When a Guy Doesn’t Answer Your Question – 11 Meanings

It can be very frustrating when a guy doesn’t answer your question. Here are all the possible meanings why.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Doesn’t Answer Your Question?

1. He Is Hiding Something From You

One of the biggest reasons guys don’t answer your questions is because they are hiding something from you.

Whether he is seeing someone else, or leaving town for a few weeks, keeping a secret is one of the most common meanings.

2. He Doesn’t Know the Answer

Sometimes guys don’t answer your question because they don’t know the answer. He is likely to ignore your question rather than admit that he doesn’t know the answer.

3. He’s Not In a Relationship With You

Depending on the guy you’re talking to, the question you’re asking him, his ego, and your dating status, he may not feel like he has to answer your questions.

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4. He Is Teasing You

There are times that a guy avoids your question just to tease you. Don’t be so reactive, or you’ll play into his traps.

When a guy doesn't answer your question

5. He Is Self Conscious

Sometimes the reason a guy doesn’t answer your question is because he is scared you won’t like his answer. If he likes you he is looking for your approval.

6. He Doesn’t Know How to Talk to Girls

He may simply not know how to talk to women. Guys aren’t as good as girl at expressing themselves. Be patient, give pointers, and he will learn.

7. He Is Still Thinking

When a guy is still thinking about certain aspects of your question, he might avoid answering you quickly. Be patient, he will probably get back to you with an answer.

8. You Caught Him In the Moment

He was prepared for whatever question you asked. So he is kind of frozen, unable to answer.

When a guy doesn't answer your question 2

9. He Doesn’t Think You’ll Like the Answer

Sometimes the reason a guy keeps you waiting on the answer to your question is that he believes you won’t like what he has to say.

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10. He’s Trying to Play it Cool

When a guy likes you, he wants to be somewhat mysterious and enigmatic. So he doesn’t want to answer all your questions.

11. He Doesn’t Want to Appear Vulnerable

Many guys have trouble discussing their feelings because they feel vulnerable. This might be the case.

When a guy doesn't answer your question 3

How To Respond When Guys Don’t Answer Your Question

There are a ton of common meanings behind a guy not answering your question. Hopefully, with the reasons listed above, you’re able to pinpoint why it is that your guy isn’t answering you.

When you think you know why he’s avoiding the answer to your question, and you understand how it makes you feel, proceed with one of the following basic responses:

Repeat the Question

Make eye contact, repeat your question politely, and make sure he hears you.

Forget About It and Go On With the Conversation

A neutral response is simply moving on with the conversation without answering your question. You can always circle back around to your question later on.

Tell Him That Honesty Is Important to You

Don’t be afraid to be a bit vulnerable and let him know that he can trust you. Tell him you appreciate his honesty and you will do the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Mean When Someone Avoids Answering a Question?

There are many potential meanings for someone avoiding answering a question. It may be because they are hiding something from you, perhaps they are scared you won’t like the truth, or possibly they think they don’t have a good enough answer.

What Do You Do When Someone Ignores Your Question?

You can ignore them back or repeat your question louder and politely ask for an answer.

When a guy doesn't answer your question F

What Does It Mean When a Man Doesn’t Answer Your Text?

When a man doesn’t answer your text message right away, it doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t want to; he could be caught up with something and simply too busy, depressed about something, or otherwise busy at the moment. Or maybe he doesn’t like you.

More Info: Psychology Today


Most of the time when a guy doesn’t answer your question it is simply because he doesn’t really want to. Decide if the answer to your question is important to you and proceed accordingly.

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