How To Flirt Over Text With a Guy (16 Ways)

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When it comes to flirting with guys over text, there are endless possibilities.

From the most basic flirty messages to spicy photos and video clips, we’ve put together a list of 15 of the best ways to flirt over text with a guy.

So, what are you waiting for, girl? Read on below and explore these great options!

How To Flirt With a Guy Over Text Message

woman texting in her home office

Flirting with guys over text is a whole different animal than flirting in real life (in-person).

You can send as many flirty texts as you want, as often as you want, no matter things like how far apart you are or what time it is.

You also have all the time in the world to reply to his messages.

The downside is that you don’t get to experience his physical reactions/body language.

Here are 16 of the best ways to flirt with a guy over text:

1. Send Him a Flirty Text First Thing in the Morning

woman taking a selfie with skincare mask

Flirty texting is a dish best served all day long. It should start after your last date and go on until your next date.

That said, in between dates, and otherwise seeing each other in person, sending him a flirty text first thing in the morning goes a long way in making him feel special.

If you really want him to obsess over you, consider sending him a selfie with your first smile of the day.

At any rate, morning text messages are sure to make anyone’s day better!

2. Send Him Well-Timed Text Messages With Photos

woman taking a selfie

A well-timed text message, specifically a flirty one, is a girl’s secret weapon.

For example, a photo of your smiling face (or your panty line) as he’s getting ready for school, or walking into work, is sure to get his blood flowing.

If you want to keep his mind on you, not the other females around him, make sure to send him smiling selfies every day.

Later in the day, when he’s getting off work, or otherwise coming home for the day, fire off a private video or more selfies (when you know he has time to obsess over them).

3. Send Him More Flirty Texts Randomly Throughout the Day

man texting while having coffee

Whether he’s working, studying, or it’s his day off; send him more flirty texts randomly throughout the day to keep things spicy.

Ask him how he’s doing, and how he’s feeling, as well as what he’s thinking in addition to hitting on him and flirting with him.

Give him hope that you’re interested in a real relationship and you’ll see just how much of a crush he really has.

4. Send Him Selfies With Interesting Facial Expressions

woman taking a mirror selfie at the gym

A picture is worth a thousand words, and so it truly is the case when girls send guys selfies.

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There is nothing more interesting to look at, in general, to a guy, than a girl he is interested in, in the first place.

An elaborate pose, a tasty outfit, or even a simple but interesting facial expression is enough to get his blood boiling.

5. Hit Him With the “I Had a Dream About You Last Night”

woman in bed texting

The whole “I had a dream about you last night” line always seems to do the trick.

It’s a sure way to pick up the conversation the next day, as well as a great way to put a smile on his face first thing in the day.

Plus, if you really did dream about him last night, then why wouldn’t you let him know?!

6. Ask Him If You’re Going To Get a Kiss Today

woman in blue shirt texting

If you want to get him going, fire off a flirty text message asking him if you’re going to get a kiss from him today.

It’s one of those lines that guys find cute, and it also makes them stop and think about you (and kissing you).

If he hadn’t already been thinking about you (and your body, especially your warm moist lips) he will be now.

7. Tell Him That You Miss Him And Want To Go On a Date

man thinking while smiling

Another way of flirting is telling him to stop making excuses and to take you on a date.

If he really likes you and wants to see you and take you out to have some fun, he’ll certainly be thinking about it.

Tell him he needs to make it happen this week and see how quickly things become heated.

8. Send Him a Video Text

woman sucking finger

Whether you record yourself doing something funny, or something else to get his interest, sending him a short and private video is a great way to flirt with him over text.

You can make him laugh, think about dating you, having sex with you, and more, depending on the contents of the video.

If you really want to get him excited, but don’t want to send him anything with nudity, try moaning his name and looking into the camera while recording (sucking a finger doesn’t hurt either).

9. Tell Him You Can’t Stop Thinking About Him

woman holding a lollipop

Letting him know that you are missing him to the point of needing to hear him or see him on the phone screen makes him feel good, to say the least.

Depending on the dynamics of your relationship with the guy, you may venture to tell him exactly what it is you can’t stop thinking about.

Perhaps you miss his big strong hands, or his kind eyes… or perhaps it’s something lower down the totem pole that you miss (like his totem pole).

10. Don’t Wait For Him To Make The First Move

woman texting

There’s no need to wait for a guy to make the first move… especially when you’re over here reading up on things and studying like a guru.

No, sometimes it’s you that should carry out the preliminary strike.

Let him know you’re interested, get yourself in the game, and stay on the phone with him 24/7, texting and sending photos and videos back and forth.

11. Keep Talking Throughout the Whole Day

man sad on his phone

Whether you’re dating or not, staying in touch with him, and a running conversation going (aside from strictly flirty texting) is a great way of letting him know you want to be in his life.

It is especially important to do so on the weekend, holidays, and on your days off.

Consider how he would feel if he knew you had a day off from work and didn’t have the time (or stop to think about him long enough) to send a single text.

12. Call Him Sweet (or some other sort of compliment)

couple looking at the sky

Texting him some compliments, or calling him by a cute pet name, is a great way to let your crush know that you like them/find them sweet.

If you want your crush to think you’re the genuine article, you need to be a main character in his life.

That means you don’t stop texting him until the conversation is over for the night (and you start again the next day).

13. Don’t Be Afraid To Let Him Know How Interested You Are

woman texting

You don’t have to be a love at first sight scenario, to capture his interest.

Sometimes just being real with your crush is enough.

Of course, cute texts and flirty pictures/videos probably don’t hurt!

14. Let Him Know If You’re Not Dating Anyone

If you aren’t dating anyone, then let him know as soon as possible.

Otherwise, you are merely tempting the fates.

If you like him and want to go on a date: let him know.

15. Don’t Leave Him Wondering (Give Him More Attention)

Guys may not be texting you back right away due to texting anxiety, or simply being busy with life.

But, why leave things up to chance?

Give him more attention!

16. Tell Him You Can’t Wait To See Him at School Today (Or at Work)

man smiling over a text

If you can’t want to see him again… tell him so!

There is nothing sweeter to a man than the girl he likes telling him she misses him.

Of course, following up with selfies, videos, or flirtatious texts is always a plus.


How Do You Get a Guy To Fall In Love With You Over Text?

couple on a park date

If your object of desire needs a little help realizing that you should be the center of their universe, fret not, my child, for where there is a will, there is surely a way. But, if you want to have that much fun, you’ll have to go all the way. If you want a guy to fall in love with him over text: pretend to understand everything he says (or ask him to further explain something, he’ll love that), make him feel like it’s you and him against the world, and always let him know what you plan to wear tonight.

How Can I Spice Up My Boyfriend Over Text?

Spicing your boyfriend up over text is even easier than in person because you have your boyfriend at arm’s reach (he can’t actually touch you, but he really wants to). That means you get to torture him a little bit, and spice things up with selfies, videos, and vivid flirty texts.

How Can I Flirt Without Being Too Flirty?

man kissing woman's hands

Flirting over text, without being overly flirtatious or appearing desperate for attention, is relatively easy to do. All you have to do is keep him talking, and be interested (or fake like you are really really well) in what he has to say. Let him know you’re thinking about him and look forward to seeing him again (or going on a date).

How Do You Flirt With a Guy Without Being Obvious?

There are endless amounts of ways to flirt with a guy over text, many of which are the opposite of obvious. For example, you can ask him how he slept last night, or tell him that you had a dream about him, first thing in the morning. Then, after messaging him several more times throughout the day, you can text him a goodnight message letting him know you can’t stop thinking about him.