8 Reasons Why Guys Adjust Themselves in Front of You

A common question among women is, “why do guys adjust themselves in front of you?” Are they doing it on purpose? Is there some sort of male body language being expressed?

Guys need to adjust their genitals on a regular basis. When confined in our pants and underwear, our goods tend to end up folded and pressed into awkward, uncomfortable positions.

Here you will learn all the reasons why guys adjust their junk and the real meanings and messages behind it.

Why Do Guys Adjust Themselves in Front of You?

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1. He Is Uncomfortable

The most common reason why guys adjust themselves is because their stuff was hanging badly, in an uncomfortable position. His twigs and berries aren’t sitting correctly, and are creating a certain amount of discomfort and pain.  An adjustment is necessary fix the improper positioning. 

Guys do the adjustment right in front of you because they don’t really care, and don’t think you will notice. As Nike says, JUST DO IT.

The truth is, men’s genitalia can be uncomfortable at times and requires frequent adjustments. Even while at my desk writing this article, I needed to adjust at least once or twice.

Testicles are quite temperature sensitive and need a lot of cooling. That’s why they are dangling in a sac. When they get pressed against your warm thighs, they heat up and need to be adjusted.

Some guys try to be subtle when they make the adjustment. One way to do this is through the side pocket. This is known as pocket pool. It is best if your pants are somewhat loose.

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2. Itchiness

All of the sudden, out of the blue, a guy may feel itchy down there. The itch usually requires immediate attention, like having an itch on your arm that you must scratch. He must scratch his nuts, there is no time to waste.

There could also be some sort of irritation. Sometimes chafing occurs when playing a sport or from a wet bathing suit rubbing. It could also be that his underwear was out of place, maybe he was sweating earlier, or possibly he has jock itch.

3. He’s Drawing Attention to His Junk

He may be consciously or subconsciously trying to draw your attention to his family jewels. He is probably proud of his package. He might be showing his dominance and trying to exert his manliness over you.

Perhaps he likes you and is curious to see how you respond. He may be the dominant type of guy just looking for validation.

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4. He’s Hiding a Boner

Maybe he is sexually aroused by you or something you are doing. An erection can happen anytime. When it does, it must be moved to a different position. Most guys adjust to the up position and tuck it under their waste band so it lays flat. This is the best way to conceal the bulge.

5. He’s Sending a Sexual Message

He may be attracted to you and this is his big chance to let you know. He’ll probably have a smirk on his face and make eye contact while making the adjustment. He might be in your personal space, sort of like an open invite.

Some girls feel aroused, some feel disgusted.

6. It’s a Habit

For many guys adjusting themselves in front of you is no big deal. Most guys subconsciously adjust themselves and don’t even realize it. Clearly he feels comfortable enough around you to be himself.

Good manners would be for a guy to excuse himself and adjust in the bathroom. Most guys are too lazy.

7. He’s Being Inappropriate

You will know if he is grabbing himself in front of you as a perverted gesture. He may be irate, he may be drunk, perhaps he is making a joke, or possibly he’s telling someone off. You can tell by the inappropriate grabbing of his own genitalia.

8. Nervousness

I grind my teeth at night. Some guys grab their equipment downstairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Mean When a Guy Stretches in Front of You?

When a guy stretches in front of you it means he is trying to act manly and dominant. He is flexing so his muscles bulge and he can impress you. He is probably interested in you romantically. He is signaling that he is an alpha male, the type of guy who takes care of his woman. 

When a Guy Adjusts His Clothes in Front of You?

A guy will adjust his clothes in front of you to make sure he looks his best, especially when he likes you and is into you. You may notice him glancing in the mirror followed by him fixing his collar or his hair. He is trying to look nice in your presence and impress you.

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What Does It Mean When a Guy Pulls up His Pants?

When a guy adjusts his pants it means he forgot to wear a belt or he is moving something around. Maybe his testicles got misaligned somehow or just needed to be scratched. Perhaps he is sexually aroused and adjusting to hide the bulge.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Constantly Touches Himself?

When a guy constantly touches himself, there are usually other reasons besides normal adjustments. Here are some possible reasons to consider:

What Does It Mean When a Guy Adjusts His Belt?

When a guy adjusts his belt it means that he is feeling some sort of discomfort with his pants. They may be too tight, too loose, or just not sitting right. He has the self-confidence to make the adjustment to his pants, even with all eyes focused on his crotch area.

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What Does It Mean When a Guy Grabs His Crotch in Front of You?

When a guy grabs his crotch in front of you he may be making a subconscious adjustment for comfort, it could be due to nervousness and anxiety, it might be an attempt to convey confidence, or perhaps it is show of attraction. It is important to consider the context when determining the true reason behind his actions.


Guys adjust themselves all the time. Most of the time they aren’t even aware they are doing it. It is simply a reaction to discomfort, itchiness, or possibly even a nervous habit. A guy might also move his manhood in front of you to show he is interested and see how you react.

Consider his body language and the context of the adjustment to understand the motivation for his behavior. Read above to learn why guys adjust themselves in front of you.

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