15+ Texts to Make Him Feel Bad

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Sometimes, guys mess up. They’re human, just like you are, and that means they’ll make mistakes in all aspects of their lives, including romance.

Beyond occasional mistakes, men have long-standing character flaws. They might have a wandering eye, they might be lazy, they might not appreciate everything you do for them…

All these things can leave you anxious to make him see the error of his ways. If you’re wondering how to do that, we’ve written these texts to make him feel bad.

Let’s show you what we came up with…

Think About Your Approach Carefully

If you build the foundation of your relationship on toxicity, the whole relationship will end up poisoned in the end.

Before we get to the texts, it’s important to look at the reasons you want to make him feel bad in the first place. It’s always important to question our own motives to ensure that they’re sound.

Are you trying to make him feel bad because he hasn’t been paying attention to you? Consider the possibility that he may be busy with work, family, or friends. Maybe attempting to make him feel guilty will just push him away.

On the other hand, he may have done something obviously wrong. For instance, perhaps he has demonstrated a pattern of ignoring you, he never seems to appreciate what you do for him, or maybe you had a huge fight recently.

In those cases, a little guilt might be just what he needs to put him on the right track…however, you shouldn’t engage in abusive, harmful, and manipulative measures to get there. If you build the foundation of your relationship on toxicity, the whole relationship will end up poisoned in the end.

Be open and honest with him about your feelings. If you feel like you can’t do that yet because of emotional hurt, ask for some breathing room.

Taking the high road like this rather than giving into the urge to hurt him will likely make him feel worse. Being mature about the situation will inspire him to be the same way and hopefully encourage him to critically examine his own actions. Insult and manipulate him, however, and he’ll just feel as if he’s in the right.

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Texts to Make Him Feel Bad

Here are the texts to make him feel bad that we created for you. Some of them reference specific things, such as arguments or checking other women out. If you find the overall gist of the message suitable except for those specific references, feel free to modify them accordingly.

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Don’t like any of the texts on this list? That’s not a problem. There are tons of other sources for you to get advice from.

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  • Simply don’t call or text him at all.

Great For: When you’re not sure what to say. Waiting for him to come to you will give you an idea of how to respond.

  • “You really hurt my feelings with what you did/said.”

Great For: When you want to explain how you’re feeling. This opens an honest dialogue without outright accusing him of anything, so he won’t be as defensive.

  • “I’m really not in the mood to talk to you right now. Give me some space.”

Great For: When you’re feeling overwhelmed by your emotions and don’t know if you can keep calm. It’s better to take some time instead of saying something you’ll regret later.

  • “I need some time to heal. Maybe after I’ve had a breather, we can talk again.”

Great For: When you need some time to think. Be sure to take a look at our list of texts to make him worry about losing you for extra effect.

  • “I’m done with you. Stop texting me.”

Great For: When you think he’s past the point of no return. Send him this to cut him off and curb his toxicity before it progresses.

  • “What you did/said was wrong. We need to talk about it.”

Great For: When you’re ready to have a talk about what happened after his wrongdoing.

  • “I don’t think things are working out between us. Maybe it’s time we go our separate ways.”

Great For: When you think his actions are the end of your relationship, but don’t want to be overly hurtful when you push him away.

  • “I feel as if you’re taking me for granted. If you want our relationship to work, I need you to step up and treat me right.”

Great For: When you don’t want the relationship to end, but do want to give him a clear warning of what he needs to do.

  • “I saw you checking out other women the other day while we were together. If you don’t want to be serious with me, let me know so I can stop wasting my time.”

Great For: When you want to show him that you’re independent and know your worth. This tells him clearly that you’re not willing to deal with his crap and works best if the relationship is still young.

  • “I need some time to think. Talk to you later.”

Great For: When you want to be a little cold and get some breathing room. It will make him worried about what went wrong.

  • “We can’t hang out this weekend. I’ve got plans.”

Great For: When you want to make him sweat a little bit. The tone of this message is icy and doesn’t give him a hint of what went wrong.

  • “Let’s cancel our date for now. We’ll talk about whether or not we’ll reschedule it later.”

Great For: When you’re hoping to make him squirm. It’s similar to the above text, with the added weight of a date being cancelled.

  • “I know you didn’t mean to hurt my feelings when you forgot to call me. I can forgive you…this time. ?

Great For: When what he did isn’t serious enough to make you very upset. The teasing tone is inviting and will draw him in.

  • “When you’re ready to make things up to me, I’m all ears.”

Great For: When you want him to come up with a way to apologize to you on his own.

  • “Can’t talk right now. I’m busy.”

Great For: When you want to let him think about what he did himself. It’s cold, neutral, and will make him nervous.

  • “We need to have a talk.”

Great For: When you want to have a serious discussion about his actions. This message is an old classic that will immediately make him worried.  

  • “I might be able to let it slide this time if there’s a date in it for me.”

Great For: When his transgressions against you weren’t severe, and you want tease him about it. As a bonus, this will probably score you another date with him.

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Make Him Never Want to Hurt You Again

When you’ve captured his heart thoroughly, he won’t want to do anything that could lose you.

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If you’re searching for texts to make him feel bad, then something terrible has already happened. The best way to deal with things like that is to prevent them from ever happening.

How can you do that? By securing his complete loyalty. When you’ve captured his heart thoroughly, he won’t want to do anything that could lose you.

To that end, we recommend the Devotion System course. It was created by a relationship coach named Amy North who has all the tricks for winning a man’s heart.