What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Hun: 15 Meanings

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When a guy calls you hun it could mean dozens of different possibilities. So, how do you tell what it is that he really means when he says it?

Read on below and discover what it means when a guy calls you hun, how to react, and other frequently asked questions related to the topic!

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Hun?

What it is that he actually means when a guy calls you hun? The possibilities are nearly limitless.

Truthfully, you need to know the guy (or even ask him), to really know what he means when he uses pet names like hun.

That said, you can start with these 15 common things it means when a guy calls you hun:

1. He’s Attracted To You

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When a guy is attracted to you he is very likely to pick a petname or two to use with you and only you. Hun is one of the “softest” and safest nicknames that would-be suitors are apt to use when they begin to “woo” you off your feet.

That said, other guys are likely to use nicknames like “hun” with all of their female friends (with zero sexual meaning attached to it).

2. He Feels Comfortable With You

Speaking of guys who are likely to call any of their female friends hun, when guys are comfortable with you, them calling you hun is no different than they call their male friends something like bro.

Sorry, ladies, but, sometimes it really does just mean that he’s comfortable with you (not that he wants to run away, get married, and live happily ever after drinking coconut milk together on a gorgeous desert island making passionate love until the end).

3. He Wants to Be More Than Just Friends

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Sometimes, however, that is exactly what guys want to do (run away with you, get married, and make a bunch of babies). When that is the case, he’ll show the same body language with multiple signs that he’s interested in you.

So, when he starts calling you hun habitually, you need to ask yourself: could I live with this man on a desert island drinking coconut milk and eating hand-caught seafood for eternity?

4. He’s Trying to Make You Feel Good About Yourself

Your male friends may call you hun when they know you are down on yourself lately in an attempt to cheer you up. They may also call you hun in an attempt to get you psyched up about feeling good about yourself and life in general.

5. He’s Just Flirting With You

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A lot of the time, the truth of it is that he’s just flirting with you when he calls you hun. That said, “hun” is a much softer flirt word than “babe” or “sexy”, which implies that he respects you as a woman and doesn’t want to sound come off like a self-entitled jerk.

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6. It’s a Sign of His Genuine Affection

Hun is a term that often implies a genuine affection for said person. In this case, it’s perfectly natural that a guy calls his other female friends hun as well as his partner (because it’s a term of respect and affection, not attraction).

7. He’s Just Making Conversation

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If you don’t really know the guy, and he’s calling you hun and talking your ear off all of a sudden, it’s plainly obvious that he’s just making conversation. What isn’t so obvious is the why behind the conversation he wants to have with you.

8. He Means “I Want You To Be My Girlfriend”

Speaking of guys who are super attracted to you, sometimes when a guy calls you hun, what he really wants to say to you is that he wants you to be his girlfriend. What comes out of his mouth, however, is simply “hun.”

9. He Doesn’t Like the Pet Name “Honey”

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If he doesn’t want to call you something provoking, like sexy or babe, or something overly tame such as sweetie, or honey, he may use the word “hun” instead. Guys who don’t want to send mixed signals to their girl friends often choose words like hun over words that may be interpreted the wrong way.

10. He Knows You Don’t Like Being Called “Babe”

When a guy respects you and knows you don’t like to be called things like babe or sexy, he’s highly likely to stick to your real name or safe words like hun, sister, or whatever it is that you do like being called.

11. He’s Making Fun of Your Clothes

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For whatever reason, “hun” is one of the top comments guys often have when they are commenting on a female friend’s clothing. The saddest part about it though is that you can’t tell if it’s a positive hun or a negative hun without analyzing his body language.

12. He Calls All His Female Friends Hun

Some guys use the term hun as a nickname for all of their friends that are females. It doesn’t have any sexuality attached to it in these cases, rather it is more similar to them calling you “bro”, or “sister” than anything else.

13. He Is Respecting Your Relationship

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When a guy knows that you are in a relationship, and he respects that fact, he’s likely to stick with soft and safe nicknames like hun, or strictly use your first name than he is to call you something else. That, however, does not mean that he wouldn’t like to be in a relationship with you if he had the chance.

14. He’s Trying To Be Supportive

Guys that are really your friend, including your significant other, are likely to use the term hun when they are trying to be supportive (rather than when they are trying to flirt with you). He could know that you’re having a hard time dealing with something lately, or just want to support you in general.

15. He Wants Your Reaction

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There are always guys who want to see women react. So, it should come as no surprise that sometimes, when a man calls you hun, he just wants to see how you react. If you don’t seem phased, babe or sexy may be the next name he tries with you for a reaction test.

How to Respond When a Guy Calls You Hun

Now that we’ve discussed some of the most popular meanings behind why a guy may call you hun, let’s have a close look at some of the best ways you can respond to it, below:

1. Smile and Give Him Your Attention

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A big beautiful smile from the woman he is attracted to, and her full and undivided attention, is the best reward you can give him.

2. Show Him You’re Not Interested

If you are not interested, the best thing to do, by any means, is to let him know that you are not into him calling you hun. this can be done using words (surprise, surprise) or with negative body language signs like crossing your arms, turning away from him, or frowning at him.

3. Get To Know Him Better

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When a man calls you hun and you like it, you should let him know right away. This can be done by simply smiling and giving him attention (as mentioned above), and following up by attempting to get him to know better. You can simply engage in deeper conversation, or invite him out/over to your house.

4. Put Him In the Friendzone

If a guy is getting too big for his britches (in the way he is addressing you/communicating with you), a strong signal is putting him in the friendzone. When the guy is really your friend, he’ll understand.

But, if he’s just interested in physical relations, friend-zoning him will more than likely send him along his way once and for good (looking for another girl to sleep with).

5. Take It Back To Your Place (or His)

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When both parties are equally interested in each other and want to further develop the relationship (beyond conversations and holding hands), you could always decide to take things back to your place, or his place for that matter.


Is Hun a Compliment?

Hun can be a compliment, but it is not necessarily reserved strictly as a complimentary term. For example, if a guy is typically calling you by your name, or some pet name like babe, and suddenly calls you hun, it is definitely not a compliment.

What Does It Mean Calling Someone Hun?

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Calling someone hun has several different meanings depending on the people and the situation. It can be used in a flirting manner, or a respectful and platonic way. You really need to know the person calling you hun or be good at reading body language to have a better idea of what they really mean when they say it.

What does Hun Mean in Texting From a Guy?

Sometimes all hun means, coming from a guy in text, is “friend.” That’s right, girls, sometimes when guys call you hun it is exactly like them calling their male friends bro… and has absolutely nothing to do with being attracted to you.

What Does it Mean When a Guy Starts Calling You Honey?

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Depending on your relationship with the guy, him calling you honey may have different meanings. If there is a gradual evolution from him calling you your name, to nicknames like honey, he’s likely attracted to you and wants you to know. If it is sudden, however, and sarcastic sounding, he’s likely to be upset, just teasing, or paying you back for something you said or did.