A Guy Called Me Cute – What Does it Mean?

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Being called cute is often a somewhat confusing situation for a girl. What does your guy mean when he calls you cute? It can seem like a bit of a cop-out in a way or his attempt not to commit too emotionally to you. However, that isn’t necessarily the case. Being called cute is rarely a bad thing! It might not always mean he’s ready for a relationship, but it isn’t something to be frustrated or annoyed about when trying to gauge how your guy feels about you.

A Guy Called Me Cute – What Does it Mean?

Cute is something of a blanket term in the dating world. It could mean so many different things to so many different guys and girls. As a result, it is essential to examine what he probably means when he’s calling you cute and whether it is a good or bad thing. Thankfully, we’re happy to say that it’s almost never bad to be called cute. It just might not mean you’re headed to a romance in some situations.

He Respects You

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A guy who calls you cute could be letting you know that he respects you as a person. Rather than use loaded terms like hot or sexy (which can seem crass in some situations), he’s letting you know that he thinks of you on physical and emotional levels. Gauge this situation by asking these questions:

  • Does he give you space when you need it without complaint?
  • Is he complimenting your intelligence and abilities?
  • Will he ask you about hugs, kisses, or touches before doing them?

If you answer “yes” to one or more of these questions, there’s a good chance that you have a guy who’s just naturally respectful and trying to avoid taking advantage of you. So try to hold onto a guy like this! After all, they’re not always so readily available in the dating world.

He Thinks You’re Fun

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Now, being told that you “good fun” often feels like a light insult in some dating situations. However, guys rarely mean it to sound bad. Most are trying to tell you that they enjoy your company. So pay attention to how he calls you cute, such as in these scenarios:

  • “It’s so cute when you say things like that!”
  • “I wish more girls were cute as you.”
  • “Tell me something funny and cute like you did the other day.”

In these examples, your guy is trying to tell you that you’re fun and that he enjoys spending time with you without going overboard with it. Telling you that something is sexy or hot may seem a bit too extreme for him, so he’s using a term that’s a bit more careful and safe.

He Prefers Light Flirting

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Don’t assume that all guys flirt in the same way. Some guys may have a heavier hand and prefer very upfront flirtation. Other guys may like it a little lighter and want to work up to more sexual flirtation later. As a result, he might call you cute instead of hot as a way of letting you know that he likes your company, thinks you’re attractive and wants to flirt. Watch for a few things he might say, like:

  • “You look really cute in that outfit, has anybody told you that?”
  • “Cute girls like you are definitely more interesting to me.”
  • “It is so amazingly cute when you do that. Why don’t you do it more often?”

Sometimes, your guy may need you to take the lead to push the flirting to a higher level. For example, if he calls you cute, you can say something like, “but am I sexy?” or something similar. See how he reacts to this increase in sexual tension. Some guys will respond back with heavier flirting, while others may feel uncomfortable. Take things at a pace that makes sense for both of you.

How Do You Flirt Back When a Guy Calls You Cute?

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If your guy calls you cute and lightly flirts with you, push things to the next level a little. You can pose a little to show off your good side, purse your lips, or act like a model or diva to get a laugh out of him. First, however, you can touch his arm, back, or leg and say “thank you” while holding good eye contact. You may even want to give him a hug or a kiss on the cheek to show a little more affection.

What Would a Guy Say If You Called Him “Cute” Back?

This situation can vary depending on the guy and how he reacts to compliments. Some guys may fall into the same confusing emotions you feel when he called you cute! “I’m cute, but not sexy…” he might think, feeling like you aren’t quite into him like he’d hoped. So instead, try to emphasize that you find him attractive with light touches and other types of body language that make him feel wanted.

Is Cute a “Friend Zone” Term?

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Your girlfriends and others have probably told you that cute is a term guys use when they want to put you in the friend zone. Sad to say, that may be the truth at times. However, and we can’t stress this enough, context is essential! If your guy says you’re cute and continues to flirt with you (or likes to touch you gently while he talks), he’s sending you a very obvious message. He likes you!

Keep Yourself Open to Dating Possibilities

As you can see, the term cute doesn’t necessarily mean that your guy isn’t into you. Often, it just indicates that he prefers to use lighter flirtation and is trying to work his way up into a relationship with you slowly. That means you should be able to have plenty of fun dating him and trying to experience the kind of fun and engaging growth as a couple that makes romance so much fun.