When a Guy Calls You Sexy: 8 Meanings

What does it mean when a guy calls you sexy? Are you supposed to say anything back?

Here are the most common reasons why a guy calls you sexy, and how to respond.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Sexy?

1. He Likes You More Than a Friend

Using the word sexy is very flirtatious. He definitely wants to get to know you better.

2. He Finds You Desirable

The word “sexy” has sex in it. He definitely wants to hook up with you.

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3. He Is Being Open and Clear About His Feelings

When a guy calls you “sexy” he is making it crystal clear that he likes you.

4. He’s Being Playful

Guys may call you sexy to make you smile. There may or may not be romantic undertones here.

5. It’s a Pet Name

Honey, sweetheart, baby…

6. He is Confident

Men who are comfortable in their skin are able to speak openly and freely. Saying what you please shows confidence.

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7. It’s His Way of Saying “Beautiful”

Men know that women like to be called beautiful, yet it sounds so formal. Nowadays, “hot” or “sexy” is used more often.

8. He Thinks You Look Good

Calling someone “sexy” is a compliment about your outward appearance. Perhaps he likes your outfit, or your hair. He likes something.

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How to Respond When He Calls You Sexy

1. Thank Him

2. Smile at Him

3. Flirt With Him

4. Compliment Him Back

5. Ignore Him

  • I like when you call me sexy 🥰
  • Hi there handsome 😉
  • Right back at you 😘
  • Mmmm, you’re sexy 😈
  • Like or heart his message

More Info: Psychology Today


When a guy calls you sexy it generally means he finds you attractive. Consider your feelings for him before you decide how to respond.

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