What Does It Mean When a Guy Touches Your Thigh? (15 Meanings)

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Sometimes the body language and other signs guys show the women their interested in, romantically, are more than obvious.

Other times, their behavior leaves plenty of room for wondering about their intentions. For example; when a guy touches your thigh, what does it really mean?

Read on below and find out!

What Does It Mean When a Guy Touches Your Thigh?

From simply wanting to see your reaction to finding you irresistibly attractive, when a man touches your thigh it’s a strong signal that he’s interested in you (and most likely interested in sexual intercourse as well). But, that’s usually more to the story!

Here are 15 of the top meanings behind guys touching your thigh:

1. He Wants Your Reaction

man grabbing her thigh while sittingOne of the most common reasons a guy may touch your thigh, especially if he has never done so before, is that he wants to see how you’ll react.

This sort of behavior could come from an old friend, new friend, schoolmate, co-worker, or just about any guy you know, in general.

2. You’re Attractive To Him

Perhaps the most compelling reason behind guys touching your thigh is that they find your appearance, and possibly personally, attractive.

Whether the guy just wants to let you know he’s into you, or he wants to explore your body with his hands, depends on the guy and the dynamics between you two.

3. He Wants To Be More Than Friends

woman enjoys touching by her manIt’s important to pay attention to guys’ body language because sometimes even your closest home boys get it in their head that they want to be more than just friends.

If he has fallen in love with you as a person and finds you attractive he’ll likely try to land a hand on your thigh when he gets the nerves built up.

4. He’s Looking For Your Erogenous Spots

Speaking of guys who’ve decided to be more than just friends, sometimes a guy touching your thigh is done in an attempt to search out and explore your erogenous spots.

If he wants to make you feel good, by touching you, he’ll likely go for the upper back, neck, lower back, as well as your legs, hands, face, and lips eventually.

5. He Wants To Touch Your Private Parts

intimate couple flirting close to each otherWhen a guy wants to get into your pants or at least wants to touch your private parts bad enough, they’ll do things like touching your thigh, calling you sweet names, and give your numerous other signals as to what they’re thinking/wanting.

This sort of body language is important to pay attention to, because, if you don’t like it, and don’t let him know, it may turn into something that feels more like a sexual assault than simply a guy wanting to touch your private area.

6. He Thinks You Have Great Legs (And Thighs)

Guys are just as likely to try touching a women’s legs as they are their thighs. That said, when men start touching your body while you’re talking, it’s an obvious sign of their attraction.

Your reaction to his intimate touching of your legs and thighs may help determine his next few moves. If you don’t react immediately, he may go for your lips or your private area next.

7. He’s Thinking About Sex (With You)

office colleague stops man from grabbing her thighIf you don’t like it when a guy touches you down below, you should let him know immediately, because he very well may be thinking about sex with you.

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If you aren’t attracted, pulling away from his touch makes sense, as does being straight to the point and telling him that there is no attraction, romantically, sexually, or otherwise.

8. He Wants You To Feel Attraction Towards Him

From time to time, guys try to take fate into their own hands (but, who doesn’t?) and help you feel sexual/physical attraction to them.

In this case, if you’re into it, try going with the flow. But, if you’re not, pull his hand away and tell him to stop right away.

9. It Was an Accidental Touch

couple touching hands smiling at each otherSometimes a touch on the thigh is accidental (but, most of the time it isn’t). Accidental touches are more than likely to be on the arms, possibly hips, or hair.

The thigh, especially the inner part, is a bit harder to legit accidentally touch. If a guy uses “it was an accident” as his answer, it’s more than likely a sign he likes your body and wants to be more than friends.

10. He’s Too Scared To Go For a Kiss

Believe it or not, even the machoest guy may be too scared to go in for a kiss with a girl that they are super attracted to.

A touch on the thigh, arm, or neck is much more likely to happen first, as a dry run. Depending on your reaction, a peck on the mouth might be next in order.

11. He’s Experienced With Girls

When guys are experienced with girls, they may feel much more comfortable with touching and feeling your body than most men.

touching her thigh smiling at each other in the parkEven if he’s just a friend, with no interest in a romantic relationship, and all you’re doing is talking, a man placing his hands on your thigh, knee, or shoulder, isn’t surprising at all.

12. He’s Showing You That He’s Interested

Sometimes the gesture of a guy putting his hands on a woman is a sign that he’s interested in you, what you’re saying, or otherwise into you.

The important thing is to figure out what page he’s on, exactly how he’s interested, and react in a proper way that lets him know how you feel about it.

13. He Lost Himself In the Moment

male showing a grabbing gestureWhether you’re dealing with a stranger, a friend, a co-worker, or an old boyfriend, sometimes men lose themselves in the moment and just go for it.

In this case, going for it would mean reaching out and touching you while you’re talking. Again, if you’re into it when the guy puts his hands on you, show him positive body language (otherwise, do the opposite and give him a hard “no” with your body language).

14. He Can’t Resist Touching Your Body

Sometimes women aren’t aware of the power their body language has on men.

The thing is, the way a woman holds herself around a man may cause a huge turn in his idea of their “relationship.”

One too many winks, smiles, or nose wiggles, and the next thing you know, he can’t resist the urge to touch your body anymore!

15. He’s Trying To Be Gentle With You

When a guy wants a relationship with certain women, they have a tendency to be extra gentle with them.

grabbing his colleagues behind in the officeAt the same time, advances like thigh and butt touching are also likely to increase the more he thinks about being in a relationship with you.

How to Respond When a Guy Touches Your Thigh

Knowing how to respond to guys that touch you in a sexual way is extremely helpful. Whether you want him to stop, or you want the act to continue, your reply pretty much determines how he’ll act in the future.

Here are a few of the best ways to reply to this kind of behavior:

Consider the Possible Reasons

The first step to replying is to consider the possible reasons behind his advances.

woman outdoors by her self looking far having thoughtsFurther, you need to know how you feel about his touches, this determines the best course of action.

Reply With Precise Body Langauge

When you know how you feel about it, reply immediately with precise body language.

If you like it, you can put your hand on top of his, or even move it where you’d like it to be.

On the other hand, you sigh deeply, roll your eyes, remove his hand from your leg, cross your arms, and turn your body center away from his.

Make or Avoid Eye Contact

Making or avoiding eye contact with the man touching you makes or breaks his advances.

happy couple touching her partners faceIf you enjoy what he’s doing, smiling, putting a hand in his hair, and looking deeply into his eyes is a great move.

When you don’t like it, make it obvious, by avoiding his gaze and moving away from him.

Tell Him He’s…

Sometimes guys just need you to tell them where they belong in your life.

If you’re just as much into him as he is apparently into you, let him know he’s a possible romantic/sexual interest.

If you don’t like him romantically, or sexually, let him know he’s just a good friend and that you’d like to keep it that way.

Excuse the Touch as Accidental

Dancing in a group of people can be quite the experience, as well as quick cramped.

happy couple about to have a danceIf you’re dancing with a guy or playing crab soccer, the touch could actually be accidental… and if that is really the case, you can excuse it as such.


What Does It Mean If He Puts His Hand On Your Thigh?

When a man puts his hand on your thigh, it is typically an indicator that he is interested in you physically, romantically, or sexually. Every so often it may also be a simple gesture, from a man that loves you, that he cares about you.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Touches You A lot?

intimate couple touching her hair and faceWhen a man touches you a lot it is a very clear sign that he is into you. Whether he simply likes your body and flirting with you, or he’s waiting for you to figure out that he wants to have sex with you but doesn’t want to risk looking stupid by asking/telling you.

Is Thigh Touching Normal?

Thigh normal is absolutely normal between people who are romantically or sexually attracted to each other. That means if a guy puts his hand on your thigh, he’s into you. It also means that if you’re not an adult, a man should not put his hand on your thigh.