Guy Biting Lip – 12 Meanings With Images

Guy biting lip” images are super popular, and nice to look at. Yet, what is the true meaning behind a guy biting his lip?

We have included some of our favorite pictures, along with all possible meanings behind why guys bite their bottom lip.

Guy Biting Lip

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Can't wait to see you 1
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What Does It Mean When a Guy Bites His Lip? 

1. He Is Sexually Attracted to You

When a guy finds you super hot and sexy, biting his lip is a natural reaction. He might not even know he is doing it.

2. He’s Signaling You

He knows you notice him biting his lip. He is being crystal clear with his message.

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3. He’s Checking You Out

He probably doesn’t even know he is biting his lip. He is trying to be subtle. He likes what he sees and cannot help himself.

4. He’s Flirting

When a guy bites his lip, it is one of the most obvious signs that he’s flirting. In addition he may wink, smile, raise his brow, and speak in a charming voice.

5. He’s Aroused

You turn him on and sex is on his mind. Biting your bottom lip is a telltale sign.

Guy biting lip 3

6. He’s Interested

He is clearly looking at you, checking you out, eyeing you up and down. He has not yet decided what he thinks.

7. He’s Trying to Look Sexy

He thinks he looks hot when he bites his lip. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t. He probably got the idea from a movie.

8. He Wants to Kiss

He is imagining how your lips feel as he gently bites on his own. He finds your lips luscious and wants to kiss them.

9. He Has Anxiety

He has a nervous tick, especially when he is around people he doesn’t know very well.

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10. He Wants to Bite Your Lower Lip

He is mimicking the action that he wants to do to your lips, by biting his own.

11. He Has Chapped Lips

Have you ever had a tiny piece of skin, that you can feel on your lip, because your lips are dry, and you cannot stand the piece of skin, so you try and bite it off?

Guy biting lip 2

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When a Guy Bites His Lip When He Looks at You

If a guy bites his lip when he looks at you, it may mean he is sexually attracted to you, he might be signaling you, he could be checking you out, perhaps he’s flirting, he may be aroused, maybe he’s trying to look sexy, perhaps he wants to kiss you, he might have anxiety, or he could be trying to turn you on.

How To Respond To Guys Biting Their Lip

  • Bite your lip as well
  • Invite him over for Netflix and chill
  • Smile or wink
  • Ignore him if not interested
  • Flirt back

More Info: Medical News Today


Typically, when a guy bites his lip it’s because he finds someone attractive, he is nervous around the person, or he is thinking about kissing their lips. Consider the rest of his body language to determine the true meaning behind his lip biting.

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