When a Guy Finishes Fast What Does It Mean (Fully Explained)

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When a guy orgasms fast, it may not be the end of the world for you, but it can surely be disappointing when you’re all worked up and haven’t finished yet.

Understanding what it means when a guy finishes fast can help you enable him to last longer, for your mutual pleasures. Read on below!

When a Guy Finishes Fast What Does It Mean?

Believe it or not ladies, not all men have a sex machine mentality. Unfortunately, many guys finish fast in the sack.

Here are 10 of the most common reasons why:

1. He’s Selfish

couple naked in bed staring at her partnerOne of the main reasons that guys orgasm so quickly during sex, especially if you’ve not been together long, is that they aren’t interested in the bedroom antics of a long term relationship.

When you’re pants come off, selfish guys are ready to get their rocks off as fast as possible. Your pleasure, or whether you finish or not isn’t something he is particularly thinking or caring about.

2. He’s Just Not That Experienced

Another of the primary meanings behind a man coming quickly is that he is just not that experienced at sex yet. Further, believe it or not, ladies, some men are still virgins as well.

Regardless if it’s sex in general, or the sex positions you’re using with him that he lacks experience at, in time his stamina may increase.

3. He Might Have a Condition

doctor reading a medical reportThere are medical issues that may cause a man to finish faster as well. These include issues with the prostate gland, nerve damage, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, and more.

The problems involved may only be an issue with one position, or they could be the reason he reaches orgasm quickly no matter how slow things start off. It’s hard to not feel annoyed in these situations, but if you care about him, where there is a will there is a way.

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4. It’s Been a Long Time Since He’s Had Sex

Men struggle to prolong their orgasm during intercourse if it’s been a long time since they had sex. That said, if it’s been a while, he’s definitely interested in having intercourse with you far more than just once.

The good thing is that these scenarios are normally just a case of him having little patience, feeling satisfied quickly, and completely letting go.

5. He’s Very Attracted To You

intimate couple flirting in bedSometimes the reason that guys come so quickly is simply that they are super-attracted to you. There is nothing more pleasurable to a man than physically coupling with a woman he finds beautiful.

The silver lining here is that if you continue sleeping together, his stamina may increase once he realizes that it’s going to keep happening and he’s able to stay focussed during sexual functions.

6. You Pleasure Him Too Much

Whether it’s hot and heavy during foreplay, it’s all mental, or it’s an oral sex session you perform on him, the reason he comes so fast in bed could have something to do with the fact that you pleasure him too much.

Likewise, your body could simply feel so good to him during intercourse that it makes him come faster. It also depends on the man, and how he feels about you, in addition to how your body makes him feel.

7. He Doesn’t Know About Pacing Himself

When a man isn’t too experienced at sex, or they’re just a terrible lover, they either don’t know or don’t care about pacing themselves. That means, when they’re in, they aren’t taking their time or trying for mutual pleasure… they’re going for broke, period.

happy young couple flirting in bedIn the best-case scenario, virgin men may increase their sexual stamina as they gain more experience in the bedroom. That’s where you come in (you can teach him how to be the perfect lover in bed)!

8. He Is Trying to Impress You

Sometimes women have an effect on men that could technically qualify as a mental health issue: they constantly want to impress you, to the point of ridiculousness. When a man becomes infatuated with a woman, he may try to impress her in every way possible, including in bed.

The issue is that sometimes he may think he’s going to bang the headboard against the bedroom wall for a half an hour… except it ends up being 45 seconds because he’s too excited about it.

9. He Miscalculated His Ability to Last Longer

sad couple in bed feeling downIt happens every day: a man hooks up with a woman he finds super attractive and he thinks he’s going to last for twenty minutes and then comes after just two minutes instead.

What can we say? We’re not perfect. Sometimes our math just doesn’t add up. We’re thinking our rocket will touch down on Mars… but, we barely reach the Moon.

10. You’re Extra Tight

Maybe she’s a virgin, or she lacks much sexual experience, but sometimes certain female body parts are extra tight… and most of the time guys finish a whole lot quicker when that’s the case.

That said, some guys have excellent stamina and may even last longer when you’re tighter than other women they’ve slept with. Again, there is no summing up the sexual prowess of all men in a single statement.

How to Help Him Last Longer

Sex should be fun and rewarding for both parties involved. When he’s constantly finishing before you, it may not feel as rewarding or fun for you.

Here are a few pointers for you to help him last longer, so you can both enjoy sex equally:

  • Change sex positions regularly. This extends the time between orgasms by several minutes.
  • Dismantle any physical or mental barrier in the way. Making sex more fun and less work.
  • Openly discuss your sex life. This leads to understanding each other’s sexual needs.
  • Try new and wild positions regularly. That way you can discover what works best for both.
  • Perform a gentle foreplay session on him. Before sexual intercourse, oral sex increases some men’s sexual function.
  • Skip foreplay altogether. Foreplay makes some guys finish much quicker.
  • Get straight to sexual activity. Sex may last longer without kissing and teasing beforehand.
  • Avoid coupling with selfish lovers. They finish when they are ready, period.
  • Consider using desensitizing lubricants. These products literally decrease the pleasure your man feels, making him last longer in theory.


What Does it Mean When a Guy Releases Fast?

When a guy finishes fast it could mean a plethora of things. First and foremost, it could implicate that he’s a virgin, or hasn’t been with very many women. It could also mean he has a medical condition or is just a selfish lover. Or, perhaps, your beauty turns him on so much he can’t help himself from losing control quickly.smiling man lying in bed showing stop gesture

Is It Normal for a Guy to Release Quickly

Unfortunately for those of us who enjoy longer sexual intercourse sessions, it is extremely normal for a guy to “release” quickly. Many guys finish well under five to ten minutes, whether they lack stamina or simply enjoy more pleasure quicker. Some men release as quickly as 30 seconds, typically the first few times they have sex or when having intercourse with a woman they think is gorgeous.

How Many Minutes Does it Take a Man to Release Sperm?

There is no golden rule when it comes to how long it takes for man orgasms to occur during sex, however, studies show that many men take just over five minutes to reach orgasm. That said, there are medical conditions that cause men to A) finish much faster than the average man, or B) take unusually long periods of time to orgasm during intercourse.

What Causes a Man Not to Last Longer in Bed?

When a guy finishes fast it could be that he’s dealing with performance anxiety and wants to finish before he loses his erection. Other common reasons include that he has little self control during intercourse, or that he lacks sexual experience and doesn’t know how to take his time to reach orgasm. Other possible explanations are selfish lovers, trying a new position, or simply getting overly excited.