How to Respond When a Guy Says You’re Hot: 20 Ways

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When a guy says you’re hot, it can be quite shocking.

Here are some of the most straightforward ways you can respond to a guy’s suggestive compliments:

How to Respond When a Guy Says You’re Hot: 20 Ways

1. “Thank You”

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You could say “thank you” and keep going about your day as if nothing happened. This works well for compliments from strangers, like when you’re running errands or passing by someone on the street downtown. If they make eye contact with you after saying this, just smile and continue on your way.

2. “It’s Kind of You to Say”

This is a good way to respond when a guy says you’re hot if he’s a platonic friend. It lets him know that his compliment is appreciated, but without encouraging too much conversation to develop around it.

3. “I Know”

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This response works well if you want to keep the conversation going after a guy says you’re hot. You can also use it when he’s made other compliments, like “you have great style” or “I love your dress.”

4. “You’re Hot Too”

This is another good response if you want to keep the conversation going. It assures him that he’s hot too, so it is an easy way to flirt. You can also use this if you’re flirting with a stranger, like someone who is checking out your groceries at the grocery store.

5. “Tell Me More”

If you’re flirting with a guy and he says something like “you have beautiful eyes” or “I love your smile,” then this is an easy way to respond. It’s simple, but it encourages him to keep talking about what makes you hot. This response is good if you want the guy to do all the work, but still want to flirt.

6. “You’re Not So Bad Yourself”

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If you want to make your guy friends feel good about themselves after they compliment you, use this. It tells them that their hotness is comparable to yours in some way, so it’s a flattering response. Instead of using this when he says “you’re hot,” try using it whenever he compliments something else like your sense of humor or hair.

This response is a good way to change the subject away from yourself if you’re not comfortable with someone complimenting how you look. It’s also a nice way to let him know that he can return the favor someday if he wants.

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7. “Do You Really Think So?”

This response is good when you’re flirting with a guy and he compliments your looks. If you feel he may be making the compliment just to flatter you, this response puts the ball in his court. It tells him that you need some convincing, so it’s a good way to test if he’s genuine or not.

If he says “yes,” there are many ways for you to flirt back with your body language and tone of voice. If he hesitates because what he’s saying isn’t genuine, then you can call him out on it.

8. “Yes, I Am, And You’re Welcome”

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This response is good if you want to show that the compliment was appreciated, and to let the guy know that you are fully aware of your own beauty. It’s a fun and flirty way to respond.

You could also use this if you’re flirting with someone who isn’t your friend, like an attractive guy on the subway. It shows that you know he’s checking you out and how good-looking you are, but it doesn’t encourage him to make conversation or flirt back.

9. “Wow, I’m Blushing.”

If you’re not used to being complimented in this way or are a shy person in general, this is a good response. It lets the guy know that you are flattered, but it doesn’t give him too much encouragement to continue flirting with you.

This is also useful if he’s making unwanted comments on your appearance or body language in general.

10. “You’re The Sweetest”

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This is a good response if you want to let him know that you appreciate his compliment and think he’s sweet. It doesn’t encourage too much flirting, but it is a nice way to acknowledge that you heard what he said and enjoyed the compliment.

11. “Thank You, But There’s More To Me”

This response is good if you want to acknowledge that a guy said something nice while also letting him know you want to be noticed for more than your physical qualities. You can even tell him something else that makes you

12. “More Compliments Please!”

This is a good response if you want to encourage the guy to keep complimenting you. It’s fun and flirty, but it also pushes his boundaries, so he knows what the limits are when it comes to being too forward or flirtatious with you.

13. “Nice Try”

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This is a playful way for you to let him know that you caught him trying to flatter you. It’s light-hearted and fun, so it doesn’t discourage the guy from complimenting your looks next time if he really means it.

14. “You’re So Full of It”

This is a good response for when a guy tries too hard to flirt with you or compliment your looks too much. It tells him that you know he’s just being nice to get somewhere, so it encourages him to start off with a more genuine compliment or not try too hard next time.

15. “You Don’t Have To Say That”

This is an appropriate response if the guy crosses your boundaries or comes off as too desperate. It tells him that you know he’s trying too hard to flatter you, and it discourages him from continuing with the same kind of compliments.

16. “You Always Know How To Make Me Feel Hot”

This is a good way to let him know that you appreciate his compliments and think he’s flattering you with genuine intentions. It also lets the guy lead when it comes to flirting or trying too hard, and encourages him to continue doing so if he wants.

17. “Do You Want To Move This Conversation To My Place?”

This lets the guy know that you want to take him up on his compliments and go to the next level. It’s flirty and fun, but also assertive and sexy. He’ll know that you’re interested in him and ready to take things further.

18. “That Makes Me Uncomfortable”

This is a good response if you want to let him know that he crossed your boundaries or made an unwanted advance. It tells the guy you’re not interested in flirting with him and encourages him to keep his distance next time.

19. “Let’s Change The Subject”

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This is a good response if you want to end the conversation and turn your focus onto something else. It tells him that his flirting isn’t welcome, but it’s not too aggressive or rude, so he won’t feel embarrassed about trying again in the future.

20. “I Like You As A Friend!”

This lets him know that you’re not interested in flirting and encourages him to keep his distance. It’s a firm way of telling the guy he can’t cross your boundaries or make any more advances if he wants to continue talking with you, but it isn’t too rude so he won’t feel like no one else will ever want to talk with him again.

What Does it Mean If Someone Calls You Hot?

When someone calls you hot, it usually means they think you’re attractive and good-looking. In some instances, it might also refer to a sexually arousing person, but this is only in more explicit cases.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that a guy is attracted to you if he calls you hot. In some cases, he might be trying to flatter you as a friend or even as your superior. In other instances, it could just mean that someone thinks you look good and they want to let you know.

In order to tell if he means it personally or not, you will need to look at his body language and facial expressions. If he is blushing, has a big smile on his face, or seems to be checking you out as well; it’s likely that he means what he said personally and finds you attractive in some way.