Make Your Boyfriend Guilty for Hurting You – 75 Painful Texts

Are you looking to send a painful message to your boyfriend? Are you trying to make him feel guilty through text?

Here you will find the best texts to let your boyfriend know he hurt you. By sending these messages, you can greatly impact his emotions, let him know you are in pain, and make him feel bad about it.

Painful Message to Your Boyfriend

  • I know the truth, and the pain is indescribable. We need to talk about what happened.
  • Betrayal hurts, and right now, that’s all I’m feeling. We need some time apart.
  • I never thought I’d have to send a message like this, your actions have left me no choice. We’re done!
  • You broke my trust, and it’s going to take time for me to heal. I hope you find whatever you’re looking for.
  • Lying has no place in a relationship. I need some space to figure out if I can move past this.
  • I deserve someone honest and loyal, not deceitful. Take some time to reflect on your actions.
  • I am very hurt, and I never expected to be in this position. We need a break.
  • Cheating changes everything. I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore.
  • I gave you my trust, and you’ve betrayed it. We need to talk about where we go from here.
  • I’m heartbroken by your actions. I don’t deserve this kind of treatment. Goodbye!
  • You have tainted our relationship. I need time alone to process and heal.
  • You chose to break my trust, and I won’t allow myself to be in a relationship filled with deception.
  • I never thought you’d hurt me like this. Now it’s time to consider my other options.

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Text to Make Him Feel Guilty for Hurting You

If you are looking for the best text to make him feel guilty for hurting you, check out the ones below.

  • Deceit has no place in my life. We need time apart for me to heal and decide if I can forgive.
  • Your actions have consequences. It’s time you learned from your mistakes. I can’t be with you anymore.
  • You broke the one girl who truly loved you. I’m not sure if I can be repaired. I need time alone.
  • I am so heartbroken by you, the one I loved. I need space to figure things out.
  • Infidelity changes everything. I need time to decide if I can move forward with this relationship
  • I’m sending this message with tears in my eyes. We need to discuss your actions and this relationship.
  • You are the worst. I need space to come to terms with what you’ve done.
  • Your bad behavior has consequences. I need time to think.
  • Our relationship is at a crossroads, I need time alone to determine if it’s worth continuing.
  • Your betrayal has me questioning everything. I need time apart to reflect on this situation.
  • The pain of your actions is overwhelming. Let’s take a break so I can process this and decide what’s best for me.
  • Your lies have destroyed the foundation of our relationship. I don’t think I can do this anymore.
  • All you had to do was be honest and you couldn’t even do that. I can’t depend on you for the truth.
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Break up Texts to Make Him Feel Bad

  • I am breaking up with you, you have brought this upon yourself. Next time when you are in a relationship I hope you don’t repeat this mistake.
  • This isn’t working for me. I thought you would have grown up by now, yet you’re still acting like a child.
  • I hope you find someone better. Clearly I am not for you considering the way you treated me.
  • I love you, yet your actions have forced me to leave you. I wish things were different.
  • We are not a good couple. I have tried to make it work, this is not worth it, I’m sorry.
  • This isn’t easy for me, yet I think it’s time we part ways. I’m looking for more.
  • I never wanted this day to come, but I need to let you go. It hurts more than words can express.
  • Our relationship together meant a lot to me, it’s unfortunate that I have to tell you goodbye.
  • The thought of not having you in my life make me sad, yet it’s time we talk about parting ways.
  • I don’t want to hurt you, that is not my goal. Someone else will be more agreeable.
  • As I am writing this, I realize this has to happen. We must let go of each other.
  • You are an amazing person, just not an amazing boyfriend. Maybe our paths will cross again in the future.
  • Our time together was precious, yet I am in a different time in my life and so are you. You know this isn’t the right time. Thank you for everything.
  • This breaks my heart, all the memories we shared and created. It’s time we moved on.

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How to Make Him Feel Guilty for Ignoring You Through Text

The best way to make him feel guilty for ignoring you through text is to first ignore his messages, and when he finally gets in touch, be upfront and honest about your feelings and expectations in the relationship. Be clear about what you will and will not put up with, and if he doesn’t comply, move on.

Paragraphs to Make Him Feel Bad for Hurting You

  • Betrayal is a heavy burden to bear. I need time alone to decide if I can get past this horrible turn of events. I hope you think about how devastating your bad decisions are to others.
  • Your deception has changed the dynamics of our relationship. I need a break to contemplate whether we have a future together. I cannot trust you and don’t know how to pick up the pieces.
  • The pain you inflicted is deep. I need time to process all that has happened and see if I am able to move forward with our relationship. I’d like to hear what would be different if we tried again.
  • Trust is sacred, and yours has been compromised. I wish you luck in your next endeavor, I will not be part of it. I hope you got what you wanted.
  • Your poor behavior has created a rift between us. I am not sure how to get things back the way they were. I fear things will never be the same. For now, goodbye!
  • I never imagined having to deal with this kind of pain, especially from the man I loved. You have hurt me immensely, and I cannot forgive you. I hope you are happy, we are done.
  • Your actions have left me questioning our entire relationship. I need space to reflect on what has happened. I will reach out if forgiveness is a possibility. Don’t contact me!
  • Cheating on me has created a storm of emotions. Leave me alone and move on with your life. I no longer want anything to do with you. You disgust me!
  • This situation is heartbreaking. I trusted and invested in you, I cannot believe you would cheat on me. You have destroyed such a good thing, I will never forgive you.
  • I am not in the mood to talk to you, in fact, I want nothing to do with you. Cheating is the worst thing anyone can do to another person when in a relationship. Clearly you are not the guy I thought you were. Goodbye!
  • I’m done with you, stop texting me. You should have considered the consequences of your actions before hooking up with someone else. You and I will never be together, it is over!
  • I don’t think our relationship is working, I don’t feel like you appreciate me. It seems like you take me for granted and don’t respect me at all. I’ll find someone else.
  • I noticed you checking out another girl when we were together yesterday. I found it disrespectful. It seems you are not as into me as I am into you. I am looking for a deep connection, you have disappointed me.
  • I cannot hang out this weekend. I feel turned off by your actions and don’t want to get together. We’ll talk about whether or not we’ll reschedule another time.
  • I feel nothing for you anymore. You have hurt me beyond repair. I hope you never do this again to another person in your life.

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Long Painful Message to Your Boyfriend

I feel so betrayed by you, never speak to me again. I regret trusting you and investing my time and energy into our relationship. You wasted my time, and hurt me deeply. I used to love you, now I cannot stand you. You have broken my heart and left it in pieces. I hope you never experience the pain you have caused me. 

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Words to Make Him Regret Hurting You

  • You never listen to me and I’m fed up. I hope you are listening now, we are done!
  • I feel like things have changed and we don’t have the same connection anymore. I’m leaving you.
  • I enjoyed all the fun times we had together, yet clearly it is over. Good luck!
  • You will always have a place in my heart, yet regretfully, I don’t feel the same way I once did. I’m sorry, this is over.
  • Though it breaks my heart, it’s time I move on. We are no longer on the same page. I hope you find what you are looking for.
  • Trust is the backbone of any relationship, and your actions have irreparably broken ours. We need time apart.
  • Our connection is severed by your betrayal. I need a pause to figure out if forgiveness and reconciliation are possible.
  • Infidelity leaves a wound that requires time to heal. Let’s take a step back and have some time apart.
  • Your actions have introduced doubt into our relationship, which is way of breaking trust. I need some time alone.
  • I need some time to reflect on your treatment and evaluate the possibility of a future together.
  • Betrayal leaves scars that don’t heal. I don’t think I can move past this. Goodbye!
  • I need time alone to decide if I can overcome this immense pain you have put me through.
  • The trust we built has been shattered by your actions. I need a break to reevaluate our relationship and decide what I want.
  • Your choices have consequences, and now I need time to consider what I really want.
  • I never imagined having to confront a cheater. I need a break so I can process the pain and decide what’s next.

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Texts to Make Him Feel Bad for Ignoring You

  • Betrayal cuts deep. I need a break to reevaluate if I can overcome this obstacle.
  • Our relationship can’t survive without trust, yet I can survive without you. Have a good one.
  • I thought we would be together forever, I was mistaken. Perhaps you are not the one for me.
  • You should not have lied to me, I could have understood if you told me the truth. Let this be a lesson in your next relationship. Bye!
  • As much as this hurts me, I thinks it’s time for both of us to find new beginnings.

Quotes to Make Him Feel Bad for Ignoring You

Painful message to your boyfriend
Painful message to your boyfriend 1
Painful message to your boyfriend 2
Painful message to your boyfriend 3

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If you are looking to send a painful message to your boyfriend or a romantic text to make him feel guilty for hurting you, you are in luck. Above you will find the best text messages and paragraphs to send to make your guy feel bad.

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