What Does It Mean When a Guy Finishes Fast – Revealed!

When a guy finishes fast, it may not be the end of the world. Yet it can be extremely disappointing when you’re all worked up and haven’t finished yet. Unless you find out the reason why, you will never be able to rectify the situation.

Here are the top 10 meanings why a guy finishes fast and what you can do.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Finishes Fast 

When a guy finishes fast it may mean that he hasn’t had sex in while, perhaps he is super turned on by you, he might lack experience, he could suffer from a medical condition, possibly he has drugs in his system, he may have gotten overly excited, he might be selfish, or he may feel performance pressure.

He Hasn’t Had Sex in a While

If it has been a while for a guy it is quite probable for him to finish quickly. Don’t take it personally, perhaps he’ll do better in round 2.

He Is Super Turned On by You

You drive him wild, which is a good thing. He will get used to being with you and learn to control himself better.

He Lacks Experience

This might be pretty new to him, and he has not yet learned to pace himself. Give him time.

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He Might Have a Medical Condition

There are some medical issues that may cause a man to finish fast. Some examples are diabetes, prostate gland enlargement, or nerve damage.

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He Could Have Drugs or Alcohol in His System

Perhaps he was drinking or using drugs. Consider they might have been in his system from the previous day.

He Got Overly Excited

It might have been the foreplay, or maybe the dirty talk, something you did drove him crazy. Try toning it down. See if it helps.

He’s Only Concerned With His Needs

He might be a selfish lover, only concerned with his own pleasure. Or maybe he prioritizes his own satisfaction. Either way, you need to have a conversation with him about it.

Your pleasure, or whether you finish or not isn’t something he is particularly thinking or caring about.

Performance Pressure

Some guys get nervous, especially if it is the first time with a girl. They don’t want to disappoint. When a guy imposes this pressure on himself, it sets him up for failure. Use open communication to make sure he is comfortable.

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You’re Tighter Than He Is Used Too

Good news, you are tighter than his last partner. On a serious level, over time he will get used to you.

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He Suffers From Premature Ejaculation

This is a very real thing that many guys suffer from.

More Info on premature ejaculation: Mayo Clinic

He Came Too Fast – What to Do

  • Openly discuss the issue
  • Communicate about your sexual needs
  • Be patient with him
  • Change sex positions to add in quick breaks
  • Have him pleasure you first before having sex 
  • Make sure he is 100% comfortable
  • Suggest he pleasure himself beforehand

Why Do Guys Nut Fast 

Guys nut fast because they are overly excited, lack experience, have a medical condition, have drugs in their system, or perhaps they are only concerned with their own pleasure.

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More Info: APA


Sex should bring mutual pleasure to both parties. If he consistently finishes before you, it is important to answer the question “when a guy finishes fast what does it mean?” 

When considering the possible meanings above about “why do guys come fast,” know that the best solution is an open and honest conversation.

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