When a Guy Calls You Love (15 Meanings)

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When a guy calls you love, it may invoke deeper feelings for him… or the opposite, depending on the guy.

But, what does it actually mean?

Read on below and explore some of the most common meanings guys may call you love!

What Does it Mean When a Guy Calls You Love?

The possibilities are vast when a guy calls you love; he likes you, loves you, is just flirting, or may have dozens of other reasons.

Here are 15 meanings for when a guy calls you love:

1. He Likes You

couple having conversation holding a juice drinkThe most popular reason for guys calling you love is that they like you (more than a friend).

When a man like you as more than just a friend, sometimes the way they let you know is through a pet name (like “love”).

That said, sometimes when guys like you a lot, they may call you love without even realizing it.

2. He Loves You

Slightly more obvious than when a guy likes you and calls you love is when a guy loves you and says it.

Not all guys who call you love are doing it from a place of romantic love though.

It could be your boyfriend, husband, dad, uncle, or brother that calls you love as a pet name in this case.

3. It’s His Pet Name for You

happy couple having a good conversationLove is a go-to pet name for men who like you or love you, including those who are just getting to know you as well as those who’ve been around for years.

Whether it’s you’re grandpa, co-worker, or the guy you’re teamed up with for a school project, if they have mainly positive feelings towards you, they’re likely to call you love now and a gain.

4. He Calls Any Woman Love

Some guys simply use the word love to address any ol’ woman they cross paths with.

That’s not to say that men who call any woman love are depraved sickos who are hitting all women they set eyes on.

Sometimes they are giving a compliment, sometimes it’s simply a title they are using for all females.

5. He’s Wondering How You’ll React

If a guy likes you, wants a relationship, and doesn’t want to take things slower, he’s likely to give you all sorts of signs.

One obviously strong sign is him calling you love and other pet names constantly.

young couple laughing standing in a flower shopKeep in mind that he’ll also show you body language signs and will be on the lookout for similar body language from you.

6. He’s Just Talking

Some guys are really just talking when they call you love or other nicknames. They don’t necessarily like you more than friends or want an intimate relationship with you.

Even more, it’s highly likely that a good number of these men aren’t even aware that calling you love is a big deal, let alone that it means anything special.

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7. He Has No Idea Why He Says it

Sometimes guys say things without a clue why they said it. Sure, deep down in their psyche they know, but on the surface level of things, they may be clueless.

Actually, it’s not at all uncommon for men to realize they have feelings for you after they start using a romantic pet name with you.

young couple in the city talking outdoors listening to her partnerHow long it takes him to discover the exact reasons (he likes you, loves you, wants to sleep with you) depends on you, him, and the nature of your relationship.

8. He Wants You To Develop Feelings

Not all guys are known for being the patient type. Some men would prefer to help speed up the process of you developing an emotional attachment to him than to sit around and wait for it to happen on its own.

That means they’ll call you love, other sweet names, do things for you and try to show you as many other signs as possible.

9. He Doesn’t Have a Better Idea

young couple happy sight seeingIf he’s into you but isn’t exactly very well experienced with relationships, he may simply call you love because he doesn’t have a better idea what to call you.

The good thing is he will send you other signs that let you know that he’s more than just a bit attracted to you.

So, if “love” doesn’t do it for you, let them know some other romantic nicknames you prefer.

10. He Thinks Women Love it

Out of all romantic nicknames guys think women love, “love” is among the very top ones.

Whether he reserves it as a pet name for you, or he uses it for all his female friends depends on the guy and your relationship with him.

If he’s using it as a false term of endearment (say, to get in your pants), he’ll show multiple signs that all he wants is sex (so keep your eyes open).

11. He’s Angling for a Long Term Relationship

young couple having serious conversation staring at each otherSpeaking of keeping your eyes open, when a guy calls you love and is angling for a long-term relationship, he’s bound to display similar body language signs as well.

He may try to stand as close to you as possible, “accidentally” touch you, or have dilated pupils when he looks you in the eye.

Other signs are that he’s always talking about you and making adjustments to his plans so that they include you (including long-term life goals).

12. He Thinks It’s a Normal Thing to Say

Plenty of men out here simply came up in a culture that taught them it’s normal to say such things to girls.

That means said person calling you love doesn’t actually want a relationship or even sex. They are just doing what they think is normal.

With this type of man, there’s a high likelihood that each time you talk they’ll call you love or something similar. Don’t take these as a sign of interest… it is just them doing what men naturally do (flirt).

13. It’s a Romantic Inclination

Of course, when a guy calls you “love” while you’re talking, it’s a pretty obvious sign that he has the inclination to be more than just friends.

If it’s a romantic inclination, pet names like “love” will be reserved for only you, he won’t call other women or female friends love.

happy couple conversation sitting on stairsFurther, a guy who calls you love from a romantic standpoint typically shows multiple signs (like flirting, doing things for you all the time, and checking on you constantly).

14. He is Unaware He Has Strong Feelings

When a guy calls you love for the first time, or ten, depending on the guy, he may be unaware of the fact he is so strongly attracted to you.

The good thing is that the guy calling you love, out of attraction, known to himself or otherwise, will also show strong body language.

Said body language includes trying to touch you, making adjustments constantly, having tight lips around other men, and more.

15. He’s Chipping Away at the Friend Zone Barrier

A guy who wants to be more than friends with you, and calls you love often may be chipping away at the ol’ friend zone barrier.

happy couple enjoying conversation in a partyIf he’s calling you pet names, he’s probably showing you sign after sign that he’s interested in you, romantically.

If you’re paying attention, he may also show some body language signs as well in addition to calling you sweet names all the time.

How to Respond When a Guy Calls You Love

When a guy calls you love, there are endless ways to respond. But, first, there are several factors to consider:

  • What is your relationship status, in general?
  • How do you know the guy, and for how long?
  • Do you like it when he calls you love, or does it feel wrong?
  • Is he in a relationship with someone else?
  • Is it appropriate for him to call you love?
  • Is he relationship material?

1. Be Aware of His Body Language

When a guy calls you love, you need to be aware of his body language, before, during, and after for the most accurate evaluation of what he actually means.

smiling couple in park happy conversationDoes he mean he loves you? Is he simply flirting? Or is he possibly building up hope in his mind for a potential relationship with you in the future?

2. Send Body Language Signs to Him

Whether you like being called love by a guy or not, you can send him back body language signals that let him know your verdict.

If you like it, smile back, touch his hand, give him a hug, or simply make eye contact. If you aren’t into it, simply cross your arms, shift your body direction away from him, and avoid gazing at his eyes.

3. Ask Him if He Calls Other Female Friends Love

It’s only fair that you ask a guy if he uses the same term when he talks to other women or is it just a pet name for you.

couple in the park smiles at her partnerThere is no way to automatically know what it means when a guy calls a girl love or other sweet names… which is why you shouldn’t be afraid to simply ask him.

4. Use the “We’re Just Friends” Facial Expression

If you aren’t feeling the guy who’s calling you love, give him the “we’re just friends” look right away.

That way the person doesn’t even start to build up hope in his mind that you’re equally interested.

5. Tell Him Other Pet Names You Prefer

In the case, you do like the guy that’s calling you love, but don’t like “love” as a nickname… just let him know that you prefer other pet names (and don’t be afraid to give him a list).

happy guy sitting with his partnerWhether it’s sweetheart, boo, babe, bae, or love with an r on the end, he’ll be glad to know what you like and will likely start addressing you as such right away.

6. Make Prolonged Eye Contact

Making prolonged eye contact with the man who’s calling you love is a sure sign that you are ok with it, or even liked it. So, if you want him to know you were into it, simply look him in the eyes and don’t look away first.

Doing the opposite, and avoiding looking him in the eyes, is sending him the opposite message.

7. Send Him a Text Message

woman lying in bed making message on phoneIf you enjoy it, send him a sweet text message letting him know just how it made you feel when he called you love. It may be best to wait until later on to text him though, that way you don’t embarrass him on the spot.

On the other hand, if it felt wrong when the person called you love, sending him a message to let him know it wasn’t cool is also a great move.


What Does it Mean When a Guy Calls You Babe or Love?

Typically, when a man calls you babe, love, or some other romantic nickname, it means that he is into really you. If he wanted to be friends with benefits or just hookup, he’d go with names like “sexy” “sugar” or “hot stuff” rather than “love.” That said, there’s sometimes a chance that he’s playing games with you, in order to get into an “intimate” situation with you (in your bed).

Do Guys Like Being Called Love?

couple talking on street while walkingBelieve it or not, most guys don’t mind being called love by girls, not even in the slightest. In fact, a lot of men don’t mind being called practically anything by women, especially if it has even the slightest element of flirtiness to it. To be perfectly fair, there are some macho men who don’t like being called love, for obvious reasons.

What Does Love Mean to a Man

Love means many different things to men. If a man tells you he loves you, it is a very strong sign that he is at the very least incredibly infatuated with you. If he’s called you love but doesn’t seem to be in love with you, there are many possible different reasons for that. A few of the most common is that he doesn’t know exactly how he feels, he’s flirting, or he wants to sleep with you.