What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Cute – 10 Meanings 

What does it mean when a guy calls you cute? Is it romantic or platonic? Being called cute takes on all kinds of meanings in different situations.

Here you will learn all possible meanings and how to respond when a guy calls you cute.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Cute

When a guy calls you cute, it means he likes you and has positive feelings toward you. He might like you romantically, or possibly just as a friend. He may find you attractive or adorable, perhaps he likes your personality, maybe he likes the way you think, or he could just be playfully teasing you.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Cute Over Text

1. He Finds You Attractive

Calling someone cute is a mild way of telling the person you find them attractive. It is a great opportunity to see the response you get, without being super vulnerable.

2. He Is Flirting

Calling someone cute can be very flirty. Examine your relationship and the surrounding interactions and you should easily be able to tell.

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3. He Thinks You Have a Great Personality

Cute can mean that you are sweet, bubbly, and fun to be around, and he enjoys your company.

4. He’s Teasing You

Guys tease girls they like. He might be doing just that.

5. He Thinks You’re Adorable

Your looks, your personality, your strengths, your flaws, he likes everything.

6. He’s Complimenting You

 He likes you and wants to make you feel good.

7. He’s Playing It Safe

Calling someone cute is not as strong as other words like sexy or beautiful. He is using a somewhat neutral word to test the waters and see how you respond. “Cute” is a gateway compliment.

8. He Feels Comfortable Around You

Guys are often shy or nervous around girls. It is a good sign if he is calling you cute. It means he feels relaxed around you, able to be himself and speak freely.

9. He Likes Something You Did or Said

Something you did was very endearing to him and probably made him smile.

10. He Sees You as a Friend

He sees you more like a little sister or close friend. Kids and puppies are cute!

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How to Respond When a Guy Calls You Cute

  • Thank you 😊
  • I appreciate it!
  • Not as cute as you 🙂
  • Thank you for making me feel so special.
  • Takes one to know one
  • If you think I look cute now, wait till tonight 😉
  • That’s so nice of you.
  • Yeah, we look good together.
  • Thanks babe!
  • You’re definitely making me blush 😉

DO NOT Do These Things When A Guy Calls You Cute

Do Not Deny It or Put Yourself Down

Be able to take a complement. When you can’t, it shows you have low self-esteem, which is an unattractive quality. Remember, you might not think you’re cute, yet clearly this guy does.

Do Not Be Cocky About It

If you say something like, “I know,” it makes you look really bad, even if you’re joking around.

Don’t Read Too Much Into It

Don’t take his compliment and run with it, thinking that now is the time to tell him you’re madly in love with him or anything. 

More Info: Psychology Today

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Adorable

When a guy calls you adorable it is a clear sign that he likes you. “Adorable” is an endearing term that shows his fondness. He is being warm and definitely finds you sweet, cute, and lovable. He may be interested in you romantically, he may just see you as a friend. Either way, he likes you very much.

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How to Respond When a Guy Calls You Adorable

  1. “Aww I like when you call me that.”
  2. “That’s very kind of you to say!”
  3. “Please call me that more often.”
  4. “You’re adorable too.”
  5. “Stop, I’m blushing!”


I hope you are more clear on what it means when a guy calls you cute. It might be a compliment or it could just be an observation.

It is very similar to when a guy says you’re adorable. It may be romantic or this man may just see you as a friend. 

It’s important to consider the context and your relationship with the person to determine the true meaning and whether or not they are romantically interested.

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