A Guy Called Me Beautiful – What Does it Mean?

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Getting your first compliment from your crush is always an exciting situation. For example, if your guy calls you beautiful, you’re probably going to feel a lot of incredible emotions. Being told you’re beautiful is kind of a step-up from your usual compliment. But what exactly does it mean to your guy? Here are a few potential meanings he may attach to it.

A Guy Called Me Beautiful – What Does it Mean?

The word beautiful isn’t one that a guy uses lightly. Even the most casual connection will typically save it for somebody essential or significant in their life. So, that’s good news! It probably means your guy likes you a lot, too. However, it could possibly be meant in a handful of different ways, each of which should be understood before you assume his meaning.

He Wants You to Feel Happy

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While it might seem impossible to believe, good guys do exist. Therefore, your guy might just be trying to make you happy if you’re feeling down. Or he just enjoys making you feel good about yourself. That kind of guy is a keeper and is well worth dating. He might say things like:

  • “Did anybody ever tell you that you’re beautiful?”
  • “You look so beautiful today. But you always do.”
  • “How did you get to be so beautiful?”

Pay attention to his body language and the context here. Does he touch you or flirt with you after saying you’re beautiful? Or does it come in an out-of-nowhere moment when you’re feeling down? If so, your guy is probably trying to make you feel better. Thankfully, he also probably means it.

He Finds You Very Attractive

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Phrases like hot and sex usually indicate that a guy finds you attractive enough to say something about it. Beautiful takes things to another scale, though. Your guy might be totally bowled over by you and want you to know how he feels. He may indicate this by:

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  • Calling you beautiful every time you speak
  • Staring at you when you talk, as if he’s taking all of you in
  • Talking about your inner beauty

A guy who talks about things like your sense of humor, kindness, and intelligence is impressed not only by your physical appearance but your inner beauty. He’s a guy who’s definitely taken in who you are as a person and greatly appreciates it. You might want to hold onto this one.

He Wants to Have a Relationship

Depending on how your guy says it and the context of your conversation, he might be telling you he wants a relationship. Sometimes, it’s just as simple as listening to what he says. Guys rarely beat around the bush, even if they struggle to express themselves. He probably wants a relationship if he says things like:

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  • “You’re beautiful, and I think we’d be so good together.”
  • “Can you imagine how beautiful our kids would be with your DNA?”
  • “There’s nobody I know who’s more beautiful than you.”

Guys worth your time don’t drop lines like that just to sleep with you or get a kiss. They’re usually very sincere and meant with full emotion. Ask yourself if you’re ready for a relationship, and then talk with him about it to see where he stands.

He Wants to Sleep With You

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Plenty of so-called hookup artists know that dropping a word like beautiful can throw a woman off balance and open her up to his dubious charms. It would help if you were on guard for such guys because they can use any phrase against you. Watch him for these behaviors:

  • Desire to get you to his place or to get to your place
  • History of hookups or frequent mentioning of other girls
  • Occasionally lewd sexual references or discussions of past “adventures”

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with hooking up with a guy if that’s what you want. But if you have feelings for a player who’s trying to play you, it might be best to stay away. Of course, you can always remain friends but might be better off looking for someone a bit more sincere with their affections.

How Should You Respond When He Calls You Beautiful?

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If your guy hits with the beautiful card, you might feel taken aback or even speechless. That’s an understandable reaction. However, you should avoid seeming like you don’t appreciate the compliment. Instead, tell him that you appreciate it and linger in the moment as long as you feel comfortable. He may try to lavish more compliments on you. Who doesn’t love feeling appreciated? Soak it in while it lasts!

Is Beautiful “Too Much” to Say?

Do you feel uncomfortable when your guy says you’re beautiful? That could mean a few things. One, that you just aren’t good with compliments. Many people aren’t, so you aren’t alone. Second, you may feel uncomfortable getting compliments from him. That may mean that you aren’t as interested as you thought or feel overwhelmed when he says nice things about you.

Do Guys Call a Lot of Women Beautiful?

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Some guys may be prone to falling in love with every woman that they meet. These fellows may call just about every woman beautiful and lavish attention on her. Other guys use the word more sparingly and only if it truly matters. For example, does your guy tend to compliment others a lot? Or does he rarely say that kind of thing to others? Often, such a compliment means more in the latter situation.

Know How to React

When a guy calls you beautiful, you should say “thank you” and accept the compliment in whatever way he meant it. Then, you can move on with your relationship based on the situation, such as deciding to pursue a relationship or maybe steal a kiss. You might even want to tell him that he’s handsome or use a similar compliment. Of course, you don’t have to follow a compliment with another one: but it’s often lovely.