When a Guy Calls You Sexy: 15 Meanings

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When a guy calls you sexy, he may think you stick out from other beautiful women… or, he may simply think you don’t like being called silly pet names like “cute” or “pumpkin.”

Read on below and explore 15 of the most common reasons guys call you sexy!

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Sexy?

When a guy calls you sexy, he may think you stick out from other beautiful women… or, he may simply think you don’t like being called silly pet names like “cute” or “pumpkin.”

The reasons a guy calls a woman sexy are probably countless, in truth. But we’ve managed to round up 15 of the most common meanings for you, below:

1. He is Interested in Being More Than Friends

couple in park looking at each otherOne of the top meanings behind his actions when a guy calls you sexy is that he’s interested in being more than just friends with you.

If it’s always “sexy” that he calls you, rather than your name, or other nicknames, he’s likely very interested in being more than friends.

2. He’s Sexually Attracted to You

Another prevalent reason that guys call you sexy is that they are sexually attracted to you.

When a guy is interested in you strictly sexually, it isn’t the same as wanting to be more than friends… it’s simply wanting to sleep with you. That’s why this meaning warrants its own spot on this list.

3. He Wants You to Remember the Conversation

woman listening while staring at her partnerSometimes the primary reason a guy calls you sexy is that he wants you to remember the conversation that took place between you and him.

In this case, the guy wants you to remember him, and that he is interested in you/thinks you are highly attractive.

4. He’s Trying to Make You Smile

There are also times that guys may call you sexy just because they are trying to make you smile. These guys may even include co-workers and acquaintances.

Whether they think you are a cute person and simply want to see your smile, or they think you need cheering up depends on you, the guy, and the situation at hand.

5. It’s the One Thing On His Mind

When a guy calls you sexy there is a chance it’s the only thing on his mind. This point is doubly valid when you’re out on the town at clubs, bars, or otherwise hanging out.

couple outdoors staring at each otherIf you’re the only thing on his mind, he’ll give you a ton of indicators; he’ll make eye contact and hold it, check in on you constantly, and generally go out of his way to give you all his attention.

6. He’s Not Good at Expressing Things

Not all men are working with the same level of confidence when they are calling you sexy.

In fact, some guys aren’t good at expressing things at all, regardless of whether or not they are confident in themselves.

7. He Doesn’t Know Many Compliments

Guys who don’t know many compliments may lack experience with women, or simply have the vocabulary of a failed third-grade grammar student, but they often use the word sexy left and right.

happy couple in park smile looking away from partnerWhatever the case is, compliments with “sexy” and “beautiful” may pop out of their mouths in seemingly bizarre intervals the more he tries to express his feelings towards you.

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8. He Can’t Remember the Word Gorgeous

Sometimes, when guys are in the presence of a woman beautiful as they’ve ever seen before in their life, guys forget the majority of their vocabulary (and almost everything else in their minds).

Thankfully, the memory lapse is only temporary. Eventually, he’ll likely move on from simply calling you sexy, to openly talking about/swooning over your beauty, and giving you more sophisticated compliments like “gorgeous.”

9. He Likes the Way the Word Sexy Sounds

happy couple embracing his partnerThe word sexy has, well, sex appeal. That’s why sometimes when a guy calls you sexy, it could be that he just really likes the way it sounds.

If he is a juvenile or 35-year-old that acts like one, he may enjoy the way it sounds coming specifically from his lips (to a sexy girl).

10. He Isn’t a Fan of the Word Cute

Cute is, well, a cute word. It’s not sexy, and it doesn’t sound sexy to men.

To a macho guy, he’d likely rather call you sexy than cute or beautiful. Cute being too cute, and beautiful being too mushy.

Sexy is just the right complement to give a woman he’s interested in, for a macho guy.

11. He Thinks You Have Incredible Sex Appeal

Sometimes sex appeal transcends basic physical attraction when men find you the example of perfect (whatever that may be to them).

The moment a guy decides you have incredible sex appeal, he may try to talk to you as much as possible in the future. His attraction to you is more than physical; he wants to get to know you better than most people and bask in your beauty.

young couple intense feeling standing against the wallThis intense level of sex appeal is just as much about her personality as it is her body and smile.

12. He’s Not Aware Just What Sexy Means

Some guys can be awfully casual about using compliments or pet names like “sexy” and “gorgeous.”

The truth of the matter is, sometimes, they’re not aware of what they’re really saying (and what it could mean to you, mentally).

13. He Knows You Don’t Like Being Called Beautiful

happy couple having a drink while standing against the wallWhen a guy knows you don’t prefer certain pet names, or nicknames, like “beautiful”, he may opt for “sexy” instead.

Whether you don’t like being called beautiful because you’re ex over-used the term and then dumped you, or because you have self-esteem issues, these guys want to avoid you feeling bad, and therefore go for less serious compliments like sexy.

14. He Does Things His Own Way

What can we say about some guys? Some guys… just, do things their own way. Including calling you sexy whenever they are feeling like it.

If these cowboys like your face, body, or personality, they’re going to tell you straight. Take it as a compliment, or see it as child like, but they’ll tell you your sexy even if you’re in a relationship.

15. He Only Speaks With Three Words at a Time

Last but not least, there is the distant possibility that the reason guys call you sexy is that they only speak three words at a time.


  • Hello, there sexy!
  • Why, hello sexy!
  • You are sexy!
  • She’s so sexy!
  • Women are sexy!
  • Sexy, sexy, sexy!

How to Respond When a Guy Calls You Sexy

Before responding to a guy when he calls you sexy, you need to have an idea of what sexy means to the guy who said it. You also need to know how you are feeling about it as well.

Here are a few ways to respond:

Thank Him for the Compliment

First and foremost, if you liked the compliment, let him know by thanking him.

happy couple staring at her partnerWhether you simply say “thank you” or you put it into a wordier passage is up to you and how you’re feeling about it.

Use Body Langauge

In addition to thanking him with your words, consider your body language, if you enjoyed the compliment.

If you’re close enough to him, you could touch his hand, give him a hug, or even place a peck on his cheek.

On the other hand, if you didn’t like the compliment, you can cross your arms, turn your body center to point away from his, or simply walk away.

Flirt With Him

When a guy calls you sexy and you’re into it, it’s basically an invitation to flirt with him.

couple sitting in bench talking outdoorsThat said, by no means should you feel obligated to flirt with every guy who calls you sexy, but it is a window for flirtatious behavior nonetheless.

Tell Him to Beat It

Speaking of your less than zero-percent obligation to respond in a flirty way when a guy calls you sexy, one option is telling him to beat it and get lost.

You don’t like his compliments? Let him know, and ask him to move on… ’nuff said.

Take the Compliment in Stride

smiling having conversation with partnerNot all compliments require a response, especially ones that include words like “sexy” even if you enjoy receiving them.

You have no obligation to respond when a guy calls you sexy. Never forget it!

Explain That Your Boyfriend is a Bodybuilder

You may always use your fictional body-building boyfriend (who’s twice as big as most men, in every way possible) as a response to guys that call you names like sexy if you aren’t feeling it.

Just let them know that your log-tossing lumberjack-size man gets mean when a guy flirts with you.


Why Do Guys Call You Sexy Instead of Beautiful?

youn couple outdoors having conversationThere is no golden rule, but many guys call you sexy instead of beautiful because it’s more macho. It’s the same reason a lot of guys will use gorgeous as a compliment before they use beautiful, in person. Further, when guys have a physical-only attraction to you, they may prefer the term sexy because it’s purely sexual.

What Does it Mean When a Guy Calls You Beautiful and Hot?

When a guy calls you beautiful and hot he is basically telling you that he thinks you are dead sexy. He may also be implying that he’d like to do more with you than just study for English exams or hold hands at the movies.

How Do You Know If A Guy Thinks Your Beautiful?

If a guy really thinks that you’re beautiful he will show you in all sorts of different situations, by doing different things that stand out; he’ll compliment your face, body, smile, personality, and everything about you constantly, and try his best to express his sincerity. His body language and eye contact are also indicators that he finds you beautiful.