When a Guy Calls You Dude – Real Meaning in a Relationship

What is the meaning behind when a guy calls you dude? It’s not exactly a romantic word. Does he see you as one of the boys? Are you being friendzoned? Is it a term of endearment?

We all communicate differently. Here you will learn all possible meanings a guy might have when he calls you dude.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Dude

When a guy calls you dude he is comfortable with you and is showing warmth in a friendly way. “Dude” is a mild term of endearment, one that is generally reserved for friends. Perhaps “dude” is a term he calls everyone and it means nothing. Or he could see you just as a friend, and is making it clear.

When a Guy Calls You Dude

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1. He Feels Comfortable With You

“Dude” is a very friendly term, commonly used with people you feel relaxed and comfortable with. He feels a sense of familiarity and can be himself around you.

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2. He Sees You as a Friend

When a guy calls you “dude” perhaps he sees you as one of the guys, and is being warm and friendly. Calling you “dude” is similar to calling you bro or homie. He may not even realize he’s saying it.

It also may be a subtle way for a guy to tell you that he is not interested in you romantically. He might just see you as a friend.

3. It’s a Term of Endearment

A guy might call you “dude” to show his warmth and respect. It is a friendly and familiar term that shows positive feelings.

4. He May Be Testing You

“Dude” is a masculine term. A guy would not want to use it on a girl he has a crush on. He may deliberately call you “dude” just to see your reaction. Perhaps this is his way to check your level of interest.

5. He Feels a Connection

A guy may call you “dude” when he feels close to you. Perhaps he feels a bond or connection and wants to show it.

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6. He Calls Everyone “Dude”

This is very important to consider, especially if he calls you dude over text. “Dude” may be a term he uses all the time, on anyone, and everyone. It could be cultural, or maybe just a habit. Consider his interactions with others, perhaps it is his way of addressing people.

7. He’s Upset

Some girls say that “when a guy calls me dude I know he isn’t happy with me.” If he is annoyed, and he is saying “dude” in a sarcastic or condescending way, it is not a compliment. He is upset with you and did not like something you did.

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8. He Might Be Teasing You

He could be joking around, teasing you, or maybe he’s just being silly. He will say it in a flirty tone, it should be obvious. Clearly he likes you.

If a Guy Calls You Dude Over Text

If a guy calls you “dude” over text he feels comfortable with you. He may be teasing you, he might see you just as a friend, he may be showing warmth, maybe he is upset, or perhaps he calls everyone “dude.” Consider your entire interaction to determine how he truly feels.

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Dude Meaning in Relationship

When a girl calls you “dude” she may be subtly friendzoning you. She’s letting you know she sees you only as a friend, without coming out and saying it. Or, she may just feel comfortable with you and “dude” is a term she uses with everyone. 

If a Guy Calls You Dude Are You Friendzoned

If a guy calls you dude you are definitely friendzoned. “Dude” is a very masculine term, one that a man usually calls another man. It shows comfort, familiarity, and friendship. If this guy is your crush, you might want to take the hint.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Mean When Your Crush Calls You Dude?

When your crush calls you “dude” they may be saying they see you only as a friend. Or, they might just feel comfortable around you and “dude” is a term they call everyone.

If you have a crush on him consider the rest of your interaction to determine the true meaning.

Can I Say Dude to a Girl?

Yes, you can say “dude” to a girl. It is considered a pretty masculine term, yet over the past 50 years has fallen into mainstream usage for a guy or a girl. “Dude” is most commonly used to show familiarity and friendship. 

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Is Dude a Friendzone Word?

“Dude” is not a friendzone word, yet it may be used by a girl to subtly hint that she is not interested in a romantic relationship. “Dude” might just be a term she calls everyone. Consider your relationship, the rest of the interaction, and the tone used to determine whether or not you are being friendzoned.

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When a guy calls you dude, it can have several meanings. He may be teasing you, he might view you simply as a friend, maybe he is expressing warmth, he could be upset with you, or perhaps he uses “dude” as a term for everyone.

To determine the true meaning, it is important to consider your overall interaction with him, your current relationship, and the tone used.

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