101+ Flirty Truth or Dare Questions Over Text (Spicy Dares for Him)

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If you’re looking up spicy dares for him, you’ve probably just about got him where you want him.

Now’s the time to turn up the heat even more.

Read on below and discover 101+ flirty truth or dare questions to send him over text!

Dares Over Text for a Guy

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As one quick Google search clearly indicates, there is no shortage of flirty truth or dare questions to send him over text.

The real question is, are the ones you’re thinking of sending him spicy enough or not.

In the following sections we reveal 101 of the best spicy dares for texting, including plenty of flirty and embarrassing truths questions:

Spicy Dares Over Text Him

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When playing truth or dare with a guy, it pays off to jump straight in with both barrels firing:

What’s the single biggest sexual turn-on that you can imagine?

What’s one thing that always turns you off no matter what?

Who was your worst sexual experience ever with, and why was it so bad?

Have you ever faked an orgasm during sex, and if so did your partner find out?

What are the most years between your sexual partners’ ages and your own?

Do you believe that size really matters, to a woman?

Have you ever been caught during the act, and if so, who busted you?

If you could only ever experience a single sexual position for the rest of your life, which position would you choose and why?

What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve ever endured while having sex?

Where’s the riskiest place you and a partner got nasty?

What’s one thing that always turns you off?

Are there any underground sex tapes floating around that you and your ex star in?

Do you have any serious sexual fetishes?

Do you like it when your partner is loud or silent in bed?

What is your favorite song to jam to when you’re getting it on with your partner?

Do you have a one-night stand story?

Send your ex a message confessing how much you miss them and that you can’t live without them

Swipe down, select a random contact, and call them on video, looking into the camera and moaning their name over and over

Ask a complete stranger for detailed medical advice on how to cure a strange rash you’ve recently developed between your legs

Make your best “O-face” at a random stranger until they make eye contact with you, then wink and them and walk away

Seductively eat a banana, bobbing up and down on it, and lock eyes with the next random person you encounter

Send your parents a sext and don’t reply when they message you back

Perform a seductive dance on your front porch/back porch when you know there are people watching

Using junk food and a condom only, demonstrate how to put a condom on for safe sex

Record a long and extra dirty voicemail for a random contact on your phone without blocking your number

FaceTime a random recent contact, and tell them how many times you’ve ignored their calls in the past five years

Confess one bedtime secret that no one knows about you

Drop an ice cube in your pants and ignore it while explaining the local weather forecast for the next week

Search up the nastiest thing you can think of and forward the link to the last person who messaged your phone

Flirty Truth or Dare Questions

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After bombarding him with your spiciest dares/questions, switch things up with some more flirty truth or dares:

Record yourself doing a sexy dance and send it to me immediately or share it as a YouTube video

Narrate one of your biggest and steamiest fantasies to me, in the voice of your favorite actor

Say something that would make me show up at your door in nothing but my birthday suit

Tell me something you’ve never told anyone before, and never will again

Send me a screenshot of your last chat with your crush

Copy the latest TikTok Dance on your feed and share it

Update your profile with your most embarrassing old profile picture and a quote about the childish thing you’ve ever done

Call a random contact from your address book on your phone and convince them you love them

Do the Robot dance, with cardboard boxes tapped to your arm, legs, and chest

Wear only trash bags and pots and pants as your clothes and put on a private runway show for fifteen minutes

Touch your nose with the tip of your tongue, take a selfie, and share it immediately upon joining your next group chat

Let’s play truth or dare with no clothes on… so take off all your clothing!

Embarrassing Truth or Dare Questions

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Truth or dare is not truth or dare without sharing some of their most embarrassing truths:

Share the name of your real-life secret crush with your last group chat

If you had to make out with one family member, who would it be and why?

Share your most unflattering picture with your crush and tell them what your biggest pet peeve is

Who was your favorite childhood Disney character of the opposite sex, and would you sleep with them?

Only answer yes for an hour, no matter what someone asks you (in person and in text)

Go onto someone’s social media and pretend to be a stalker, leaving weird comments on all their pictures and posts

Exchange an item of clothing for an item to your left and try to wear it

Do the first dance that appears on your for you page on TikTok

Send a weird GIF to the 7th person on your contacts list, preferably a really unflattering picture

Use a voice filter and record a funny voice message then send it to your ex from a spoof account

Drink a shot of vinegar, and take a selfie of your reaction then send it to a random friend

Call your parents, start an odd conversation and hang up as soon as they begin to respond

Freestyle rap, live on social media, and make it about our relationship

Go live, right here, right now, on a social media account and declare your love for me

Twerk along to a lame old song and don’t stop until the music is over

Let your partner give you a drastic makeover and photoshoot, then share the photos on social media

Post a 3-page Facebook status, describing your day in great detail

Put two or three drops of the hot sauce onto your tongue

What were the most embarrassing circumstances that you ever happened to you while on a date?

Which sexual act or position are you best at, in your humble opinion?

When was the last time you peed your pants (or your bed)?

Tell us your most embarrassing vomit story, where did it happen, when did it happen, and who saw it?

Are you a part of the “mile-high” club, and if not, do you plan on joining any time soon?

If you could kiss anyone right now, who would it be and why?

How many of your ex’s phone numbers do you currently still have?

What’s the lamest pick-up line you’ve ever used in person

If you could get away with any crime for an entire day, what crime would you choose and why?

Has anyone ever accidentally seen you naked, or have you accidentally seen someone naked?

Have you ever slept with a person and regretted it before you were even finished?

Dare Questions for Your Boyfriend Over Text

man recording on his phone

Before things wind down completely, get him fired back up with a few final spicey dare questions:

Have you ever masturbated through an entire song, and were you thinking about me if so?

What’s the absolute most terrifying thing you’ve ever done or seen?

When was the last time that something or someone made you cry, and what happened?

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Jump onto Facebook praising me like a Goddess

Have you ever cheated on a partner (including me)?

What is one thing that no one else knows about you so that I can blackmail you later?

What’s the one thing you’d do if you knew you’d “get away with it”?

Open the refrigerator, or cabinet, remove a random item and make out with it, passionately, for 3 minutes

Respond in a fake accent for the remainder of the Truth or Dare questions

What’s one of the most useless skills you’d love to learn and use anyway?

What do you find to be the most annoying thing about me?

What’s the last lie you told me?

Put an entire spoonful of honey on the tip of your penis and stir it into a warm cup of coffee and drink it

Crossdress, take a selfie and make it your profile for one day

What’s your biggest regret in life thus far?

What’s the worst bad habit that you have, and how did you develop it?

What’s one thing on your bucket list that you don’t think you’ll ever get the chance to do?

Compliment me, 10 times, sincerely

Update your social media accounts with my name instead of yours

Romance me for five minutes straight, with your words

Record yourself singing “our” song and send it to your contact list, informing them that you dedicate it to me

Randomly select a photo of us from your phone and post it on social media and tag us

Write me a steamy love letter (a real love letter) and promptly upload it on all your social media accounts

If you found a genie in a magic lamp, what three wishes would you choose?

What’s your one true fear during sexual intercourse?

What’s your biggest insecurity, and how did it develop?

Call a random contact and ask them for the money to buy me flowers

Ask me out on a date somewhere we have never been, and buy me something you can’t afford

Tell me that you love me and that you’ll never let me go


What Dares To Give Over Text?

man shocked looking on his phone

There are countless spicy dares for him to send over text messages. The real question is what type of dare to send over text; flirty, spicey, romantic, funny, and classic are top picks. Some of the best dares for over text include calling or texting random numbers, recording humiliating performances, and deep questions with personal answers.

What Are Some Flirty Dares?

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The best flirty and spicy dares for him include anything with sexual undertones. A few examples are asking him pointed questions about his sex life, his turn-ons, and his biggest fantasies. You may also consider getting him to admit his love for you, who his crush is, or the exact dimensions of his penis.

What DARE Should I Give To a Boy?

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In order to pick the very best spicy dares for him, you need to get to know him a bit. That said, if you’re just getting to know this one, try starting off with basic dares like taking his clothes off, singing you a passionate love song, or giving you a private runway show.

What Are Some Dares To Do On a Call?

We’ve listed over 100 spicy dares for him above, so as you can see, there is no shortage of great dares to do on phone calls. Some of the best include admitting guilty pleasures, including the name of a crush, crossdressing, getting naked, and doing all sorts of crazy things that wouldn’t normally cross your mind in a million years.

What Is a Romantic Dare Question?

The most romantic dare questions over text include the ones inquiring about relationship status, sexual preferences, fantasies, and other genuinely personal information that would normally be kept private. This includes point-blank-type questions asking the other person how they feel about you, dating you, or sleeping with you.

How Spicy of a Dare Should I Give My Boyfriend?

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When it comes to the level of heat you dish out with your spicy dares for him, only you can gauge what’s best. That means you need to know your boyfriend a bit and feel your way through the rest. Pay attention to how he responds to each truth or dare question before proceeding with the next ones and consider each one with care.

How to Play Truth or Dare Over Text?

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Playing truth or dare over the phone is exactly the same as in-person, except over the phone it tends to be a two-player game whereas the original game normally includes a group of people. That said, if it isn’t a romantic game, truth or dare may be played over the phone as a group in group chats in addition to one-on-one sessions with romantic interests.