Do Men Like Flowers? The Truth About Getting Them for Guys

We all know women like flowers. If you ask a girl, “do men like flowers,” you will get a very different answer than if you ask the same question to a guy.

As a dating and relationship expert I have discussed this with many guys. Here you will learn exactly what I have found and the real answer to “do guys like receiving flowers?”

Do Men Like Flowers?

Men do not like receiving flowers as much as women do. It is just not the same. Many guys find it extremely feminine to be given flowers. This is a very difficult statistic to measure because when guys receive flowers, they don’t want to appear ungrateful. So they usually say they like it.

I have found that most guys will tolerate getting flowers and would rather act happy than tell the truth. Women, for some reason, cannot understand how anyone would not want to receive flowers as a gift.

My girlfriend got me flowers one time and I remember feeling surprised and somewhat embarrassed. I found it quite emasculating. I thanked her and told her I appreciate the thought. I also asked her to please never get me flowers again.

There are exceptions to the rule and there are some guys who genuinely do like getting flowers. This is perfectly fine and understandable. It is the 21st century, to each his own. Just consider that a hundred years ago it was unheard of for a woman to give a man flowers.

Most of my gay friends love giving and receiving flowers, which makes perfect sense to me. Flowers are very pretty and feminine.

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Is It Weird to Give a Guy Flowers?

Yes, it is weird to give a guy flowers, it is not a very masculine gift. Of course there are exceptions to every rule, yet most guys want to feel manly. If you are trying to show a loving gesture, write your guy a meaningful card.

In a relationship the guy should be the one giving flowers. Making the love of his life smile and feel special is the best way for him to feel manly.

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If you are wondering if guys like flowers, the answer is that they would prefer giving them rather than receiving them. Many guys find it weird to get them as a gift, yet most guys would rather avoid any conflict than speak their truth about flowers.

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