Is Texting Cheating in a Relationship – With Example Texts

So many of my coaching clients ask me the same question, is texting cheating? The short answer is yes. If you are questioning whether or not your texting is cheating, you are most likely cheating. 

Even if there’s no physical intimacy involved, partners can feel immensely hurt and betrayed when they find out that their loved one has developed a close connection with someone else.

Here you will learn why texting another guy is cheating, signs of texting cheating to look out for, plus actual examples of cheating including real text message conversations. 

Is Texting Cheating

Yes, texting is cheating while in a relationship. Be honest with yourself, would you send and receive these texts in front of your partner? If you are uncomfortable with your partner reading your texts, you are probably having inappropriate conversations.

The only exception is if you are not exclusive with each other and you have discussed and agreed on this. Then texting is not cheating.

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Is Your Texting Cheating – Questions to Consider

  • Would your boyfriend be upset, hurt, and betrayed if he read your texts?
  • Would you be embarrassed if your boyfriend or others read your texts?
  • How would you feel if your boyfriend sent the same texts to other girls?

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Why Would She Text Another Guy

Women cultivate texting relationships when they aren’t particularly happy or completely satisfied with their partners. They text to fill an emptiness they are experiencing.

Maybe your partner isn’t paying enough attention to you, or you’re feeling bored with your current situation. A text-based flirtation feels safe and easy, it’s just words on a screen.

You may be spending a lot of time texting this other guy because you feel that he understands you better than your boyfriend does. 

Maybe he’s into the same things as you, while your partner is the complete opposite. This other guy may be excited to talk to you, compared to your partner who takes you for granted.

Is Texting Another Guy Cheating

Yes, texting another guy is cheating while you’re in a relationship. Consider whether or not you would send and receive the same texts in front of your partner. If the answer is yes, you are not cheating. If the answer is “no,” you are cheating in one way or another.

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She’s Texting Another Guy – Signs She’s Cheating

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1. She’s Secretive With Her Phone

If she constantly puts her phone away and makes sure it is not left out, you might want to consider what is going on. When in a loving relationship, you should not care if your partner sees your texts.

2. She’s Defensive

If you ask her about her texts and she snaps at you, she is hiding something. Being defensive is a manipulative way for her to hide the real issue.

3. She’s Acting Distant

If your girlfriend has developed a connection with someone else, either through texting or in person, you will notice she’s acting distant. She might seem preoccupied, disinterested, and busy.

Is Texting Cheating 2

4. Lack of Intimacy

When is the last time you had sex or even made out with your partner? In a healthy relationship, intimacy is extremely important and normal. Consider the last time you were together, and the current frequency of your hook ups.

5. She’s Dismissive

Perhaps you have tried to have a conversation or asked her what is going on. She may put you off or act as if you are being crazy. In a healthy relationship you should be able to discuss anything and everything.

6. She’s Constantly Checking Her Phone

I check my phone often when I am expecting a text. If she is constantly checking her phone, she is definitely expecting something from someone.

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7. She Often Leaves the Room

If she leaves the room she is probably doing something sneaky. Whether she is sending or receiving a text, she does not want you to see. This is a clear sign of cheating.

8. She’s Happier When She’s On Her Phone

Is she mostly in a bad mood, and then when she’s on her phone you see her smiling?Clearly you are not making her happy, someone else is.

9. She’s Hiding Her Text Messages

She may be deleting texts, or constantly closing her phone. She does not want you to see her conversations. This is a red flag, she is up to no good.

Would you be ok with your boyfriend having the same text conversation with another girl?

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Cheating Examples of Her Texting Other Guys

Is Texting Cheating Texts

Here are some real text message conversations. Each of these are inappropriate and would be considered cheating.

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Is texting cheating while you are in a relationship? Yes, if you were completely happy in your current relationship, you would not text other guys.

If you’re unhappy with your partner, consider getting out of the relationship. 

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