Do Guys Like Flowers as a Gift? (FULLY EXPLAINED)

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Guys are often more sweet and thoughtful than they appear on the source, but do guys like flowers as a gift, or is a bouquet too feminine? 

Read on below and explore the fully explained answer!

Do Guys Like Flowers as a Gift?

Believe it or not, guys actually DO like getting flowers as a gift. In the 21st century, gifting men flowers isn’t anything out of the ordinary. Whether he’s your boo, or you simply wish to express a message of friendship, respect, or gratitude, in gneral, sending him flowers is an excellent way to do so!

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Whether it’s a bouquet of roses, tulips, or lillies, men appreciate flowers just as much as women do. That said, they also enjoy less feminine flowers as well, such as gallas or anthuriums (preferrably red, organe, or yellow).


Is Sending a Guy Flowers Weird?

Back in the 19th and 20th centuries, sending flowers to a guy was something you just didn’t do. Today, sending a guy flowers isn’t even the slightest bit weird. In fact, women send flowers to guys every day, for all manners of reasons!

What Does It Tell a Guy When You Send Him Flowers?

Sending a guy flowers may give him various messages depending on the timing and circumstances of the gift. If it’s around Valentine’s Day, or his birthday, the meaning is obvious. Sending flowers to a guy randomly may be a bit more intriguing, but generally tells him that you’re thinking about him and that he is special to you.

What Color Flowers Do You Send Guys?

Classic red roses, or any vivid red flowers for that matter, are a great place to start. That said, yellow, orange, and gold are also strong colors to consider when choosing the best flowers to send to a guy.