What Does It Mean When Guys Bite Their Lip: 15 Meanings

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If a guy has recently bitten his lip while looking at you, or in your direction, you may wonder what exactly it means.

Read on below and explore 15 of the most common reasons that guys bite their lips!

What Does It Mean When Guys Bite Their Lip?

From having a nervous habit to being sexually attracted to you, people bite their bottom lip for a plethora of reasons.

Here are some of the main meanings behind guys biting their lips:

1. He Is Sexually Attracted To You

Guy biting his lip

The most obvious meaning behind a guy biting their lip while interacting with you is that the guy is sexually attracted to you.

The real question is: does he want you to notice him biting his lip, or is he unaware that he’s doing it?

2. He’s Nervous Around You

Some guys get nervous around the girls that they’re interested in. In this case, it’s you that he’s nervous around.

One of the easiest ways to tell whether he likes you, or he’s nervous, is to pay attention to which lip he’s biting.

If the guy bites his upper lift, he may just the nervous around you, whereas if he is biting his lower lip he more than likely has a crush on you.

3. He Doesn’t Realize He Bites His Lip

Girl biting her lip

A lot of the time when a guy bites his lip he isn’t even aware of it whether he’s just nervous around you, or he secretly wants you to be his wife and the mother of his children,

If you know the guy, like him, and feel like teasing him a bit, call him out on his lip-biting (then sit back and watch his face turn red as a pepper).

4. He Has a Dry Mouth

Sometimes when a guy bites his lip, be it upper lip or lower lip, it’s nothing more than a moderate to severe case of dry mouth.

So, ladies. Sometimes a twinkle in his eye is just a twinkle in his eye, and sometimes a guy’s lip biting is just a side-effect of his dry mouth.

5. It’s His Response To Making Eye Contact With You

Guy biting his lips

When a guy bites his lip directly after, or during, making eye contact with you (especially if it’s one of his first times doing so), you already know what time it is: He-has-a-crush-on-you-O-clock!

There are additional signs to verify your suspicions that he has a crush. For example, if he starts shifting his weight around and shuffling his feet, as if walking barefoot on hot coals, you know it’s true.

6. He’s Thinking About Kissing You (and Biting Your Lips)

From time to time, when a guy is talking to you, and somewhere in the back of his mind, he is playing out a romantic and most likely sexual scenario that stars the two of you.

When he starts biting his lip and displaying erratic behavior? He is more than likely lost in the midst of your kiss, mentally.

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7. He Wants You To Guess What He’s Thinking

Guy biting his lips

Sometimes guys like to play hardball with their flirting. This may involve a bit of lip biting, direct eye contact, and smooth-talking.

You can tell he wants you to guess what he’s thinking if he keeps talking and then trailing off at the juicy part, then drawing attention to himself and his lip biting.

8. He Can’t Find the Right Words To Use In the Moment

When he can’t find the right words to use at the moment, he may opt for looking you in the eye and biting his lips instead.

Likewise, he may opt to look the other way and bite his lip where he thinks you can’t see him doing it.

9. He’s Infatuated With the Idea of You

Beautiful eyes

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it’s true. That’s why sometimes guys are simply infatuated with their idea of you (versus the real you).

When a guy has worked you up into some sort of Goddess or deity to be worshipped, lip biting is just a natural part of the course.

10. He Wants To See How You React

Whether he’s an old friend, a new friend, an ex, or a co-worker, sometimes guys bite their lips while talking to you just to see how you react.

Will you smile? Will your face turn red? Or, will you bite your lip in return and blow him a kiss? He’s dying to know!

11. He Is Misreading Your Body Langauge

Sherlock Holmes

Let’s face it, all guys aren’t all David Hasselhoff with women. Likewise, they aren’t all Sherlock Holmes either.

Sometimes guys misread your body language, interpret it however they wish to, and act accordingly. In this case, biting lips and batting their lashes at you.

12. He’s Trying To Not Say Something Stupid

Not all guys are flirting or imagining what you two could do together with a 44oz jug of lubricant on your 45-minute work break on a Wednesday evening either.

Sometimes guys are simply trying not to say something stupid (or something they think you will think is stupid).

13. He Wants To Touch You

Guy biting lips

One of the biggest reasons guys bites their lips while having a conversation with girls is that are thinking about kissing and touching your body.

It doesn’t matter if he is just a friend in your eyes. Even friends can have crushes or imagine kissing you and touching you without showing you their true feelings (sometimes for years).

14. He Wants To Tell You Something

When a guy wants to tell you something, but he just isn’t sure how you’ll react, he may start to fidget, bite his lip, and shift his weight around.

Guys that are pondering over telling you something or not may appear emotional, and their words may seem to lack full context as they continue to hold back.

15. He’s Trying Hard To Respect Your Relationship Status

Guy shooting his shots

Sometimes guys can’t keep up their walls and fight their attraction toward you, even when they are trying hard to respect your relationship status.

Lip biting, shifting eyes, a red face, and nervous laughter are all signs that he is attempting to respect your relationship, but is also fantasizing about replacing your boyfriend (or simply thinking about kissing you and touching your body).

How To Respond To Guys Biting Their Lip

When a guy bites their lip, especially their lower lip, it is a definite body language sign. With all of the meanings listed above, hopefully, you can figure out what exactly it means in your case.

Once you know what his lip-biting meant, and you know how you feel about it, you’re ready to respond.

Here are a few of the very best ways to respond to him biting his lip:

Look at Him and Bite Your Lip

Girl biting lip

When a guy bites his bottom lip and looks at you while he’s doing it, it’s almost as if he is saying to you “I want to bite your lip” or “I want you to think about biting my lip.”

If you like the guy and are in the mood, look back at him (in the eyes) and bite your lip as well. Make sure you bite your bottom lip, as it is the one that sends the most sensual message.

Cross Your Arms, Look Away, and/or Frown

When a guy bites his lip in front of you, along with other signs that you don’t care for, don’t hesitate to show him your disapproval.

Crossing your arms, looking away, and frowning are all perfect reactions to a guy biting his lip and displaying other forward body language towards you.

Ask Him What’s On His Mind

Girl thinking

One way of responding to a guy who’s biting his lip and talking to you is simply asking him what’s on his mind.

If the guy is being honest, his answer will be centered around you (which, of course, is exactly why you ask him in the first place – to acknowledge that you’re the center of attention).

Offer Him Some Peroxide and Cool Water

Another fun way of responding to a guy biting his lip, especially if he doesn’t realize he’s doing it, is by offering him some peroxide and cool water to wash his bite with.

The shade of red that his face is likely to turn when he realizes that you’re saying will be well worth it!

Invite Him Over for NetFlix and Chill

Girl flirting

In the case that you’d like to skip the dumb shit and get straight to biting his lip yourself, just ask him over for NetFlix and chill.

You can always skip NetFlix, and chilling, and get straight to sinking teeth into each other’s lips once behind closed doors.


What Does It Mean When Men Bite Their Lips?

When a man bites his lip it is typically because he finds someone attractive, he is nervous around some person, or he is thinking about kissing a girl. Other body language signs may be observed in his behavior that help shed light on the deeper meaning behind his lip biting.

Is Lip Biting Flirting?

Lip biting is not necessarily flirting behavior, but it can be. For example, sometimes men bite their lips when they are nervous, or even hungry. Other men rarely bite their lips, unless they are trying to keep themselves from saying something ignorant or thinking about some delicious sexual fantasy.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Kisses You and Bites Your Lip?

Nothing is black and white, but, when most men bite your lip while kissing you it means one thing: I want to have sex with you right here and right now.