many times a guy will come back because he misses the sex.

2. He’s Been Dumped

After experiencing rejection or a breakup, some cheaters may attempt to come back to their previous partner as a way to regain confidence and fill a void.

3. He Misses His Security Blanket

Cheating can be thrilling and exciting, and very unsettling. Coming back may offer a cheater a familiar comfort zone and a feeling of stability they miss.

4. He Can’t Get Anyone Else

In some cases, cheaters may struggle to find new partners or establish meaningful connections outside of their previous relationship. This can lead them to come back to their former partner due to a lack of other options.

5. He Misses Being With You

Despite their actions, some cheaters may genuinely miss the emotional connection and companionship they had with their previous partner. This longing can prompt them to seek reconciliation and attempt to revisit the relationship.

6. He’s Too Lazy

In certain instances, cheaters may opt to return to their previous partner out of convenience or laziness. Rather than putting in the effort to build a new relationship, they choose to fall back on what is familiar and readily available.

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Why Do Guys Cheat and Come Back?

Emotional Reasons for Cheating and Coming Back

There can be various emotional reasons why guys cheat and then come back. Some individuals may cheat due to feelings of dissatisfaction or emotional neglect in their current relationship.

Afterward, they may realize the impact of their actions and come back seeking emotional fulfillment.

Relationship Dynamics and Cheating

Cheating can also be influenced by relationship dynamics. Issues like lack of intimacy, frequent conflicts, or a sense of being taken for granted can push someone to cheat.

However, after experiencing the consequences, they may come back to work on improving the relationship.

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Communication Breakdowns and Cheating

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Communication breakdowns can lead to cheating. When there is a lack of effective communication, individuals may seek emotional connection or validation outside the relationship.

Realizing the importance of communication, they may come back to address these issues.

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Personal Growth and Cheating

Sometimes, individuals cheat as a result of personal growth or a desire for self-discovery. However, they may later recognize the impact of their actions and choose to return to their relationship, having learned valuable lessons about themselves and their needs.

Trust and Forgiveness in the Context of Cheating

Trust and forgiveness play a crucial role in the process of cheating and coming back. While cheating can severely damage trust, some couples are able to rebuild it through open communication, therapy, and a commitment to change. This process can lead to reconciliation.

External Influences on Cheating and Coming Back

External factors can also contribute to cheating and subsequent return. These may include social pressures, temptations, or the influence of friends or colleagues.

However, coming back signifies a recognition of the value of their relationship and a desire to make amends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do People Get Back With Cheaters?

People may get back with cheaters due to various reasons such as love, forgiveness, fear of being alone, hope for change, or a belief in second chances.

Why Do Men Cheat Again and Again?

Men may cheat again and again due to factors such as a lack of satisfaction in the current relationship, a desire for variety or excitement, unresolved personal issues, or a tendency toward infidelity.

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Do Habitual Cheaters Ever Change?

While change is possible, habitual cheaters may struggle to overcome their patterns of infidelity. It often requires significant self-reflection, therapy, and a genuine desire for personal growth to break the cycle.

What personality disorder is a serial cheater?

There is no specific personality disorder associated with being a serial cheater. Infidelity can stem from various factors such as commitment issues, relationship dissatisfaction, or a lack of empathy.

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How a guy acts after he cheated?

After cheating, a guy’s behavior may vary. He may display guilt, remorse, or attempt to cover up the affair. Alternatively, he may show signs of denial, defensiveness, or a lack of accountability. Everybody acts differently.

Why do people go back after cheating?

People may go back after cheating for reasons such as love, attachment, a desire to salvage the relationship, fear of change, or hope for personal growth and improvement in the relationship.

More Info: Psychology Today


The simple answer to why do cheaters come back is they miss you and the relationship in one way or another. You must decide if you can work toward a healthy relationship or if you need to move one.

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