10 Possible Meanings When a Guy Calls You Hun – Revealed!

Have you ever wondered what it means when a guy calls you hun? I’ve used this term on many women, and can tell you first hand exactly what I was thinking and what I meant.

Here you will learn all the possible meanings behind a guy calling you hun or honey in person and over text, how to respond, and the hidden messages behind this affectionate term.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Hun?

When a guy calls you hun, which is short for honey, it is usually a term of endearment. It means he likes you, he thinks you are sweet, and he feels comfortable around you.

When a man calls you hun maybe he’s just being friendly, he might be flirting with you and want to be more than friends, he could be testing you to see how you react, he may be talking down to you, or possibly he does not know your name.

1. He’s Just Being Friendly

He may feel very comfortable with you and is showing it by calling you “hun.” His use of the word “hun” is equivalent to “friend.” It is similar to him calling his guy friend “bro.” His use of the word “hun” does not imply any romantic interest.

2. Calling Someone Hun Is Flirting

He might have romantic feelings for you and is taking his shot to see if you feel the same. Calling you hun is his subtle way of putting himself out there and flirting with you.  

When you flirt with someone it is a chance to see if they flirt back. Consider the man’s tone of voice, his body language, and the rest of the interaction to decide whether or not he is flirting.

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3. It’s a Term of Endearment

When a guy calls you hun, it may be a term of endearment. He’s showing his genuine affection for you in a casual, loving way. “Hun” is a cute and intimate pet name similar to “baby” or “sweetheart.”

When a guy calls you hun 1

4. He’s Talking Down to You

Sometimes a guy will be be frustrated and use the term “hun” in a condescending way. Consider the situation and his tone when he says it.

5. He Thinks You Are Sweet

When a guy thinks you are sweet and nice he may want to be sweet back. One way to do this is to refer to you as “hun.” It is a very endearing term and a good way for him to show his positive image of you.

6. He Calls Everyone Hun

There may be no deep meaning behind him calling you “hun.” It could be a term he uses with all females. It is probably a habit and roles off his tongue without even thinking about it. There are no romantic intentions involved here.

I have a friend who calls everyone “brother.” He uses it on his friends, his family, his co-workers, and strangers.

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7. It’s Short For Honey

“Hun” is short for honey. Both are sweet terms of endearment. He may use hun instead of honey because it is shorter and easier to say. It’s the same as when you call someone by a nickname, for example, Cat instead of Catherine, or bro instead of brother.

8. He’s Testing You

He might call you “hun” to see how you react. “Hun” is a very mild and casual nickname to call someone. He is not putting himself out-there as much as if he called you “sexy” or “gorgeous.”

He is probably romantically interested in you, yet he’s scared to be too direct and risk rejection. He is trying to see if you are interested. 

When a guy calls you hun 2

9. He Doesn’t Know Your Name

A man may call you hun when he has forgotten your name or just doesn’t know it. “Hun” is a replacement for your name, similar to calling a girl “babe” or “lady.”

10. He Is Attracted to You

When a guy finds a girl attractive, he wants to say nice things. He likes you and wants to subtly hint at it with a mild term of endearment. Look for other signs of attraction from him.

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What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Hun in a Text

When a guy calls you hun in a text it is a nonchalant and casual way of addressing you. It means he feels very relaxed and comfortable with you, he is showing affection toward you, he may be attracted to you, he probably trusts you, and perhaps this is his way of showing he has feelings for you.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Honey

When a guy calls you honey it means he thinks you are very sweet. He is being loving toward you and wants you to know that he considers you someone special in his life. “Honey” is a term of endearment and his way of being affectionate. He wants you to feel valued and appreciated.

When understanding why a guy calls you honey consider your relationship with him.

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How to Respond When a Guy Calls You Honey over Text

  • Hey there hun!
  • I like when you call me honey 😉
  • Mmm, you should call me honey more often 🥰
  • Please don’t call me that 🙂
  • Like or heart the message
When a guy calls you hun 3


When a guy calls you hun it is usually a form of affection. The exact meaning behind it is unique to your relationship with this man. Read all possible meanings above to determine the true meaning. 

Make sure to consider the context of how he says it, his tone of voice, his body language, the surrounding interaction, and the nature of your relationship before before drawing any conclusions.

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