What Does It Mean When a Guy Stands Close Behind You

What does it mean when a guy stands close behind you? Is it good? Or bad?

Find out the 6 most common reasons below.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Stands Behind You

1. He Likes You

Men display their attraction to women in many ways, one of which is called proximity. This is when a guy puts himself very close to a girl he is interested in. Many times guys do this without even realizing they are doing it.

2. He’s Testing to See How You React

Whether it’s because he genuinely likes you, or he just wants to sleep with you, a guy may come up behind you and stand extremely close, just to see your reaction.

If you are receptive and inviting, he will open conversation and try to meet you. If you leave or ignore him, he will know you are not interested.

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3. He Doesn’t Realize He’s Doing It

Some guys have poor social skills and are not fully aware of other people’s personal space. He is probably attracted to you and doesn’t realize how close he is standing.

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4. He’s Making a Move

He wants to meet you and has already planned his attack. His first step is to stand close to you, right behind you. He is probably getting up the nerve to talk to you next.

5. He’s Being Dominant

Whether he is your boyfriend or just a friend, he is standing close behind you because he is being protective. He is also signaling to other guys “she’s with me.”

6. He’s Showing Affection

He is coming in close to be physically loving and warm. This is because he cares about you and wants to show it.

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How To Respond When a Guy Stands Close Behind You

1. Show Interest

If you are interested, you must somehow let him know. You can do this by saying “hi” and engaging in conversation, you can make eye contact & smile, and you can exhibit open body language.

2. Step Away or Ask Him To Move

If you are not interested, you must let him know immediately. Do this by walking away from him or by politely asking him to move.

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3. Ignore

If you are not interested, and you are more of the non-confrontational type, just ignore the guy. Eventually he will get the hint and leave.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Standing Close to Someone Mean?

Standing close to someone means you like them, you are testing to see how they react to your closeness, you don’t realize you’re standing close, you’re being dominant, and/or you’re showing affection.

What Does It Mean When a Girl Stands Close to You?

When a girl stands close to you it might mean she likes you, perhaps she finds you attractive, she probably feels comfortable and safe around you, she may be signaling other men that she is taken, or she’s showing affection.

What Does It Mean When Your Crush Stands Next To You?

When your crush stands next to you it means they like you, they want to interact with you, and they are interested in talking to you.

More Info: Psychology Today


I hope you can now answer, “what does it mean when a guy stands close behind you?” There is a big difference when it is a guy you know vs. when it is a guy you don’t know. Consider this when choosing your reason above.

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